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The US Navy’s Toxic Playground: Vieques, Puerto Rico | AJ+

I’m in one of the most beautiful places
in the Caribbean. This is the island of Vieques, which is in Puerto Rico. But what
you can’t see are the thousands of active explosives left behind here by
the U.S. Navy. That’s because for decades, the Navy trained for war by bombing this
island. And the way they’re going about cleaning up their toxic mess is actually
hurting the locals and the environment. Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, which
means residents here are American citizens. But as a small island off the
main island, Vieques has suffered years of neglect. And now, with no main hospital
after Hurricane Maria and little economic opportunity, many are leaving. At
the same time, wealthy Americans from the mainland are buying up prime real estate. This house is listed for $4.5 million. –Wow. Yeah, and it’s worth every penny. Even though parts of the island are still off-limits. Yeah, I don’t want to go
over there and get blown up. Nobody wants to go over there and get blown up, that’s for sure. This peaceful trail I’m on is where the
Navy trained for war and dropped hundreds of thousands of bombs for years.
Today, it’s a National Wildlife Refuge, which is ironic because it’s
simultaneously a Superfund site full of toxic munitions that are still littered
all over the land and sea. And I’ve actually seen signs like this that say
“explosive hazard” everywhere. Until 2003, this refuge was a U.S. Navy range where
the military trained for conflicts like World War II, the Vietnam War and the
Cuban Missile Crisis. The land, which makes up one half of the island, is now
one of the most hazardous waste sites in the U.S. The Navy’s been cleaning up the
remnants of their war games by blowing up old bombs, a process called open
detonation, which they insist is safe. But some residents are concerned about the health effects from the chemicals released by each new explosion. What type of munitions are we talking about exactly that the Navy left behind here? They basically used everything but the kitchen sink. This is Daniel Rodriguez. He’s the EPA’s point person in Vieques. The EPA’s overseeing the cleanup. You can find large munitions like 2,000- pound bombs, and munitions as small as 20
millimeters. So you had all kind of training activities here, from mortars,
dropped from planes, shot from boats. These are munitions that were not disposed on the ground, there were fired and they didn’t function. The Navy has
admitted to using toxic chemicals in Vieques, including Napalm and depleted uranium. The EPA lists over a dozen contaminants on the island. I think that
we happen to be collateral damage to the military agenda and to the federal
government agenda. Myrna and Ismail are local activists who spent decades trying to kick out the Navy. Now they’re fighting for their lives. I am a cancer
survivor. However, in my family, my husband passed away. That was a total
metastasized cancer. And his problem then with the heavy metals, was arsenic and
uranium. And I have uranium also. These are your
medical records from 2000 when the Navy was still here, and your hair sample showed levels of mercury. What do you think that was from? Ismael was one of over 200 residents who were tested for mercury,
aluminum, cadmium, lead and arsenic exposure – all present in high explosives.
Except for arsenic, 33% of those tested had higher levels than the EPA considers
safe. We have no industry here. So where could
all the contamination come from? I believe, as do most of the people here
believe, that is because of the military practices, the bombing, and the fact that they were experimenting here with non-conventional weapons. The rates of
cancer in Vieques are higher than the rest of Puerto Rico, historically up to
27%. Though it’s hard to track today since so many people have left the
island. To get treatment, patients have to travel on an unreliable ferry to the main island. Ismael makes that trip regularly for dialysis. You’ve saved all of these memories from your fight against the Navy. Whoa. One incident in particular ignited a movement. In 1999, a Marine fighter jet accidentally dropped two 500-pound bombs
on a Navy observation post, killing a local security guard and wounding four
others. In response, protesters occupied the Navy base, stopping them from
conducting exercises for an entire year. “Stop the bombing.” Until the military forcibly cleared the encampments in 2000. President George W. Bush ordered the Navy to leave by 2003. This was supposed to initiate a cleanup process. But 16 years later, locals say the cleanup hasn’t been transparent or efficient. How much has the Navy cleaned up, and how much is left? The Navy has surface cleared a little bit over 4,000 acres. 4,000 out of 10,000? Out of 10,000. Surface clear. So that doesn’t even include what’s underground, and what’s in the water? That doesn’t include what’s underground. So there’s a long way to go before this place gets cleaned up. There is some more to go, exactly. When will they finish? That date varies from time to time. There are numbers being tossed around that it could take up to 2030. Why is it taking so long? It’s a very risky type of cleanup when you’re dealing with munitions – you can’t go that fast. What grade would you give the Navy so far? They’re doing a good job. A? They’re doing a good job. Hardly any independent studies have been carried out to examine the military’s impact on the public’s health. The Navy consistently points to one controversial
government study that concluded there’s no negative impact. But multiple scientists, researchers and locals have seriously questioned the findings. Cancer is very prevalent in here. This is Dr. Pagan – she’s one of the only general
physicians in Vieques. I asked her why people here are more likely to develop
cancer than those on the main island. There must be some carcinogenic,
higher than the rest of the island, here in Vieques. –Why? Oh, because of the bombing. So if you live in Vieques, there’s a higher chance that you have cancer. If you have cancer you cannot get treatment here, and you have to go to the main island, and going to the main island in and in itself is a big hardship. That feels like a hopeless situation. Yes, that’s why most of them move. They find another place to live. Meanwhile, wealthy Americans from the mainland are finding their second homes in Vieques. You get this nice eastern view into Isabel Segunda, the lighthouse, and Culebra. This is Thom. He moved here from Idaho nearly 20 years ago. Today, he’s one of the most successful real estate developers on the island, selling homes like these. This house is listed for $4.5 million. Wow. Yeah. And it’s worth every penny. It’s the type of place where you can be completely private. You’re behind walls. You’re on one of the most prominent locations in Vieques, right on the oceanfront on the cliffs. It’s a spectacular setting. Who are your typical customers for the places you sell? Well, I always think of my customer base as people, who are searching for
second homes, or successful people. So I get a large percentage of doctors, for example, and lawyers, professional people. Thom says his clients never ask
about contamination from the Superfund site. He also says real estate sales have
rebounded after Hurricane Maria. So what’s your pitch to someone who
has a good amount of money from the U.S. mainland who’s like, “I’m thinking of
buying a house on Vieques”? I like to show that I put my money where my mouth is,
that I’ve invested. I like to talk about taxes, which are very low here. Just a fraction of what you would pay for a similar home in the States. How do you respond to skeptics who would accuse people like you of gentrifying Vieques? I guess we are doing some gentrifying. But I really tend to focus on the positive things that we’re doing for the community. Education is getting better. Animals are getting treated better. We are a part of the community. We’re giving back. I feel like I’m Viequense. But other residents see things differently. So Dena, good morning! Good morning! This is Robert Rabin. He was arrested five times for protesting the Navy. He now directs the Vieques Historical Archives and hosts a radio show. Gentrification now is more a danger to the very existence of the culture and community of Vieques as we know it. So, you believe that after Hurricane Maria, there’s been more gentrification? Yes. Why? Yes. Because people tend to leave, people in Puerto Rico, hundreds of thousands of people have left Puerto Rico to go to United States. That means they’re selling their property cheap, and the same is happening here. People are looking for other alternatives. And so, the realtors, speculators and investors all part of the dynamics of gentrification … are taking advantage of the post-Maria situation. Robert says the Navy cleanup is yet another example of locals being excluded from economic opportunities. We had hoped that the cleanup process, would really mean a lot of economic benefit for the community, but of the hundreds of millions of
dollars that the federal government has spent on cleanup so far, the greatest amount of that is going to large U.S. corporations that are in control of the process. The Navy didn’t want to talk on camera. In an email, they defended open detonation as the safest process for the site workers handling the munitions, and
said the explosions posed no health risks to the public. I wanted to hear what Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Rosselló had to say about this. I’m very much committed to Vieques and I recognize all of the challenges they have had in the past. Do you believe that the EPA and the Navy have gone about the cleanup of the contamination in the safest way possible to the citizens there? It is again inherent in this colonial conversation that we’ve had. If we’ve had two senators and five house representatives, which would be the case for Puerto Rico, you would have oversight here. You would have a hammer in Washington to make sure that some of these things move forward. Unfortunately, we don’t. Whether it be access to clean water, the poverty levels, we’re always going to be at a disadvantage relative to the States. On our last day in Vieques, the Navy conducted another open detonation. A
fisherman caught the explosions on camera from his boat. For those in
Vieques who dedicated their lives to reclaiming their land, the fight is far from over. And how many of those have been met so far? None? Zero. Hey guys, it’s Dena here in Vieques, which the locals call a colony of the colony. Tell me what you thought about this video in the comments. Do you believe the Navy and the EPA when they say everything is safe here? And would you feel safe living here? Let me know and please like and share it. And stay tuned for my next “Direct From” episode where I go inside Monsanto’s operations in Puerto Rico. They’re doing a lot here.

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    Puerto Rico ist not American territory. It is a invaded with American army.

  92. Tza MAW Posted on December 15, 2019 at 4:00 am

    This is Typical of the Elites Ruling the World and Controlling the People , and Using the Military to do it , I have to ask are they Spraying the Skies over their , like they are doing world wide , geo-engineering , thats what brought about cyclone maria , their wether weapons…….

  93. hklyut Posted on December 15, 2019 at 5:07 pm

    marshall islands too.. i couldnt believe people live there.

  94. Bruce Don Posted on December 21, 2019 at 7:49 pm

    I was in the Marines who trained there and who was stationed there for one year We gave the Puerto Rican People jobs on Base let their horses and cows run free on base they came on base to use our beaches for fishing we threw party's and invited the people for free barbecues my girlfriend was Puerto Rican from Vieques and i heard not one complaint from the people when I was there only problem we had was thieve's on horse back stealing our supply's and breaking into tourist cars while they were on the beach.

  95. James Smallwood Posted on December 22, 2019 at 4:40 pm

    Thay do it here in savanna Oklahoma every day

  96. Haruto T. Posted on December 26, 2019 at 6:35 pm

    Free PR, down with the US empire.
    Libertad Puerto Rico, muerte al imperio estadounidense

  97. Brian Powell Posted on February 25, 2020 at 1:46 am

    Great place to visit, not so sure about the clean up efforts

  98. OTTB love Posted on February 25, 2020 at 5:06 pm

    i would not feel safe living or even visiting the island and its sad cuz i love visiting Puerto Rico and i always wanted to go the Veaques it looks so beautiful but im scared to go. i am so happy the people fighting the navy to leave finally got their wish now the navy needs to follow through wit the clean up