November 13, 2019
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The Veterans of StreetShares: On Advice for Transitioning Out Of The Military

(upbeat music) – Grab someone who’s transitioned a year or two ahead of you. And just hear it from the horse’s mouth. – One of the best pieces
of advice I ever got was if you’re not working with a recruiter you’re an idiot. And if you’re relying entirely
on them you’re an idiot. So either way make sure you have a plan. – Make a new goal. I mean you’ve done all your goal lists the whole time you’re in. Make a new goal for what you wanted to do and try and achieve it. – Main thing I can
recommend to folks like that is recognize that you probably have a lot of great opportunities. Talk to all your friends. Talk to your relatives. Talk to people who’ve gotten out. And really try to get a feel for everything that’s out there. – If there’s a company or an industry that you’re looking to break into, there’s other veterans that are in those organizations or industries. All you have to do is
reach out and they’ll be receptive to your efforts. – It’s going to be hard
for you transition because of what you’ve seen and what you’ve done. But you don’t have to tell
everybody what you have done. Remember what you have
done, and remember what you can bring to the table. And eventually what you
have done is gonna come out through your thoughts, actions, and how you treat other people. And you’ll be fine. Just go for what you believe in. – The first thing I
would say is realize what the military taught you, and
don’t leave that all behind. I think it’s tempting to say the military was the
first phase of my life, and now I’m gonna put that aside and enter a whole new phase. I think you’re better
served if you carry over those lessons, and the grit, and all the great things
that military teaches you. Carry that over into your civilian life. The second thing is to
turn first and early to your fellow veterans, right? To the other members of
the military community. If we thought of ourself as such, the veteran business owner community would be the largest and most powerful
business network on earth. There’s that many of
us who own businesses. There’s that many of us who employ people. – As Mark said, the skill
sets are really valuable, and translate really
well between the military and the private sector or
even the public sector. But outside the military the
context is very different, and the people that
I’ve seen do really well are the ones that invest very quickly in understanding the context. Sometimes that means doing a… Doing a course. Taking advantage of the GI Bill. It might mean actually
just learning as much as they can about a particular sector or actually building relationships. But learning that context
is really important, and actually makes the transfer
of skills go much smoother. (upbeat music)

Tony wyaad