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The World of War Games & WarMachine | SubCultures

-I guess
the miniatures players — We call them hobby gamers. -It’s a super-detailed version
of chess, but there’s no board. “Well, how do you move?”
Use a measuring tape. -You don’t just buy the pieces
finished. When you buy them,
they’re a model kit that you have to put together. You’re building the game
from the ground up the way you want to play it. -When I was little, I used to
like to build model airplanes, then I got back into
painting miniatures after many years
of not really doing it, and then I decided
to paint a whole army. And then I really
got into the game. Santino,
you started reading the books. -When I first started
getting into the game, I bought the rule book.
I started reading the story. There was one character
in particular — Every time part of the story
came up with him, I was like, “Dude, I got to play this guy.” -There’s a lot of components
that go into playing “Warmachine” because
it’s a very precise game. You end up having
a lot of accessories. I have timers,
and I have measuring gauges that have different allotments
of distance on them. I feel like we lost sight
of having hobbies. This is truly that. You know,
it’s something cool that you do that may or may not have bearing
on any other part of your life. [ Metal music playing ] And finally, there’s the game. At the end of all of this,
you can actually play a game after you’ve put
all your time in to learn the rules
and the story and build your models
and paint them and everything. -You can see
your skill increase. I know guys — I’ve seen them
play their first game, and their models were all
pointed in the wrong direction. They didn’t know
which dice to roll. They’re measuring
everything wrong. Two months later,
they’re placing in a tournament. I would say overall, it’s probably the most
engrossing thing you can do. -In my spare time,
a lot of times, I’m, you know, going on websites, looking
for new strategies, new ideas. I’m reading the books,
so a lot of my time, I spend on what I do here,
on the games. -And he reads like crazy.
-Yeah, I read a lot. -When we get some new rule book, I say, “Here you go, kiddo.
Memorize it.” And then I read it
while he builds all the models and paints, usually.
-Yeah. So I’d say overall, you always
know the rules better. You usually know the rules
a lot better than I do. They can move four, right? -Who, Kayazy? Yeah.
-Kayazys. Be good. No! It’s a whiff for Beast. -That’s a whiff! -It’s been totally something
we share. There was kind of a synergy
and enthusiasm. -Yeah, we really
both wanted to do it, so both of us together
brought each other in. You betcha.
You need a nine. -I need a nine. I need a nine. Seven. No! Oh, that hurt.
That hurt bad. -Yeah, that did hurt really bad. -The misconceptions
about what we do stems mostly from portrayals
of this community from people in the community. Nobody else knows what we do, and everybody on the outside
thinks we’re all weirdos. “So let’s make a show,
a comic, or whatever about how weird we all are,
and we’ll all laugh together.” But that doesn’t
really help anybody. Name the profession.
They play games, too. Lawyers, doctors,
students, actors, directors. The whole point is
to make more friends and have more opponents
to play against. You know, see who wins. -The challenge
keeps me coming back every week ’cause it’s never the same game. -I know guys that come in,
buy models, slap them together
as fast as they can, and then play game after game
with bare metal or bare plastic. They want the challenge
of the game. I mean, there’s national
tournaments for all these games. -If you’re painting
for a competition, you probably spend
12 to 14 hours or so. Actually, there’s one in Chicago that the winning prize
is $10,000. -I’ve always liked playing
a lot of different games. I also do a game club, but the game club
doesn’t always do miniatures. Sometimes it’s card games.
Sometimes it’s video games. -I’ll play a lot of other stuff.
I play a lot of “Helldorado.” I’ll play a lot of card games. I’m game to try
any board game out there, so… -We’ll have 30 guys come in
on a night and they all know each other
and they’ve all probably gone out and hung out
with each other. I can sit down with somebody,
and if they play Warmachine, we have that bond
that we can talk about the same way that somebody
who’s really into a sports team. Red Sox fans
have plenty to talk about. And they all hate the Yankees,
so I’m told. -My mom, I think
she’s kind of okay with it. We tried
to get her into the hobby, but she never really took to it. -Gamers can get married. [ Laughing ] So I’ll go ahead — I’ll go ahead
and dispel that right now. -I’ve never been the guy that
keeps my minis in the closet and doesn’t tell
my significant others what I’m going and doing. It’s always been on the table,
like, “All right,
well, I come with these dragons, so figure it out.” No matter what else is
happening, we’re still playing. We’re still trying to have fun. We live
in the post-“Warcraft” world, where it’s okay
to go home and slay a dragon, and everyone understands
and thinks, “Oh, cool.” Once you’re hooked
into this kind of thing, I don’t think I’ve ever seen
anybody really actually quit — like, quit and never come back. Guys will take a hiatus, and I
might not see a guy for a while. He’ll have a kid or,
you know, that kind of thing. But they’ll be back.

Tony wyaad



  1. Kotokizu Posted on August 29, 2012 at 1:49 am

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  14. Eva Konič Posted on August 29, 2012 at 7:48 am

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    So thanks, I guess.

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    i think not many people get how e-spots have developed (like in korea)
    i myself would like to be a pro e-spots player or just be involved in it(i play league of legends)
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    i put a nice amount of time to read about it, learn about the game that is growing and changing each patch
    -if you did it that would be fun and awesome-
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    As an avid war gamer, I know the initial outlay can be daunting, but no more daunting than a PC gaming rig, the sets of cards in CCGs or the outlay for various other hobbies – the hours spent cleaning, assembling and painting minis is incredibly therapeutic, whilst the in-game experiences range from having a laugh at the ridiculous events to the (enjoyable) stress and pressure of large tourneys. It isn't cheap initially, but the hours of enjoyment you can get out of it are more than worth while.

  27. StabbyTMP Posted on August 29, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    Also nice work Soulpancake 🙂
    a wide berth from the article in an Greek mag that painted wargamers as satanic sociopaths executing plans for world domination on a table top.
    a search for "greek 40k bad journalism" will give you some idea.
    Once again, nice work.

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    They should have come on tournament day. That way you could portray the super competitive nature of the game. That would have rocked. Travis would have had the gamer headband on. There was also no Will or Craig. Those are like some of the core guys there. I suppose they didnt make it in the final footage.

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    Newer tabletop miniatures games are more affordable than what folks remember from 5+ years ago. Most games offer entry-level "starter boxes", ranging in price from $25 to $60, easily what you'd spend on a videogame. Odds are, you'll see greater return-on-investment on that starter box, in terms of recreation-time per $. Take a look at starter boxes for Dystopian Wars (steampunk land-air-sea battles), Malifaux (multi-genre madness), Dark Age (post-apocalyptic sci-fi), and others.

  45. Adam Azevedo Posted on August 30, 2012 at 10:46 pm

    To everyone say's that it's "prohibitively" expensive, really it's not. For the cost of a couple new PS3 games you can easily purchase a fun and fully playable army in Warmachine. It's a hobby, sure, so you have to want to spend that money on toys and similarly you have to want to assemble, prime, and paint them, but the payoff is great and that army will give you potentially hundreds of hours of fun.

    I typically expand my army at the cost of about $50-$70 every couple of weeks, nothing crazy.

  46. MackJCM Posted on August 31, 2012 at 12:54 am

    This one was my favourite SubCultures. I tried to get into Warhammer once, and it was the first time I felt I was among people like me. It turns out I'm more of a Dungeons and Dragons than war games guy, more focused on a story that's happening and a band of heroes than a huge war, although both are awesome and fun. Despite the fact that I now have diverse and real friends outside of my hobby, I sometimes miss walking into that store and hearing, "Hey, Necron guy!"

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    Thank you! Excellent video!

    Miniature wargaming has so much to offer. There is the quiet alone hobby time just painting and assembling. It's my way to relax after work and after the kids are asleep. There is the list building, trying to find the best combo's to win games. Then there is the social aspect. Wargamers are the opposite of the stereotypical stay-at-home awkward nerd. We have to go out and talk to people face-to-face to play. Great way to make friends and have a good time.

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    Another expense: many kits have options to a particular model. If built normally it would end up costing triple, or more, to account for all the variations you can use. My brother magnetizes and pins many of his models to allow him to swap variants between games. So with one kit, he gains all versions, saving that money.

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    Jacks are extremely easy to magnetize; beasts less so, but still doable.

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    I'm glad I'm a wargamer, it's given me so many things in my life. Reading skills, creativity, strategic and tactical thinking I owe to games

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    Thank you for not falling into the trap of preconceived ideas of us gamers. I'm appreciative that you've made a video that shows us as we are; just regular people from all walks of life 🙂

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    Game Empire
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