November 18, 2019
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This Hairstylist Helps Military Servicewomen Feel Like Themselves

(happy calm music) – I served in the Air
Force for four years. Hey Mister Mitt. I’ve wanted my hair like this
since I was a little girl. And when I joined Military
it was just a no-go. (light hip-hop music) – I served in the army for six years. – I served in the United Sates
Air Force for four years. – I served in the Air Force for six years. And I could tell that the regulations weren’t necessarily written by people who had knowledge of black
hair and how it worked. – I served in the United
States Air Force for 23 years. I decided to go natural
by locking my hair. Davette is awesome and she was
a godsend when I found her. – The military has requirements on how they can wear their hair. It used to be that women could not wear locs in the military. Now they are in regulation. It’s such a freedom; it’s freedom. (light hip-hop music) (piano music) I’ve been working with
women in the military for nearly 30 years. About 95% of my clientele is active duty or retired military. You have a lot of strong
women in the military; they want to concentrate on
protecting the United Sates, and not be concentrating on whether or not their hair is in regulation. The Coast Guard changed the
regulations about four year ago. The Army followed like a year ago, and the Air Force about six months ago. With this new changed now
African-American women can feel good and also look
correct in their uniforms. (piano music) – I’ve bee in the Air Force for two years. I was so excited about the
change that I felt like locs were how I was going to
be able to express myself, and show people who I am. – How you doing today?
– I’m doing well, how are you?
– You ready for me? – I’m ready.
– Hey. When the young recruits come in it’s very important to me, that they feel safe and comfortable. (laughing) And I had to really learn what was allowed and what wasn’t allowed. When people are not in regulations they get in really big trouble with their Commanding Officers. So we had to make sure that
they stay in regulation. After I finished Emoni’s hair, she turned around and looked in the mirror; I
could just see in her eyes she was so happy. – My hair really doesn’t
define how well I can perform my job but in a lot of ways
it enhances my personality, because it is allowing me to be myself. You can’t serve if you’re
not able to be yourself. I love putting on my uniform everyday. I have Covington and the
United States Air Force on my heart. With my locs now, I feel
complete in my uniform. But I carry the new regulations in my wallet just in case anyone
approaches me about my hair. No one has because Davette keeps me good.

Tony wyaad



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    Do you understand that the bald haircut does not make you feel yourself but a part of the squad. Military doesn't care aboutyour gender but your military skills.

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    Proud of these women and I appreciate their service.

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    Good for them! It's about time that women of color can have something that will make them feel happy. Moral is so important. Without morale your spirit can easily be broken whether male or female. We need ALL our service members to feel confident so they can be the best at what they do. I'm a white female veteran of 9 years and I am so happy to see black military women finally getting a long overdue dose of morale . They are picked on worse then any other race and gender and It's an uphill battle for women in the military from day one…I never knew how hateful some guys could be till I joined but we women are stronger then the hate! There are a lot of amazing men too but the negative ones really like to scream the loudest and ruin it for everyone.

  86. Random Dragon Posted on March 12, 2019 at 12:29 am

    This video speaks exclusively for black military servicewomen.
    Therefore the title is lacking and should not be used for general references.