February 17, 2020
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  • 10:51 am Who Can Keep The Soldier Alive The Longest? (PROS Vs. AMATEURS Ghost Recon)
  • 8:51 am Military Kids Get a Christmas Surprise While Dad is Away
  • 7:51 am Chinese soldiers assassinate Japanese experts to seize classified information!Jagged soldier 12

oh my days ahaha yo! is this a movie? ShadyARMY! AHOO! shady army AHOO! Shady Army!!! Ah- hooo! yes guys we
are back again with another reaction guys yes straight to the Army thing! ok
shine shine shine shine yes guys straight to the army thing without saying
too much I’m gonna jump on this reaction guys oh my days from what I’ve heard and seen is amazing I’m just gonna jump on
this they say the TNI guys these guys they are SUPERHUMAN and everything they do is real so guys without saying too much that’s gonna see what I’m gonna do this look at me I’m so excited man I need
some water mmm I’m ready guys but before we start go
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very much hello samuanya suda siap? SUDAH SIAP?? Mari kita mulai so guys let’s
start right away let’s go ah! wait wait wait wait wait wait wait
wait wait wait wait WAIT! WHAT? ahaha yo is this a movie Ahahahahaha! oh my days no no no guys stop this! I don’t like this guys [meaning it’s so AMAZING!] what? ahaha, okay it’s just look at how he’s just going! like get- get out get out okay wait wait wait wait wait! this is another one again wait what if
they don’t see them because they look like they’re mixed with the mud what if
they don’t see them? they are just gonna kill them whoa whoa whoa that’s so close that’s that’s so that’s too close that’s too close he’s
almost hitting him what? oh my days what’s he gonna do BUMBOCLOT!… yo no these guys are not normal they are not normal I know that fruit yeah it is very hard it’s very hard and it is spiky so spike is like it has some you know Spikes – spiky and my guy went
one time only and he burst it into two what kind of hands, what kind of hands do they have? what? come on man these guys like are they normal human beings bruv like this is
crazy it looks like something for the circus
show or something okay I dont really get what’s happening here, there are a lot of them okay wow oh my days oh my days guys did you see what i saw guys the video from beginning to end is
just mad it’s just mad amazing madness!
oh my what else can i say? well done well done well done this is really crazy man what? i want to watch it again from beginning because I’m like are they normal? are they normal? running through the fire picking the snakes hitting something – boom! busting down on somebody’s body did you see the armoured tank? it went like that – phosh! and it shot at an angle as well um kopassus TNI whatever
you guys are made of, it’s mad its craz I don’t know I just think if you guys go to war with any country and you want to have a hand combat that’s crazy guys did you see this, hold on oh my days did you see that from the top down he bust it down he like bust it down anyway
guys umm…it’s your boy shady shae the one and only thank you for watching
this video with me it’s gonna be a peace out and umm… thank you anyway go down smash the
like button guys – subscribe SUBSCRIBE Kopassus yeah? was gonna say she why the morning when I sleep and wake up
your face and my mind not even breakfast eyes to think about oh I need to bake up
but you came around oh you make me back to ya my mind for you no time for all
the honeys I just wanna just be from duck you make me honest I smile and
laugh now like everything’s funny I think so new LG life is good I say
honey honey no one sweeter than you I try to let off flavors from different
juice some girls in lines waiting barbecue spot ain’t got no clue to you I
think like Luke because oh that she was a nozomi said she wants just me whoa
buddy oh that she wants ain’t some Gucci said she wants me just me oh you are the
shining say do I owe – out of my way

Tony wyaad