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Top 10 Super Heroes who were Military Veterans

Superheroes are a wildly popular storytelling archetype,
and for good reason. They are ordinary people pulled
into an extraordinary world, where special abilities
or extensive training help them in the fight against evil. A hero overcomes adversity through feats of bravery and determination. A superhero, however, usually
has superhuman abilities or powers and, quite often, supervillains to defend
their world against. Superheroes all have origin stories, which tell how they gained their powers and chose to fight against evil. But some heroes felt the call to serve before being recruited
by special agencies. Some even before having
heightened abilities. Get ready because this
is your spoiler warning. We’ll be discussing plots
from comics and films, both released and upcoming, from the DC and Marvel universes. So, here’s a list of 10 superheroes you should buy a drink on Veterans Day. Number 10: James Howlett,
also known as Logan, also known as Wolverine. Wolverine’s a Canadian, but we’re not gonna hold
that against him, eh? His mutation – accelerated
healing powers and longevity; heightened senses, speed, and stamina; and retractable bone claws,
which were later plated with nearly indestructible adamantium- render him a powerful fighting machine. According to the film
X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Logan was born in the 1800s. He fled his childhood home
and fought as a soldier in the American Civil
War, both World Wars, and the Vietnam War. That’s a century of combat, by the way. When he was discovered
by Major William Stryker, a military scientist
biased against mutants and intent on destroying them, Wolverine’s military
career came to an end, leading him on a path towards the X-Men. In the comics, Wolverine
has many storylines, including a journey to hell, but we’ll stick with the
cinematic telling of his life. He can never fully
escape his painful past, and even when he’s
fighting for the good guys, he’s got a bad attitude. He’s like the Senior NCO who
doesn’t have any more f**** to give but is so great
at his job that everyone just lets him do his thing. Nonetheless, his moral
compass remains true right until the end. Number 9: Sam Wilson also known as Falcon. Sam Wilson is a former Air
Force Pararescue Jumper, which made him a great
candidate for the superhero with a tendency to jump into the middle of a combat situation to ice
evildoers and save lives. Wilson is important for many reasons. Created in 1969 by Stan
Lee and artist Gene Colan, he was the first
African-American superhero in mainstream comics, making his mark in the civil rights
movement of the 60s and 70s. In the comics, Wilson
has a telepathic link to his bird Redwing, which allows him to see through the bird’s eyes. He’s also skilled in hand-to-hand combat and operating the Falcon flight harness. In the Marvel Cinematic
Universe, the powers are gone, but the harness remains. It was actually a secret military asset, which Wilson somehow stole and
also somehow there were never any consequences from the
U.S. government about that, but anyway, most importantly,
Wilson counsels veterans with post-traumatic stress
issues, embodying the ideal of service after service
and the value of supporting our fellow brothers and sisters in arms. Number 8: Carol Danvers also
known as Captain Marvel. Major Carol Danvers is a trained military intelligence
officer and erstwhile spy. She’s one of the most
distinguished officers in the superhero universe and a graduate of the Air Force Academy, where Nick Fury recruited her for the CIA. In the comics, she
retired from the Air Force as a Colonel to be Chief
of Security at NASA before becoming half-Kree,
a militaristic alien race in the Marvel Universe. She became Captain Marvel after meeting a Kree alien named Mar-Vell,
but she acquired superpowers after an explosion merged her DNA with the first Captain Marvel. Anyway, it’s complicated. Danvers is an author and feminist, and her powers include flight, enhanced strength and durability,
shooting energy bursts from her hands, and being able to verbally judo one Tony Stark. Her upcoming film, set in the 1990s, will be about Danvers’ origin story. It will also explain where
the superhero has been since then but, most importantly, we know that Captain Marvel will
play into Avengers 4, given her post-credit paging
at the end of Infinity War. Number 7: James Rhodes
also known as War Machine. There’s a bit of a discrepancy here. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe,
James Rhodes is an airman, but in the comic books,
he’s always been a Marine. If I told you that a hero
was named War Machine and had little understanding
of ammo consumption, would you think he was
an airman or a Marine? Exactly. Well, screw it, let’s dive into both. First, the comics. A former pilot in the Marine Corps, Rhodes met Tony Stark aka Iron Man while he was deployed in Vietnam. Rhodes was shot down behind enemy lines when he encountered Stark in
the prototype Iron Man suit. The two teamed up and became best friends. Rhodes conducts himself according
to military honor codes, in contrast to Tony Stark’s
relativistic heroism, and he would even assume
the mantle of Iron Man when Stark struggles
with alcohol addiction. In the MCU, Rhodes becomes
War Machine and struggles to balance his loyalty to the Avengers with the legal obligations of the military and the Sokovia Accords. This tension would eventually
earn him a court martial, when he disobeys the Accords to help Captain America travel to Wakanda. But hey, is a military
infraction even that big a deal when half of the universe
is being wiped out? Number 6: Maria Hill. Maria Hill commissioned
in the Marine Corps before joining SHIELD. She quickly rose through its ranks and was appointed Deputy
Director under Nick Fury. She possesses normal human strength, which makes her participation
in supernatural phenomenon even more impressive. As a SHIELD agent, she is
experienced in espionage, hand-to-hand combat, weapons expertise, and tactical vehicle operation. In the comics, Hill served under Fury until Marvel’s Civil War, when she assassinated Captain America. But that’s okay because she was only evil because she was controlled by Red Skull. And anyway, no one stays
dead in comics, right? Well, except uncle Ben… In the MCU, Hill provides
intel and support for the Avengers and
remains the one person Nick Fury can trust. Number 5: Wade Wilson
also known as Deadpool. Deadpool is the guy in your unit that just won’t take anything seriously. That’s true for his
character, both in the comics and on-screen, but it’s also
true for the actual creators of Deadpool, who break
convention in more ways than one. For example, he knows that
he is a fictional character and he commonly breaks the fourth wall. Most antiheroes are dark and tortured, and Deadpool certainly is that, but also he’s just uncouth
and rather undignified, to say the least, which is
also what makes him so unique. His origins are rather vague and are often subject to change. Stories have been retconned,
conveniently forgotten, or just ignored, kind of
like what we’re going to do with Deadpool’s appearance
in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Nonetheless, there seems to be a consensus that Wade Wilson, if that’s even his name, served in the U.S. Army Special Forces before he was dishonorably discharged. In the film, he is diagnosed
with terminal cancer and undergoes an experiment
where he is injected with a serum meant to
activate his mutant genes. After prolonged stress and
torture, the experiment works. Cancer continues to consume his body, but his superhuman healing
allows him to cure it simultaneously, leaving him
disfigured, but unkillable. He becomes a mercenary who continues to fight the chaotic good fight. Number 4: Jonah Hex. Though he initially joined
the United States Army as a cavalry scout, Jonah Hex’s story really began during the Civil War. As a Southerner, he fought
for the Confederacy, but he found himself increasingly uncomfortable with slavery. Unwilling to betray his
fellow soldiers, but loathe to fight for the South,
Hex surrendered himself to the Union. Tried for treason and
exiled to the Wild West, Hex would later be branded
with the mark of the demon and be forced to walk the land as a supernatural bounty hunter. At some point, he’d also
travel through time, because comic logic, and fight
alongside other superheroes. He also fought alongside Yosemite Sam. Yeah, the Looney Tunes’ Yosemite Sam. I don’t know. Hex didn’t have supernatural powers, but he was an outstanding
marksman, a quick draw, and an expert fighter in the Wild West. Number 3: Nick Fury. As with many comic book
heroes, whose stories continue for decades, Nick Fury
has a sliding history that keeps him current in conflicts. His first appearance was in Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #1, which took place during World War II. Fury served as a colonel
during the Cold War before becoming the director
for SHIELD, then known as Supreme Headquarters
International Espionage Law-enforcement Division. His skills and experience
with espionage were put to use against the Soviet Union and primed him for his position at SHIELD and the Avengers Initiative. From leading his Howling Commandos to becoming the Director of SHIELD, to transforming into the
silent observer of Earth, Nick Fury has done it all
without any actual abilities, and with only one eye. He obtained the Infinity Formula
which kept him from aging, but it was his mind and
skill on the battlefield that allowed him to take down nearly every superhero in the Marvel universe. Number 2: Steve Rogers also
known as Captain America. Steve Rogers is the ultimate
example of patriotism, bravery, and sense of duty. In fact, that’s why he was chosen for the Super Soldier Serum
project in the first place. During World War II, Rogers
made multiple attempts to enlist, but failed to meet
the physical requirements. But his tenacity caught
the eye of a scientist who recognized that
Rogers’ attitude made him the perfect Project Rebirth candidate. Rogers began his career doing propaganda to support the war effort, but he would eventually be unleashed in Europe in the fight against
the Nazi faction, HYDRA. His military service ended
when he sacrificed himself to save the United States from a HYDRA-coordinated WMD attack. He was suspended in ice until
he was revived by SHIELD in the modern day. Rogers would join the
Avengers, but his sense of duty and his compulsion to act
in the face of injustice, no matter what the laws
are, pitted him against other Avengers after the Sokovia Accords, which established U.N.
oversight of the team. Number 1: Frank Castle
also known as Punisher. The Punisher is a psychologically
troubled antihero, which makes his story both unsettling and, in many ways, very
familiar for combat-veterans. He is a vigilante who fights
crime by any means necessary, no matter how brutal those means might be. Castle joined the Marines
after dropping out of Priest school when he was asked if he could ever forgive a murderer. Because of Marvel’s
sliding timeline where they eventually stay away
from dating themselves, Castle’s story changes every now and then to reflect modern, real-world events. Hands down, the most Marine story in The Punisher canon
goes to Punisher: Born. Set in Vietnam, it is
essentially the origin story of how Castle goes from being the gun-slinging badass
Marines think they are to actually being the gun-slinging badass Marines know they are. Fan theories speculate the
narrator of the story is actually Ares, the Greek God of War, who makes an unsuspecting
Castle his avatar. So, that’s our list. Who are your superhero veterans? Leave us a comment and
tell us who you would add to this list.

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