February 20, 2020
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and US president Donald Trump has hinted
that Washington may use military force against North Korea if necessary after
the regime warned that this end of year deadline is looming to resume nuclear
talks easing Jay with the details speaking to
reporters on Tuesday in London at the annual summit of NATO leaders u.s.
president Donald Trump revived the threat of military action against North
Korea as negotiations remain in limbo over how to match the North’s
denuclearization steps with US concessions touting the strength of the
US military Trump said all options are on the table and hopefully we don’t have
to use it but if we do president Trump had threatened to totally destroy North
Korea in 2017 when tensions were sky-high over the regime’s testing of
nuclear weapons and ICBMs however on Tuesday Trump emphasized a close
personal relationship he has formed with North Korean leader Kim jong-un adding
he hopes Kim will follow through with his commitment to dismantle his regime’s
nuclear weapons program Trump also touch upon the defense cost-sharing
negotiations with South Korea saying Seoul should shoulder more of the cost
of stationing US troops on the peninsula he said South Korea has agreed to pay an
extra five hundred million dollars a year for u.s. protection and in
Washington now wants additional commitments now in the meantime we’re
working with South Korea because it’s burden-sharing and we’re spending a
tremendous amount of money to protect South Korea and we think that it’s fair
that they finish substantially more last year I asked them to pay more they
agreed nobody knows this I’ll save now I think for the first time but they agreed
to pay approximately 500 million dollars a year more for protections
president Trump’s comments come as Seoul and Washington are currently holding
their fourth round of the fest cost-sharing talks in a bid to reach a
compromise before the end of the year easing J Arirang news

Tony wyaad