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Trump Pimps Out The Military

>>Iran’s supreme leader has said that he
will not negotiate or have a conversation with Donald Trump or officials within his
administration under any and all circumstances. Especially following the US’ insistence that
Iran was behind the bombing of a Saudi oil facility. At the same time though, there are interesting
conflicting statements coming from Donald Trump, as well. As we reported earlier, he had tweeted that
the United States is locked and loaded in response to Iran, but he is changing his tune
a little bit. Probably because there’s still a little bit
of disagreement as to whether or not the United States has the concrete evidence that Iran
was behind this attack. But Trump also has a lot of love and affection
for the Saudis, and he explains why in this next clip.>>Have you promised the Saudis that the US
will protect them in this case?>>No I haven’t, no I haven’t. I haven’t promised the Saudis that. We have to sit down with the Saudis and work
something out. That was an attack on Saudi Arabia and that
wasn’t an attack on us. But we would certainly help them. They’ve been a great ally. They spend $400 billion in our country over
the last number of years, $400 billion. And they’re not ones, that unlike some countries,
where they want terms. They want terms and conditions, they wanna
say, can we borrow the money at zero percent for the next 400 years now. No, Saudi Arabia pays cash. They’ve helped us out from the standpoint
of jobs and all of the other things and they’ve actually helped us. I would call and I would say, listen, our
oil prices, our gasoline’s too high, you gotta let more go. You know that I would call the Crown Prince
and I’d say, you got to help us out. You gotta get some more and all of a sudden
the oil starts flowing and the gasoline prices are down. No other president can do that.>>So Trump is known for saying the quiet
parts out loud. He always references our economic ties to
Saudi Arabia for his reasons of essentially letting them get away with murder in some
cases. Which is what happened to a Washington Post
journalist due to Mohammad Bin Salman. But there are also personal financial interests
at play that rarely get any type of media attention whatsoever. Mehdi Hasan over at The Intercept wrote an
excellent piece that details some of those ties to Saudi Arabia. But I also wanna remind you just yesterday,
Trump had tweeted quote, waiting to hear from the Kingdom, meaning Saudi Arabia, and under
what terms we would proceed. So he is just waiting on Saudi Arabia to tell
him, hey what should we do? How do we move forward?. So this whole notion that Trump has any type
of foreign policy ideology is ridiculous. And I know sometimes we have this discussion
about how is instinct is to be less hawkish, but at the end of the day money rules all
of his decisions. And if Saudi Arabia holds any type of financial
relationship over his head to push them into war with Iran, I have no doubt that Trump
will move forward with war in Iran.>>So lots to get to there. First, I want to quote Tulsi Gabbard tweet,
I paraphrase yesterday. She said, Trump awaits instructions from his
Saudi masters having our country act as Saudi Arabia’s bitch is not America first. So that goes to Mehdi Hasan’s point at The
Intercept. He said, you remember back in 2009 when Obama
seemed to maybe bow a tiny bit when he met the Saudi King, out of politeness and custom,
right? And Fox News and the right wing went nuts,
okay look at him doing whenever the Saudis want, bowing to their Saudi King. That’s because he’s, is it because he’s too
friendly to Muslims?>>Yeah, that’s what they argued Obama was
doing.>>Meanwhile Trump goes over there he’s like,
you want to chop up one of our reporters, dismember him and mutilate him? No problem, I’m getting paid, what difference
does it make? Well anyway, I’m waiting your instructions
on whether I should start a war with a different country, and fight that war on your behalf,
okay? And where are you Fox News? Where are you Sean Hannity? Donald Trump is bowing down to the Muslim
dictator of Saudi Arabia. And yet you slavishly go and kiss his ass,
night in and night out. So that’s what who these republicans are. I wanna give you that quote that Anna referred
to. Trump had said this earlier, before he became
president, he said, Saudi Arabia, they buy apartments from me. They spend 40 million, $50 million. Am I supposed to dislike them? I like them very much. So it’s not just that they’re spending billions
of dollars on making our defense contractors happy, who then funneled campaign contributions
to Donald Trump. It’s also that they personally enrich him,
so that is why he is their bitch and is not ready to start a war on their behalf with
our soldiers. So when your sons and daughters come back
in coffins understand at least Donald Trump got paid.>>So this story has some twists and turns
which I want to flush out in just a minute but I also want to read a portion of Mehdi
Hasan’s piece in The Intercept. Because he writes, the Saudis have been bailing
out Trump since the 1990s and have continued to do so since he entered the White House. So again, there are the personal, financial
motives for Donald Trump and then, there are the economic incentives when it comes to the
United States. That is the reason why historically US presidents
have been willing to work with Saudi Arabia, even though they have been problematic. They have been involved in the 9/11 terrorist
attacks, but they’ll look the other way when it comes to economic interest. Now with that said, the twist to this story
is that both the Pentagon and the Saudis are arguing that there still isn’t enough concrete
evidence to pin this on Iran. So let me start with the Pentagon. Pentagon officials still under the leadership
of an acting Defense Secretary since the departure of James Mattis, have recommended a restrained
response to the recent attacks on Saudi oil facilities. Arguing against a potentially costly conflict
with Iran. And told reporters that the administration
would have need to find a valid legal basis to take action. Now let’s move onto Saudi Arabia. So in Riyadh, the Saudi military offered its
first assessment on Monday, which stopped far short of accusing Iran of orchestrating
these strikes. Saudi officials said the U.S. didn’t provide
enough proof to conclude that the attack was launched from Iran. The kingdom has asked United Nations experts
to help determine who was responsible for the air strikes. So let’s just stop for a second and consider
the fact that Iran is the arch nemesis of the Saudis. And they’re the ones who are practicing restraint
in this case, which is incredible.>>Yeah, it’s unclear at this point if the
Saudis are like, do we really wanna go to war? Or if they’re saying, yeah we definitely wanna
go to war, but we don’t wanna seem like we started it cuz that’s one Muslim country attacking
another. And we’re pretending to represent all Muslims
in Saudi Arabia. So why don’t we get our dogs in America to
attack Iran for us and we’ll put out some quotes with restraint right before the war
so we can say later, I didn’t do it. Here’s that crazy Donald Trump, I’ve got I
gave millions of dollars, he did it for me. Me, my God, I didn’t want to go to war with
Iran. Trump twisted my arm. So it is certainly possible that that’s the
game that they’re playing. But meanwhile, as we explained yesterday,
there’s Democrats like Chris Coons going on Fox News saying, I mean we should be ready
for war. I mean, this is provocation etc. As always, when neoconservatives and and corrupt
people like Donald Trump and Mohammed Bin Salman need votes for a war or just rhetorical
support for a war. Corporate democrats are there to save the
day and to help them and give them that support. And then they pretend to be our colleagues
and people that are on our side, they’re not. But those defense contractors, don’t just
make republicans rich, they also make democrats rich. And one more thing. When Trump talked in the first clip that we
played for you, he talked about, hey I called a Saudi King and he lowers oil prices for
me, he increases supply. Again, you’re not supposed to say that out
loud. We know that that has been American policy
for decades now. And he says, I’m the only president could
do that. No, every president has done that. And that’s why we have the deal that we have
with the Saudis. Otherwise, why prop up a government that is
basically the equivalent of ISIS? They also decapitate people, and not just
the reporters that they’re upset at. They do decapitations and cut off hands, etc.,
on a regular basis. They believe in the most extreme form of Sharia
law just like ISIS does. But hey, every once in a while a US president
calls them and they help lower oil prices. In this case, Trump is basically saying, hey,
I got a year before the election, and they’re helping me win the election by keeping the
oil prices low. So since it’s to my personal benefit, I’m
gonna send your kids to go die over in Iran.>>Now, I also want to just mention that Trump
himself is sending mixed signals as to whether or not he wants any type of military intervention
in Iran. He said during that same press conference
that he would like to avoid war with Iran. So I mean, he’s a wild card, he’s always been
a wild card. You have no idea what he’s gonna do. He’ll order an air strike against the Iran
and then literally call it of right before it’s suppose to happen. So any analysis about his strategy is kind
of worthless because there is no strategy. All it really depends on what is financial
interests are, who was the last person he spoke to. And whether or not the Saudis are giving him
orders that he must follow because he’s concerned about his own financial interest.>>Yeah, and guys, that’s why Trump is so
dangerous as a president, because no one, including Donald Trump knows what he’s gonna
do.>>Right.>>So it depends on the day, it depends on
the hour. So if you think he has some sort of instincts
to not start wars the Middle East. Well, he said that half the time, the other
half the time he said, locked and loaded or as he once said, cocked them loaded and so
he doesn’t know himself. So is he gonna start a war tomorrow? Well, tune in tomorrow and see what Donald
Trump’s insane, very unstable mind came up with. So in a situation like that, when you’re playing
Russian roulette with the world, that is not a good place
to be.

Tony wyaad



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