December 14, 2019
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  • 7:50 pm 60+ recruits across the state sworn into US Army at the Capitol
  • 3:50 pm Locked Military Trunks from Abandoned Storage Wars Auction BIG SCORE
  • 2:50 pm Front Lines Tribute to Soldiers – RainTree Music Group | Official Music Video |
  • 12:50 pm United States Air Force Academy TV Commercial :30 Grit
Turkey’s military operation in Syria: What’s next?

Turkey is in deep need of security in the geography that Turkey is positioned Because we know that there are many challenges in the region and the most prominent one for nowadays is PKK/PYD We know that the Syria case has offered a kind of ground, a theatre for PKK and they enjoyed the US support over there and Turkey is concerned with the coming decade if PKK is going to territorialize in the region and be a de facto state. But the current structure of Turkey’s security mechanisms strictly resist such a probability because Turkey does not want any state over there which is built up by a terrorist organization The current situation facilitates Turkey to start a military act over there because the latest announcement of the U.S government apparently supports the Turkish thesis Because if the United States is calm and quiet for a military operation of Turkey that means Turkey now can do her own business in the region And the second thing, the opponent, PKK/PYD is you know forming up a kind of alliance with Arabs over there, and it is a loose alliance because the Arabs in the SDF’s structure is prone to the powerful actors and if Turkey intervenes we expect a kind of fragmentation in this structure The outcome is you know, twofold: The first one is about the security of Turkey Turkey will prevent any formation at the southern border for the coming decade And the second thing is the humanitarian aspect Turkey wants to establish a secured zone with adequate infrastructure, and Turkey has clearly announced that Turkey will build cities and towns over there for the immigrants going back So the outcome is expected smooth for Turkey if the military operation is achieved so far Thank you

Tony wyaad



  1. Dorke De Posted on October 8, 2019 at 10:43 pm

    Turkey likes to repeat Genocide against Kurds, and Also Greek and Armenian people. Their history has been written with the blood of Kurds, Greeks, and Armenians. Turkey is angry because it was supporting ISIS and the Kurds destroyed it. Now, turkey wants to destroy Syria Kurdistan and allow ISIS to get the power again.