April 9, 2020
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It’s one of the most rewarding things
I’ve ever done in my life, is to be part of a team of people that takes care of
the active duty personnel that are serving our country and their dependents.
I just, I love the people that I work with and I just, I love it, it’s great, it’s a, for me, it’s a good balance and a lot of time I spend with my kids, a
lot of free time and when I’m off the clock, I’m off the clock, it’s not like
when I was in private practice and carrying a pager and on-call 24/7.
Practicing medicine in the United States Air Force is actually worry-free
when it comes to your patients because you don’t have to worry what kind of
insurance they’re carrying, what kind of diagnostic imaging you will be doing for
this patient since you don’t have to worry about their insurance coverage. The
job on the outside can be a little bit tedious if you’re working in a big box
type facility and I came to the conclusion that, you know, there really is
a different opportunity out there for pharmacists and so that was, that was
my choice and really, really glad that I did because I’ve been able to do so many
different things that I would not be able to do on the outside. It’s one of
those experiences, if you serve and you never had an opportunity to help
other people in that capacity and know that the service that you’re providing
really makes a difference, it’s great. So I get to travel a lot, I get to work a
lot with other inner agencies, I work a little bit with FDA and Homeland
Security, work with other branches of service, I can work with the Army, the
Navy, and it’s just a great opportunity and go out and help people and meet
people from all over the world. That’s the appealing thing, coming into
the Air Force, is that, you know, you’re not just gonna get stuck in an office
and that’s all you’re gonna do, there’s gonna be a lot of opportunities if you’re motivated and, you know, you can do your clinical time
and then you have outreach with a lot of other agencies. It feels wonderful to be
able to serve the country and at the same token actually fulfill a mission, a
lifelong mission for me, to help patients. I would not want to be anywhere else
than being part of the US Air Force.

Tony wyaad