December 8, 2019
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U.S. Air Force Commissioned Officer Training / Phase 01: Orientation

My name is Captain Korry Leverett. I’m the
Assistant Director of Operations for the Commissioned Officer Training here at
Officer Training School at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. The orientation phase is the first phase of development for Commissioned Officer
Training, and it really is about the first week to a week and a half of their
training. We want our trainees, those doctors, those lawyers, the chaplains, to
get the same foundation that your pilot is gonna get, or the navigator, or anybody
else that steps into the Air Force and puts this uniform on. So step one here at
Commissioned Officer Training: getting them acquainted with how they should
wear their uniforms, with how they need to march, how they need to carry
themselves as professional officers. It includes things such as the very basics
of military heritage, the Air Force heritage, drill and ceremonies, basic
standardization, discipline; it’s really an indoctrination into the Air Force. Crossing into the Blue is a very
ceremonial piece of what we do here at Officer Training School. When they step
across that blue line, it’s that first step in their new career as an Air Force
Officer. It’s a very important piece of our training here at OTS. Drill instills standardization discipline into all of our trainees. It teaches them teamwork, it teaches them how to come together and work on some
basic processes, and it teaches them to build the team, and the way you’re gonna
do that is you’re gonna start by marching, and we’re gonna expect you to
move as a team and step through the entire training program here as a team,
and that’s all a part of the orientation phase.

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