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U.S. Air Force G-Forces

Air Force fighter pilots can experience
force on their bodies that most of us will never even come close to feeling. To
get ready, they practice here in the Air Force’s human centrifuge. We’re at Brooks City Base and
this is the centrifuge. This is what we use to train our pilots
on g-forces. G-forces are pretty much, if you ever ridden a roller coaster you
kind of get that feeling your stomach’s about to come out of your mouth, that’s
kind of what g-forces are. G-forces are forces caused by acceleration and pilots
experience them during sharp turns. The tighter and faster the turn, the greater
the g-force. They call it “pulling G’s.” To help them learn to pull G’s safely, the
Air Force does high G training on the centrifuge. Before training, the pilot
gets checked out by a doctor and then fitted with an anti-G suit. It’s like a
giant blood-pressure cuff that keeps the blood from pooling in his legs. G-forces
stand for gravitational forces. We’re at 1G right now, that’s actually what keeps
us from floating into outer space. Pilots can experience over 6G when they fly. That’s six times the force of gravity. If I was at 6G my body would feel like, if I
weigh a hundred pounds, at 6G my body will now weigh 600 pounds. My hand weighs ten pounds, at 6G it’s 60 pounds now. You can actually see how difficult
would be for a pilot to flip a switch here and have to do a lot of other
things while pulling back on the stick. Sometimes, the g-forces are so strong that pilots can lose consciousness.
They call that g-lock. So before they fly, they practice methods to avoid g-lock in
the human centrifuge. Legs tight, deep breath. On top, and breathe. One, two, three. Okay, relax. Standby, we are going to set the limits for 5G. 30 seconds. And three, two, one, engage. Legs tight, deep breath. Hold it. On top, breathe. One, two, breathe. One, two, breathe. As the centrifuge spins, the pilots’ body
is trying to go straight, but the direction is constantly changing. This
pushes the body outward. They call it a g-force or gravity force, but it’s
actually a measure of acceleration. Acceleration is the change in velocity
over the change in time. Velocity is determined by both speed and direction
so even if the speed stays the same, because the direction is constantly
changing, there is acceleration. This outward force is called centripetal
force and it’s expressed as a multiple of G. An untrained person might black out
between four and six G, but a trained pilot wearing an anti-G suit and using
the straining maneuver can go up to nine G in the centrifuge, just like this pilot
did today. There’s a lot of math and science involved with this and I would
just say you know study, make sure you’re doing the right things at school and
hopefully maybe one day you actually will get work with a centrifuge. I’ve been
here for about four and a half years, I learned from the best and I just try to
do the best I can every day I come in. You get to play with my big, expensive toy.

Tony wyaad



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