February 23, 2020
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For Security Forces role, our mission is
pretty simple: to take care and protect the people, personnel, and all of our
resources. What we teach here at the Security Forces Academy is gonna be the
weapons area, which is area one, and then you have the area two is gonna be your
law enforcement, and then area three is just your field training, your
pre-deployment training, kind of preparing you what’s gonna be when you
deploy. You know, we have an area where we do strictly weapons, so from their time
they touch those weapons in the beginning, they’re learning how to
operate that weapon, how to handle it safely, and how to shoot that weapon. If
that weapon malfunctions or how to stop the malfunction and get that weapon back
in operation. In the law enforcement area, we teach them everything that they
should encounter. That’s everything from questioning an individual, to rights
advisement, all the way to responding to a traffic stop, and responding to domestic
disturbances. In the law enforcement part of my training, I’ve learned how to tactically
if we take somebody down. I’ve learned how to apprehend somebody. I’ve challenged vehicles, I’ve challenged individuals. I have also done vehicle searches and human searches as well. That law enforcement and that security,
that’s our job at home station. But when we deploy, we’re that warrior Airman.
Behind me right now is a mock village. This is a simulation of something that
they may see, so when we’re out patrolling combat or recon patrol, they
see this and then they’re gonna use their tactics to either transverse
around this area or how they’re gonna go through the area. What trains them to
clear a building and their precision techniques that they’re gonna use. We try
to create the environment as real as it possibly can. The Airmen that I’m putting through, I
got to make sure that I want to be on the frontline with them one day and
that’s the confidence that I have when I teach.

Tony wyaad