November 18, 2019
  • 6:51 am U.S. Air Force Commissioned Officer Training / Phase 01: Orientation
  • 6:51 am Just the Job – Air Force Officer
  • 2:50 pm The Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden and The Lone Survivor Give advice on BUD/S – Vigilance Elite
  • 1:52 pm Those Who Serve: Investigation Into Medical Negligence In The Military | NBC Nightly News
  • 1:52 pm Remains of Ohio soldier who died in Korean War buried in Ross Co.

My name is Technical Sergeant Alana Musson and I am a Security Forces Specialist. Security Forces for the Air
Force are defenders who protect high-value assets: people, bases, secure
installations, missile protection, in the Security Forces world, is very important.
It’s our job, as defenders, to protect these high-value assets. When you go out
to a launch facility and know that there’s a missile down there and you’re
actually out there protecting it, if that doesn’t get your heart rate going, I
don’t know what does. Not only do you have to have physical toughness, you also
have to have mental toughness. I train officers and I put them in stressful
situations so come real-world scenarios they don’t freeze up. They can actually
make that command decision, observe, orient, decide, and act. Some of the
coolest things that I got to do in the Air Force: I learned how to rappel down
buildings, definitely a vital asset dealing with missile protection. I also
got to go to Paris, France, do the presidential security, where I got to
protect Air Force One, which is the aircraft that the president flies on.
Being a defender is huge. To be able to wear the beret is an honor. Wherever
there’s a Air Force asset, there’s a defender there protecting it.

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