February 17, 2020
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U.S. Army Materiel Command Host Small Business Industry Outreach

Hundreds of people from across the
nation attended this yea’s small business industry outreach event, hosted by the Army Materiel Command at the Jackson Center in Huntsville, AL. Small business owners interested in doing business with the government listened as AMC Commanding General,
Dennis Via spoke on the team of making possibilities happen where, he provided
information government programs and opportunities. GEN Dennis Via:”So there are tremendous small business opportunities here and I think this is just going to continue to grow. Its a great foundation. We’ve got great relationship with the local community
and leaders, and so it’s a vibrant space, I think, for small businesses to be able
to stand up and thrive and that’s what we want to continue to contribute to.” The day long event gave small business a chance to communicate with leaders from one of the Army’s largest commands, an opportunity that people like Patrick
Walton says usually are more awarded to larger corporations. Patrick Walton: “Well you know, for a small business community we’re always trying to get in touch with local leadership
and have people like General Via come out and talk at the small business program
it’s a great deal to us. Larger companies have far more access
than we do so it’s a real treat for those guys come out and talk to us.” The U.S. Army leads the way in small business opportunities and forums like
this allow AMC to talk about their requirements and hear from small
business is about their capabilities. From Army Materiel Command’s Public
Affairs Office, I’m Joseph Givens.

Tony wyaad