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U.S Army is taking help from the U.S Navy
to make its High Energy Laser program twice as powerful. The program is being overseen by U.S Army
modernization officials. Viewers may note that the Army’s High Energy
Laser Tactical Vehicle Demonstrator (HEL TVD) features a 100-kilowatt laser and can be planned
on different types of Medium Tactical Vehicle (FMTV) trucks. The U.S has plans to demonstrate the system’s
capability like target acquisition & tracking against different targets in 2022. In this video Defense Updates, analyzes U.S
military plans to deploy 250 kilowatts on Medium Tactical Vehicles
Let’s get started. This video is sponsored by the free-to-play
military vehicle combat game War Thunder. We talk a lot about military vehicles on this
channel, but what about trying them out for yourself? In War Thunder, you can chose from more than
1200 playable vehicles from the 1930s to the 1990s and go to battle on more than 80 theaters
of war. You can fly aircraft, helicopters, drive tanks
and command ships of all types and sizes, which have all been carefully recreated from
their real-world counterparts. It’s available as a free download on PC, PlayStation4
and Xbox One with cross-platform support, so grab your friends and give it a try! All viewers of Defense Updates that register
using the link in the description below will also get a free premium tank or aircraft or
ship and three days of premium account time as a bonus. Rockets, artillery, and mortars are typically
hard to defend against with traditional air defense system. The best defense against these is Israel’s
Iron Dome. According to Israel, it has been used to intercept
more than 1,500 targets with a greater than 90% success rate since it was deployed in
2011. Though the data regarding success rate is
often challenged by critics. And even if the data is correct, it is to
be noted that the groups firing these against Israel don’t possess the ability to carry
out sustained offense nor can they hurl thousands of projectiles. This will not be the case when the U.S face
a tough rival. For example, North Korea has thousands of
artillery pieces. Rockets, artillery, and mortar are not the
only threat, the advent of Swarm Drone technology is also a challenge. Rivals of the U.S, like Russia and China,
have been directing lots of their resources to build high-end recon and armed drones as
well as small swarm drones. The threat from high end armed drones is obvious. But a swarm of hundred or thousand small and
cheap drones could also be a deadly collaborative force on the battlefield as they are hard
to intercept being compact in size and being very numerous. A swarm of a small armed drone could overwhelm
even advance air defense systems. Drone swarm will be like a dense cloud and
this makes it hard for the air defense system to properly track and target any single drone
out of these. Also, most current air defense systems will
run out of ammunition. The conflicts in Iraq and Syria have shown
that this kind of capability is within reach of even non-state actors. In January 2018, a mass drone attack was witnessed
on Russia’s main outposts in Syria – the Khmeimim airbase and the naval base in Tartus. Another important usage of a laser will be
in using it to defend against hypersonic weapons. An object is said to be hypersonic once they
exceed speeds of Mach 5 that is 5 times the speed of sound. This is about 1,715 meters per second or 3,836
mph or 6,174 km/h. Unlike subsonic and supersonic weapon, hypersonic
weapons currently have no counters and laser could prove to be a solution. Lasers placed on land mobile systems like
the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicle (FMTV) will add an excellent tactical edge to U.S
Army. The Army’s Rapid Capabilities Office plans
to take advantage of the Navy’s 250-kilowatt laser program, a system that could be adapted
to fit on the FMTV platform, U.S Army Lt. Gen. Paul Ostrowski the military
deputy to the assistant secretary of the Army for acquisition, logistics, and technology
gave an insight. He told an audience at an Association of the
United States Army Institute of Land Warfare breakfast,
“The intent is to work with the Navy, and we are doing that right now, in order to increase
the power of that laser system from beyond 100-kilowatt up to maybe the 250-kilowatt
mark,” He stated that the Army’s 100-kilowatt HEL
TVD is being designed to provide air and missile support to forward operating bases and airfields. As per him the army also plans to field a
platoon of four 50-kilowatt lasers, known as Maneuver Short Range Air Defense (M-SHORAD)
These will be mounted on a Stryker combat vehicle and are expected to be deployed in
fiscal 2022. Lasers have some very important advantages. The speed of light enables them to hit their
targets almost instantaneously. Laser weapons also don’t need to carry ammunition
like traditional systems and hence they will be able to take out a much larger number of
threats constrained only by the power supply limit of the platform. They are also so much cheaper and could cost
as less as $1 per shot. Ostrowski explained the advantage of the laser
is having an “unlimited magazine” for unmanned aerial systems, as well as rockets, artillery
and mortars, instead of “shooting $100,000 missiles at $7,000” unmanned aerial systems. He added,
“We want to be able to put that capability on our tanks to potentially get after targets
that our combat vehicles can go after, so this is just the beginning … of where we
see lasers going in the future,” Laser technology is still relatively new and
scientists and engineers are working round the clock to master it. There are many challenges when it comes to
using the laser for combat usages. Ostrowski said, one of the challenges of working
with lasers is controlling the heat buildup generated by the power source. He elaborated,
“It’s not just the ability to create the energy to fire the laser, but it’s also to dissipate
the heat,” Ostrowski stated that it’s still uncertain
whether the Navy’s 250-kilowatt laser program will work for the Army, but “we are not going
to ignore” its potential for dealing with more complex enemy air attacks. He explained further,
“The power piece is extremely important. If you don’t have the power, you don’t have
that unlimited magazine, and that unlimited magazine makes a difference in a swarm environment
where you have multiple targets and you have to be able to … recharge quickly and be
able to shoot them all down,” American military’s tryst with laser weapons
is not new. In 2010, the Air Force mounted and fired off
a megawatt-class chemical laser from a modified Boeing 747. Things have changed since then and instead
of unstable chemical laser used for that experiment, solid-state lasers are now being used. Another test with LaWS was conducted in 2014. Laser Weapon System or LaWS is a directed-energy
weapon developed by the United States Navy. It will act as a short-range, self-defense
system against drones and boats. Many projects are currently being executed
to field laser weapons like SHiELD The SHiELD program is developing a directed
energy laser system that will act as a demonstrator for a self-defense system that could eventually
enable aircraft to protect themselves from surface-to-air (SAM) and air-to-air (AAM)
missiles. On April 23, 2019, the U.S Air Force Research
Laboratory (AFRL) Self-Protect High Energy Laser Demonstrator (SHiELD) Advanced Technology
Demonstration (ATD) Program successfully achieved a major goal. A laser developed as part of the program had
shot down several air launched missiles in flight. The system could be deployed as an add-on
pod in the future. U.S Navy is working on HELIOS. HELIOS stands for High Energy Laser and Integrated
Optical-dazzler With Surveillance system. USS Preble, an Arleigh Burke Class guided
missile destroyer of U.S Navy is expected to be fitted with HELIOS by 2021 Overall, it can be said that America seems
to be in the right direction when it comes to laser weapons.

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  1. frenstcht Posted on August 29, 2019 at 11:56 pm

    Exactly how powerful is a 250Kw laser? (And don't say "250Kw," smart-ass.) I mean this in everyday terms; e.g., how quickly will it go through a cast-iron frying pan? Y'know, something I can get a handle on.

  2. venus bam Posted on August 29, 2019 at 11:57 pm

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  3. Clark Kentt Posted on August 29, 2019 at 11:57 pm

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  4. Go MGTOW Posted on August 30, 2019 at 12:08 am

    only 250 KW? That can barely down a small drone. Wake me up when you get 50 MW systems ready to install on a ship because that is finally the amount of power output needed to have much effect on distant targets.

  5. Mike S Posted on August 30, 2019 at 12:08 am

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  6. Mi Fami Posted on August 30, 2019 at 12:16 am

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    this is a hypothesis, but I imagine the intense plasma that a hypersonic weapon generates in front of itself in flight might absorb a significant part of the laser power.
    potential laser weapons have another weakness, reflective surfaces. a well polished thin stainless steel plate might resist a very intense laser beam.

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    Let’s see, $1 per shot at light speed versus ??$mm hypersonic missile or even a $50 drone seems like the right direction.

  77. วิโรจน์ พลเจริญ Posted on September 1, 2019 at 5:33 am

    คนเหนอคนชั่งฉลาดเกินคิคสรรพคุณเกินยา ระบบรากฐานภาครวมที่ดีเส้นทางที่คิคยาก งบประมาณทุมเทกับของร้ายค่าพิษภัยทั้งนั้น ความร่มเย็นสงบสุขรายล้อมสิ่งแวดล้อมที่ดี คิคแต่สร้างบารมีอำนาจไม่คำนึงติกรองถึงภาพรวม ประตูหน้าต่างค่อยๆปิดแต่ละด้าน พลังยิ่งใหญ่ก่อเกิดผลประโยชน์ เบี้ยล้างที่ต้องรับชตากรรมมีแต่เสียกับเสีย ขอบเขตของคนต้องมีขีดจำกัด อย่าเห็นแก่ตัวมักง่ายจนเกินจนร้ายจิตสำนึกที่ดี ค่าทุกๆค่าและความรู้สึกอะไรจะแตกต่างกัน เพราะคนขาดเหตุผลที่ดีแทนจะสร้างมิตรคิคเป็นแต่ศัตรู ชัยชนะได้อะไรเพื่อนผ่องมากมายที่ล้มตายครอบครัวขาดผู้นำ ผู้กำกับคือมหาเศรษฐียอดนิยมของเกมคตโกง อย่าเอาดีใสตัวถ้าการกระทำมีแต่พิษภัยบิดเบียนผู้อื่น มองคนให้มีค่าสร้างเสริมวันที่ดีมิตรไมตรีอันยาวไกล คนถึงเกิดมามีค่าเป็นแบบอย่างที่ดีความสวยงามอนาคตลูกหลาน สั่นมีแต่สดุดยาววางแขนได้ไกลความมั่งมีศรีสุข5555อย่าทำตัวใหญ่กว่ารันเวระวังไม่มีที่ลงจอด

  78. Divergent Droid Posted on September 1, 2019 at 6:35 am

    U.S ARMY TO DEPLOY 250 KILOWATTS LASER ON US CITIZENS! or Haven't you heard they NUKED their Own People in the USA before?

  79. Divergent Droid Posted on September 1, 2019 at 6:39 am

    You Cannot defend against THIS: From your US Government: From Dean Odel v=JEN9NW6qjCw

    Here are some of the military & NASA documents that I used in my message “Government Documents Admit Flat Earth:”

    Russia 1948
    : Shape of the earth unknown..


    Russian Light Study

    “Brightness of the firmament”

    Flat earth :


    Propagation of Electromagnetic Fields Over Flat Earth


    page 9: based upon the signal having a single bounce on a flat Earth


    page 1:

    Trajectory of Spinning Projectiles:

    “These equations assume a flat Earth.”


    page 2:

    “These equations assume a flat Earth..”


    page 216:

    "assuming a flat Earth"


    Page 1:

    “…so that a flat-earth approximation provides the best estimate.”


    Page 39:

    model works over a flat earth


    page 1:

    transmission loss over flat earth


    page 9:

    “…input to a flat earth”


    page 3:

    “The first is the Earth-fixed coordinate system, which is fixed to the Earth with a flat Earth assumption.”


    page: 1

    flat earth approximation provides the best estimate


    page 32:

    This model works well over a flat-earth


    page 168:

    equations of flat-earth trigonometry.


    page 8:

    The Earth is flat and nonrotating.


    General Equations of Motion for Damaged Asymmetric Aircraft

    Page 1: “…equations of motions must properly reflect the underlying physics.”

    page 2:

    "In this paper, the rigid body equations of motion over a flat

    non-rotating earth are developed…”


    Approximate Optimal Guidance for the Advanced Launch System

    On page one this document does mention a spherical rotating earth but then states that “…these schemes” (based on a spherical rotating earth) 1) “…are difficult to prove” and 2) “…not suggested to be used as a basis for an online real-time guidance law.”

    Page 32 goes on to say:

    "Lastly, the equations of motion for the zeroth-order problem of flight in a vacuum over a flat Earth are presented."



    Page 8 “…nonrotating Earth…”


    page 14:

    (2) A flat, nonrotating earth


    page 8:

    the missile position in space is computed relative to a flat nonrotating earth.


    page 108:

    aircraft flying over flat, nonrotating earth


    "aircraft flying in a stationary atmosphere over flat nonrotating earth"


    NASA Technical Paper 2835

    Page 1 Summary:

    Flat nonrotating earth

    page 126:

    "The nonlinear equations of motion used are six-degree-of-freedom equations

    sith stationary atmosphere and flat, nonrotating earth"


    Determination of Angles of Attack and Sideslip from Radar Data and a Roll Stabilized Platform


    March 1972

    page 2:

    "The method is limited, however, to application where a flat, nonrotating earth"


    An Aircraft Model for the AIAA Controls Design Challenge



    page 11:

    "The nonlinear equations of motion used in this model are general six-degree-of-freedom equations representing the flight dynamics of a rigid aircraft flying in a stationary atmosphere over a flat nonrotating earth"


    Investigation of Aircraft Landing in Variable Wind Fields

    NASA 1973

    page14 pdf or 6 on actual report:

    a) The earth is flat and non-rotating.


    A Mathematical Model of the CH-53 Helicopter


    page 17:

    “The helicopter equations of motion are given in body axes with rerpect to

    a flat, nonrotating Earth.”


    Atmospheric Oscillations

    Georgia Tech April 1965

    Prepared for NASA

    page 13:

    A model frequently used is that of a flat, nonrotating earth.


    page 19:

    These equations assume a rigid vehicle and a flat, nonrotating Earth.


    Flight Testing a VSTOL Aircraft

    NASA 1988

    page 9 pdf or 4-5 on actual doc:

    “For aircraft problems, the state and measurement models together represent the kinematics of a rigid body for describing motion over a flat, nonrotating Earth…”


    Time to Climb


    “In our minimum time-to-climb problem, the aircraft is modeled as a point mass and the flight trajectory is strictly

    confined in a vertical plane on a non-rotating, flat earth.


  80. Divergent Droid Posted on September 1, 2019 at 6:40 am

    Hey Pal.. I Can Defeat the US Government Military with ONE Sentence The 2nd amendment of the US Constitution!!

  81. Archangel Antonio Posted on September 1, 2019 at 10:03 am

    If we could get the military to use these weapons to obliterate Hollywood, 5hat would be great.

  82. Jack Lum Posted on September 1, 2019 at 10:53 am

    Instead of USA bosting about their militry., why dont they look after the homeless people in the US. All they talk about is war and arms.

  83. vegass04 Posted on September 1, 2019 at 11:35 am

    I don't understand. The chemical laser YAL-1 we fired from 747 was a megawatt class laser, meaning that in the first try we had a laser that is powerful enough to take out the ICBMs. On the other hand we've been messing with solid state lasers for a decade now and all we've managed to do is a 250kw power. We should have sticked with the unstable chemical lasers and stabilize them. That should have been easier then trying to push a solid state laser to Mgw power. Who knows how powerful chemical laser could have been by now, 5Mgw,10,a hundred? Imagine a 100Mgw laser. You could take out jets and bombers with it. Hell you could fry the Kremlin with it..

  84. 786otto Posted on September 1, 2019 at 12:59 pm

    Old news, in StarWars they use lasers for a long time now.

  85. Дмитрий Телпиз Posted on September 1, 2019 at 3:40 pm

    to much CGI ))

  86. Aliens-Ets Exist-in Posted on September 1, 2019 at 5:15 pm

    His voice sounds of a voice of former Secretary Defense Donald Rumsfeld. Very nice HELIOS I know that how it developed, you've got that right just continue developing that because it is really high-powered laser of a punch blown up on direct hit target. You can develop how far distance you want to build it which is excellently best developing. I've already built mine since the mid 1980s. It's the best weapon. Go for it 🇺🇸….Excellent developing that. U gonna luv it. 🇺🇸

  87. paul macek Posted on September 1, 2019 at 9:49 pm

    It's kinda like a disco ball….but with a laser penetrating light show!! Coming soon😊

  88. Skip ad Posted on September 1, 2019 at 10:09 pm

    what about Geneva convention?

  89. dennis donovan Posted on September 1, 2019 at 10:30 pm

    watch out for the Russian and Chinese trolls

  90. FordmanGT500 Posted on September 2, 2019 at 3:21 am

    Congratulations on 400k! 💪🏾

  91. Exterminence Posted on September 2, 2019 at 7:25 am


  92. Prranjal Shrivaastav Posted on September 2, 2019 at 8:18 am

    What do u wish to achieve with 250 KW LASER? New Guinness world-record for target acquisition?

  93. Juan Dechia Posted on September 2, 2019 at 9:20 am

    The F-35 could control these units to defend themselves from air to air missiles and shoot down enemy aircrafts.

  94. han solo Posted on September 2, 2019 at 12:03 pm

    We need them sooner

  95. Green King Posted on September 2, 2019 at 6:00 pm

    …so new missiles will be mirrored

  96. trespire Posted on September 2, 2019 at 10:34 pm

    I call bull. Will never be practical over any significant distance within the troposphere. Dust, water vapor, thermals destroy coherency and cause beam divergence. This is psyops nonsense.