February 29, 2020
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Andrew Worth – When I was in training in Advanced Rescue Swimmer School I got myself in a predicament. I ended up drifting into an area called the klats of spit. And I ended up getting involved in some pretty big waves. I never thought I could survive something like that, but that’s the purpose of this training though. It’s to teach you how to get through situations like that. And it was an incredible experience and I’m here today. Megan Justesen – On my last deployment I got the opportunity to go into the Philippines and help out the surgical team. It was pouring rain. We had to hike over a mountain, sliding in mud, carrying all these medical supplies. And we got to this village and these people are the most amazing, generous people I’ve ever met in my life. And I had the opportunity to go in there and – and provide to them the basic medical care that they needed. I am Petty Officer First Class Andrew Worth. I am Petty Officer First Class Megan Justesen. Andrew and Megan – And I save lives for a living. Megan Justesen – Our job is – it really is very diverse. Andrew Worth – You’re going in the zone, picking up survivors that have been shot down, take them out of the hostile territory and bring them back home. Megan Justesen – Whether it’s a pilot that crashed and you have to go pick him out of the water or somebody who got hurt on the boat and has to be taken to a hospital. Andrew Worth – Going into the cliffs of Washington and, repelling 100 feet down through a small, little crack again, to a survivor. Megan Justesen – It’s never a dull moment. One day I’m delivering milk and the next day I’m jumping in freezing cold water saving somebody’s life. You never know what you’re going to get. Andrew Worth – If you want to be a firefighter, we do that. If you want to be, you know, EMT, we are EMTs. So you pretty much are working as a paramedic, in a sense, under the military guidelines. Megan Justesen – I have a really strong family and they always support you in everything that you do. My brother was in the Army. He came back from boot camp just 180 out from what he was when he left. He was just the most professional, fun person and he had just grown up so much. And so that really encouraged me to go into the military. Andrew Worth – From a young child growing up I wanted to serve my country. And it all started with my grandfather who served in the United States Navy. I saw the old pictures with the hats tilted sideways and it just motivated me. Megan Justesen – It’s a lot of physical training, swimming, running, and then once you graduate Air Crew School you go on to Rescue Swimmer School. It’s definitely tough. They want you to be the best. And they want to make sure that they’re sending the best rescue swimmers out to the fleet. Andrew Worth – Our attrition rate is very high – it’s 22 percent actually make it through it, which is a challenge. And, it makes sense. It’s incredibly mentally and physically challenging. We train in the worst conditions; in the case that we try to set up the scenarios that you may eventually get to later on. By the time you actually get to the fleet, you can pretty much handle any circumstance you may get yourself into. And by far just the training alone you’re probably going to be more extreme conditions while you’re training than you ever ever get to in the real world. Megan Justesen – If you go into a rescue in a storm and you’re not paying attention to the little things, it could ultimately be somebody’s life. If I’m not doing my job, if I’m not being the best that I could be, that could cost somebody else to fail. Andrew Worth – Megan and I worked together a couple years ago. Basically, finding terrorists and searching for them and ensuring that they don’t go from island to another island. If they did, we were going to catch them and grab them. Megan Justesen – Everybody knew their role. Everybody pulled together. Andrew Worth – And the people and the mentality of the people I work with are incredible. You know they’re ready for the mission and you know they’re going to be there when the time is needed. Megan Justesen – If somebody needs your help, you’re the one that they’re going to call. You are the one who is going to go out and – and save them ultimately. You are their lifeline. I absolutely love my job. I have thought about putting in an officer package for quite a while now, but I love my – my job too much. I’m not ready to move on. Andrew Worth – I truly believe that it’s the best job in the Navy. Helping people, saving lives, seeing the smiles on their faces, realizing that they really appreciate what you did for them. It’s amazing. I really could be an officer here shortly but as a rescue swimmer you can’t be an officer doing it and it’s really awkward for me because I don’t know if I can leave this job. Megan Justesen – Being in the air rescue community there aren’t a lot of females. I am the second highest ranking female rescue swimmer in the Navy. I do have the opportunity to be the first female chief in the Navy as a rescue swimmer. Andrew Worth – The Navy has helped me achieve so much. I really didn’t know what I was going to do when I got out of high school. Tuition Assistance has paid 100 percent of my college. It’s amazing how much the Navy supports you making sure you get your education ’cause it’s helping them. They want smart people. And they give you every opportunity in the world to get your school done. Megan Justesen – The Navy is there to help you succeed and they – they don’t want you to fail and they will give you everything that you need to reach your goals. Andrew Worth – You have to prepare. You need to run. You need to swim. You need to be a committed individual. You need to be one of those people that strive to be the best you can be and want to do the best. If you work hard, you don’t quit, you’ll make it. Megan Justesen – The Navy is a family. It’s a family that will take care of you. Andrew Worth – I think back of all the things it’s done for me. It’s a great opportunity. The things you learn are impeccable, you’re not going to get anywhere else. I am Petty Officer First Class Megan Justesen and I am an aviation rescue swimmer. I am Petty Officer First Class Andrew Worth. And I am an aviation rescue swimmer.

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