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Ukrainian Forces May Be Turning Their Weapons Against The Kiev Government – Eng Subs

A new stage of the conflict in Ukraine may flare up in Kiev. There are signs that things may have reached a turning point The Command of the Army South-East reports a mass exit of National Guard units from the combat zone. According to the militia’s Intelligence,
government forces left their positions without a fight. Repeatedly, armored columns were seen heading to the west. According to one version, for reorganization But according to another version, to march on Kiev the voluntary punitive battalions have repeatedly
raised the issue of a campaign against Kiev. And now, as Anton Lyadov reports, the probability of Maidan-3 is greater than ever. With their patience snapped, Ukrainian soldiers are leaving the combat zone en masse They leave even in conventional cars,
5-6 people in each. When shot, they no longer even expect
any assistance from their military command. Columns are on the move, and soldiers
are transported out in trucks, vans. Many are just leaving on their own. As the Ukrainian soldiers state themselves,
the time for individual desertions has passed. Now the soldiers leave in entire groups. They don’t hide the reasons.
This is Ukrainian Battalion “Kiev-2” Here’s the kind of cartridges they were sent from Kiev Who’s going to try to shoot these? The quality (is bad) For weeks the soldiers had neither body armor, ammuntion nor weapons (something about lack of heavy weaponry) These soldiers are from the 92nd Brigade Nobody told anyone anything
or explained anything We had nothing, we had to navigate
using landmarks and by the stars. No one had a map. Ukrainian soldiers, who are voluntarily
leaving their military units, say that their first order of business is to go to Kiev to avenge their comrades. I believe that the actions of all the generals,
who did not give the correct orders is a betrayal of the motherland, And I’m not the only one who thinks this-
everyone in Azov Battalion does. The Ukrainian military has begun to prepare
protests across the entire country All Ukrainian blogs, social networks – everywhere,
not just through government channels, extend this one call: Soldiers continue to die on both sides The Ukrainian army is suffering great losses Soldiers of the Ukrainian Army and fighters in
the Azov, Aidar, Dnepr and Donbass Battalions are going to picket the presidential administration on September 4. The picket starts at 10 AM. Come… The Ukrainian people must ask the President
why Ukrainians are dying right now. Experts unanimously say there won’t be any
rocks and molotov cocktails at the new Maidan, This time they’ll be carrying firearms. Right now, Kiev is close to a coup which could happen tomorrow, in a week,
in a month, or two The soldiers going to Kiev right now are
disappointed and frustrated, they were thrown into the cauldrons,
spat upon, given no help and all the orders they were given were criminal. The private Punitive Battalions of various oligarchs are having intraspecific fights in Kiev and the soldiers will most likely not forgive
the crimes they were forced to commit and Maidan Maidan-3 and 4 are more than likely
to include the participation of the military itself. It’s not just the soldiers in favor of a change
of leadership but officers too This is Semen Sementchenko
Commander of Donbass Bn This system is set up in such a way that
no one takes personal responsibility If you give a criminal order, it’s all the same If you don’t give an order, it’s all the same A big part of the war, 98- 80%, consists of meanness,
cowardice, panic, maybe even.. a huge chaotic mess The troops that were covering our rear, withdrew. Tomorrow, the Ukrainian army which was
turned into a Punishing Force with turn its weapons on the West and, together
with the Army of Novorossia, will conduct a campaign of liberation, at a minimum in Kiev
but I think likely ((sorry, didn’t understand – all over?)) and then the political, geopolitical picture
will change sharply. Vladimir Rogov, Leader of the Slavyansk Guard,
Co-Chair of the People’s Front of Movorossia The trouble will start when these
marauding Battalions return here First it begins with the slogans, then the crimes based on skin color,
language, social groups,and so on… and then it all ends in murder and riots. Ukrainian soldiers speak with one voice, they say
that thousands of victims could have been avoided if the command hadn’t sent to the battlefield ,
kids who’d just held a rifle for the first time in their lives The only working weapons the people fighting have left –
are handguns The rest of the weapons aren’t suitable for use. Kiev is now clearly in a panic. Tomorrow the Parliament has scheduled
a closed door meeting with the military.

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  1. Stan Dalby Posted on September 5, 2014 at 6:42 pm

    When they've over thrown the government in Kiev they want to be asking that thieving bankster pornochenko where as all the Ukrainian gold disappeared too !

  2. guy deborde Posted on September 6, 2014 at 2:40 am

    your news is the best your my favorite news source on twitter ..keep it up!!!!

  3. guy deborde Posted on September 6, 2014 at 2:43 am

    if they blame kiev saying their guns were shotty then what guns will they use on kiev?..face it you nazis lost cause you sucked and were on the wrong side… NAF wooped your asses!!!

  4. Panakeje Posted on September 7, 2014 at 2:21 pm

    It´s a pity they will probably turn against Kiev for all the wrong reasons. Not because Kiev has sent them to murder their own people (all the "Ukrainians" in the video are speaking Russian!!) and to destroy their own country. They want to go against Kiev because they´ve got crappy arms and ammunition and bad leadership. Those idiots!

  5. JulesRouleau Posted on September 9, 2014 at 6:44 pm

    Malheureusement, je pense que la trève va empêcher ce soulèvement des gardes nationaux et des bataillons de droite.

  6. MrDoubleKiller Posted on December 21, 2014 at 6:06 pm

    No they won't, this is pure propaganda, most western ukrainians don't want russian leadership, that's why they'll rather be the "nazi" killers they're called.

  7. schutztruppe 1900 Posted on February 28, 2015 at 8:31 am

    wow! I guess they got lost. It's now February 2015 and they still haven't shown up "in the west"

  8. Astrokhan Posted on July 16, 2015 at 2:34 am

    There's just one little thing I don't get. How come, the "separatists" have ammunition that hasn't rusted through? I mean, they aren't supplied by anyone, right? So they must have only what they could pilfer from the armories they control, which, arguably, represented an equal proportion to the land they control. So logically, they aught to have an even greater shortage of ammunition of equally dubious quality. And yet they don't. So either A. All the usable ammo was in the far Est of the country or B. They are in fact supplied by an outside source.