November 18, 2019
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Yes, ongoing military exercise in South Korea
right now, and North Korea announced it’s strongly threatening U.S. in South Korea.
How do you respond on this? I’ve seen this for 34 years — cyclical provocation
with the grandfather, the father and now the son. It’s — it’s nothing that I wouldn’t
— have not expected. However, I would think that this time it was a tenuous situation.
For the first time, we deployed theater ballistic missile defense to Guam in protection of the
homeland. They have a demonstrated capability to place
a missile into space. We’ve seen that. They have a purported testing of nuclear weapons
systems. And we take that very seriously. But it appears the rhetoric has died down
in recent days and we’re hoping that that cycle of provocation has come to its end-point
for this — this cycle. This exercise until 2015 and OPCON transfer
of wartime operation commander continue these exercises, should they? The exercises will continue just as they are
now. General Thurman is committed on the peninsula, with General Jung, the chairman of the South
Korean forces. And they are working straightforward, no change to our exercise plans. (inaudible) Japanese News Agency. Facing the North Korean missile threat, do
you have any plans to bolster missile defense against North Korea?  More flexible — a
Patriot battalion into the Korean peninsula? Or more strengthened coordination with the
South Koreans? We are constantly in coordination — South
Korea, Japan, the United States and all of our services. Theater ballistic missile defense
is integrated. It’s not only the Army. It’s the Navy, the Air Force, combined forces of
South Korea, Japan and the United States. I’ve already mentioned, for the first time
ever, a THAAD battery deployed to Guam for the first time ever. That’s a big change.
But you’re still seeing that integrated and synchronized defense. I believe that that
will continue, if not get stronger. To get into the specifics of that, I can’t really
enter that discussion right now.

Tony wyaad