November 18, 2019
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US Army Soldiers, Army National Guardsmen depart MCAS Iwakuni

Soldiers from the U.S. Army and the U.S. National Guard met at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni’s
harbor to depart from an exercise intended to increase unit readiness and further cooperation
with the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. Captain John Bostrom, an officer with the
Illinois National Guard, says everyone in their unit is ready to go home. “I think a lot of our guys have enjoyed
their time here but, kind of like me, they’re ready to get home and see their family and
friends; and kind of get back to their routine that they’re used to.” Multiple units, like the 1188th Deployment
and Distribution Support Battalion and the 836th Transportation Batallion, helped their
fellow Soldiers go home. First Lieutenant Scott Mammal, a test control
officer for 1st Battalion, 1st Air Defense Artillery Regiment, says working with the
local Japanese made the process of departing easier. “The local Japanese have been an extreme
help for 1-1-88 as far as loading up the equipment. They’re the subject matter experts on how
to pack up the equipment, so we just listen to them and they help us out a lot.” Reporting from Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni,
Japan, I’m Marine Corporal Jaxson Fryar.

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