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USA vs South America and Canada – Who Would Win

In one corner we have the reigning military
heavyweight champion of the world – The United States of America. In the other corner we have a tag team. A South American alliance made up of nations
who, while they may be lacking in traditional firepower, have a long history producing some
of the finest guerilla warriors in the world along with their friends from up north, Canada,
who can make up some of the southern alliance’s shortfalls in modern military equipment. For almost two decades the United States has
shifted its focus from fighting large scale conflicts against potential enemies such as
Russia or China, to fighting a global war on terror, but today we’re pitting the US
against Canada and South America in what we’re calling the Rumble in the Western Hemisphere. Today the United States enjoys a very close
partnership with its northern neighbor, and Canadians and Americans have fought side by
side ever since World War I. One of the founding NATO members, Canada and
America have been steadfast allies in preserving the free democracies of the west, and in modern
times the two nations cooperate extensively in anti-terror campaigns around the world. The partnership between the US and Canada
has made North America a bastion of liberal democracy, who’s strength is bolstered by
its close ties with their South America friends like Brazil they frequently cooperate in military
and peacekeeping operations with. But what would happen if this strong system
of alliances were torn apart, and Canada and South America went from the US’s close allies
to mortal enemies? What would a conflict in the western hemisphere
look like, and who would be the ultimate victor? Canadians may be world renowned for their
politeness, but they have also proven their ferocity in combat time and again. A strong military tradition and close partnership
with the US sees Canada fielding a very modern and capable military, though its small size
leaves it as the 21st most powerful military in the world as of 2019. In terms of manpower, Canada’s military numbers
at only 64,000 active duty troops, with a reserve force of 30,000. Their defense budget comes in at $21 billion
dollars, which places it well short of the US’s own budget of $716 billion. At sea, Canada can call upon 12 frigates and
4 submarines, with a host of patrol vessels mostly used for peacetime waterway policing. Though small, the Canadian navy is a modern
one fielding the extremely capable Halifax-class frigates. A domestically designed frigate, the Halifax
class of ships were built for anti-submarine warfare, but boast very capable air defense
and anti-ship capabilities. Despite being over twenty years old, each
frigate recently underwent a modernization program in cooperation with the US’s Lockheed
Martin, updating each ship with modern weapons and radar. Its submarine forces unfortunately are a bit
dated, with Canada still relying on British built Victoria class diesel-electric submarines. While still very capable vessels, the British
decommissioned their own Victorias at the end of the Cold War, four of which were sold
to Canada. Although few in number and lacking the endurance
of the US’s nuclear submarines, Canada’s subs could still make for some very unpleasant
surprises against the US’s fleets in case of war. On the ground Canada fields a force of 80
German-made Leopard 2 tanks, with varying upgrade packages though none are upgraded
to the most modern A7 configuration. This still makes the Leopard an incredibly
capable vehicle, often outperforming even the US’s M1 Abrams in tank challenge competitions. In the air though Canada faces a host of problems,
most notably its aging fleet of 53 American F-18 Hornets. Not only is Canada in desperate need of a
modern fighter, but it also lacks in qualified pilots and mechanics to keep its fighter fleet
in the air. A recent audit by Canada’s Office of the Auditor
General discovered that Canada cannot currently meet both of its obligations to the highest
NORAD alert level and its NATO obligations at the same time. This paints a very grim picture for Canada’s
air force, and leaves the nation incredibly vulnerable in a modern war. As a vital partner with the US in maintaining
North American air defense though, Canada’s problems are very much America’s problems
as well, though a current program to procure new fighters should see the Canadian air force
with modern jets by the mid 2020s. South America is once more returning to the
battle arena after faring very poorly against the United States last time. Check out our USA vs. South America video
to see how that went down. However this time it will be different as
they’ll have northern allies to call upon. Once more the South American alliance features
11 nations- Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Uruguay,
Paraguay, and Suriname. And once more, it’s Brazil, who has the most
capable military of the alliance. Brazil faces many of the same problems it
did last time- most notably the fact that its own military is quite limited and while
its allies can provide large amounts of manpower, they can offer little in the way of modern
military equipment. Focused on fighting internal conflicts, South
American forces consist mostly of light infantry, though at least half of this infantry is mobilized. Tanks have never been a priority of the South
American nations, and this leaves Brazil and its nearly 500 strong armored forces as the
only heavy ground combat forces the South American alliance can bring to the war. Unfortunately Brazil’s tanks are mostly inferior
Leopard 1s, remember Canada has the Leopard 2, which would not last very long against
America’s M1 Abrams. They also have a token force of roughly 100
obsolete American M-60 Pattons, a tank that was first introduced in 1960. Vastly outgunned and outnumbered, Brazil’s
tank forces will be hard pressed to hold the line against an American armor assault, especially
as the entire alliance fields very little if any heavy fire support platforms, with
a token force of mobile artillery pieces and attack helicopters which would themselves
be easy prey to US air assets. In the air the South American alliance offers
only a tiny force of obsolete American Northrop F-5s, along with Dassault Mirage 2000s. Though a very capable fighter, Brazil’s mirages
number only a dozen, and could do little to keep the skies over South American troops
open. At sea the alliance can field thirty frigates
of varying capability and modernity, as well as a submarine force of 32 diesel-electric
subs which also vary in capabilities and modernity. Where the alliance excels however is in the
large number of jungle-trained special forces, some of the best in the world at jungle warfare. Total south American military strength numbers
at 1,026,927 active duty personnel, with almost 2 million reservists, though its reservists
receive very little training and are poorly equipped. In case of war they would need weeks or even
months to be trained and equipped enough to carry out basic offensive operations. Located smack dab in between the Canadian
South American alliance, The United States features an active-duty military force of
1.2 million personnel, with a reservist force of 860,000. Unlike the South American alliance though,
the US’s reserve forces receive regular training and equipment upgrades, and many even see
combat deployments. America’s reservists could be ready for battle
within a week or two at most, supplementing the US’s active-duty combat force. Rated as the world’s number one air and naval
power, these two branches of the American military are individually more powerful than
many of the world’s militaries combined, and the US Navy features an air force that is
itself stronger than many modern nations. With over 13 thousand aircraft, America’s
air supreemacy is overwhelming in both capability and scope, though the much-vaunted F-35 is
still not fully combat capable and the F-22 features low numbers and spare parts problems
which would limit their sortie rates. That still leaves thousands of extremely capable
fourth generation fighters and attack aircraft though, along with 971 attack helicopters. One of the best attack helicopters in the
world, American Apaches have proven themselves time and again in various theaters of combat-
most famously in 2003 in Iraq when a squadron of Apaches flew into a planned ambush over
the city of Karbala. 31 Apaches flew directly into an ambush planned
by the Iraqi Republican Guard Medina Division. Facing cannon, missile, and RPG fire, incredibly
the Apaches lost only a single helicopter. So how would this two on one death match go
down? Who would come out on top? If you’ve seen our last episode featuring
the US vs South America, then you’re already aware of the many vulnerabilities of South
American forces. Lacking in modern transport or a navy or air
force to defend those transports, the best that South America would be able to do in
this war is dig in and wait for the American assault. Canada, with its limited military and vast
territory to cover- yet few vital cities- would not requrie a large number of American
forces to neutralize, and with its aging air force and very limited fighter availability,
along with a very small navy, Canada could do little to resist blockades by the US Navy’s
Pacific and Atlantic fleets. Vastly outnumbered in personnel and heavy
equipment, Canada would very quickly fall to a northern thrust by American ground forces
supported by an overwhelmingly superior air force. Simultaneously the US would dispatch some
of its overseas battlegroups to South America to begin the amphibious invasions of key South
American cities. Once more the alliance would be able to do
little to resist the invasions, given the extremely limited availability of military
equipment and the difficulty in transporting large numbers of troops across the rough terrain
of central South America. The few existing modern roadways and rail
lines would be destroyed by America’s naval air forces, and any forces attempting to reach
the American beachheads would have to do so largely on foot and through thick jungle or
risk eradication at the hands of American air forces. Brazil would be the US’s first target, as
the nation presents the greatest threat, and its far inferior naval forces would do little
to stem the forthcoming amphibious assaults. In the end the United States would only send
major ground offensives against Canada, who’s terrain and modern infrastructure would offer
much faster transport for American forces. Being mostly wilderness, the US would only
have to capture key Canadian cities to declare victory over its northern neighbor. In the south, the US would once more enjoy
the ability to amphibiously land large amounts of troops anywhere it pleased, easily pushing
aside any naval forces the southern alliance could muster. With most of South America’s strategically
or economically important cities being along the coast, there would be little need to push
into the jungles, where South American forces and their jungle-fighting experience would
fare far better than US forces. Despite the addition of Canada to the mix,
a US victory would still be overwhelmingly one-sided. Though fielding larger numbers of troops,
the Canadian South American alliance simply lacks the modern combat equipment and force
multipliers that modern nations enjoy, and has no hope of matching American military
and technological strength. Thankfully in the real world the US and its
western hemisphere neighbors enjoy a strong tradition of cooperation, and America and
Canada’s bond as liberal democracies is all but unbreakable. While its northern neighbor may be a fraction
of its own military strength, the US nonetheless relies heavily on Canadian military power
to protect North America from overseas enemies, and together they make the continent one of
the most militarily secure in the world. Who do you think would win this match in the
real world? Let us know in the comments, and as always
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