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When I did that video about traditional folders,
there were a few reasons I didn’t didn’t include a Swiss army knife or vicotinox- other
than just to make people mad although that was a consideration. The main reason is that Victorinox doesn’t
make many knives with blades over 3 inches that are not multitools- and even then no
one buys them. But basically you have the Sentinel and maybe
the Alpineer, as long as you can tolerate the wine screwer. And best I can tell the Solos blade is 2 5/8
long. I bought half dozen Swiss army knives last
year in plans to review some of their classic multitools, but recently subscriber Skookumdanger
donated to the channel the 84mm or 3 1/4 inch Alox Cadet in Red the perfect knife for fancy
suit wearing bros. Not to be confused with the 2018 Limited edition
berry red version for $16 more because ain’t no body got the money for that. Especially when you don’t have money for
a haircut or uhh razor. So let’s take a look at the dimensions of
my SAK. Like the overall length and weight with the
main blade open. Note that Swiss Army Knives are often described
in millimeters in reference to their closed length. And while we’re at it let’s look at the
closed length. This would be Victorinoxs 84mm sized knife. Spine thickness and handle thickness. This is a petty slim knife because of the
aluminum aloe scales. And the length of the tools. No blue lines sorry. Before I was a pocket knife guy I was a Multitool
guy, but I always stuck with leathermans because of the heavy duty pliers. But for some people who don’t need heavy
duty pliers, but might want to place nose hairs or file their nails or open a wine bottle
or can of something- A Swiss Army Knife is a great multitool. They’re light, easy to fit in the pocket,
and acceptable in social situations- and don’t carry the nerd vibe of a leatherman. Victorinox who makes the Swiss army knife
uses a stainless steel called 1.4110 in a lot of it’s knives- which some internet
knife people say is close to 440A. You can look up the steel, and look at the
composition and determine that for yourself though. The blade is denoted by a thin blade stock
and if my shitty calipers aren’t lying about .38 behind the edge. Behind the edge is a term that refers to how
thick the blade is just before the sharpened edge. This means the knife is easy to sharpen when
it gets dull, like an explanation of what “behind the edge means. The 2 inch cutting edge was sharp out of the
box. The blade isn’t locking, but a slip joint
mechanism. On slip joints with a decent amount of tension
like this one make sure you carefully ease the blade close to avoid dinging it up on
the liners unnecessarily. Ok here is is open. You’ll see there there are a Toal of four
tools, some with more than one function. The main one was the blade- I could go over
that again if you’d like. No no no we’re good bro. Ok second the nail file. . As a suit wearing bro bro you need to make
sure your fingernails are dirt free and don’t have snags. Use the tip for cleaning, and the file part
for a personal manicure. The best place to do this is the lunchroom
cafeteria at work. Next you have the can opener that allows you
to do exactly what it says. Open steel cans of things. On the tip is a tiny flat head screw driver
that also might work in some Philips head screws as well- so that’s like 3 tools! And finally the 4th tool the beer opener…
it doesn’t work on soda bottles sorry. Then there’s the wire bender part… I’m sure there’s a good reason why a non
technical person who only carries a Swiss army knife would need to bend and cut a wire
right? And then the thicker tip which is a bigger
flat head screw drivers. Do people still drink those? Ok let’s wrap it up. The Cadet is a good lightweight multitool
for a person who’s moved on from corked wine to the stuff that comes in a box. I prefer a larger multitool, but you may not. Swiss Army Knives are some of the lightest
multifunction tools you can carry that assist you in eating or drinking, or cleaning your
fingers like a primate around other people. The thin aluminum handle scales make it an
easy slide in the pocket. If you need a larger Swiss army knife with
scissors and a Philips head and the tweezers and toothpick that allow you do to do other
gross grooming things look at the Super Tinker, which is around the same price but with smooth
plastic scales. Generally the Swiss army knives that have
the aluminum sided handles don’t come with the tweezers and toothpicks. But the aluminum is durable, gives a nice
worn look over time and is thinner. If you use a knife a lot maybe look into a
dedicated pocket knife with a large comfortable handle and large blade like a Spyderco Endure
4 or a Bad Cara Cara 2. If you like outdoor gear reviews, beer reviews
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Tony wyaad