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WarGamerGirl #05 KHADOR vs SCYRAH Warmachine 35pt Battle Report

Hello I’m Miranda and this is my fourth
Warmachine battle report. I play Khador, and today I will be
playing a 35-point battle against the Retribution of Scyrah. Today, Khador is represented by Prime Vladmir Tzepeschi. His battlegroup is made up a Devestator Warjack, a Juggernaut Warjack, and a wardog. He also has a minimum unit of mechaniks, a man hunter solo a full unit of Man-o-War Shocktroopers, the a full unit Winterguard engineer unit attachment the and they
are being led by Cabinet Justin Grigorovich the on the retribution at fire is represented
by get dis Ron his battle group is made above the
Phoenix heavy Myrmidon Anna Griffin light Myrmidon he also has
an our contest solo a pair house shale Magister solos a unit house jail battle mages he has
IRS major hunter I S a pair of major hunter assassin solos 8 unit storm fall
archer’s on and a second unit how she’ll battle
nations on mmm since we’re playing a 35-point bat on we
decided to place an area game we rolled into on the dice determining
we would play the scenario killing film 0 after winning the dice roll 63 I decided
I would go first them Blatter starting out the game behind his
two were Jackson online at mechanics from to his left by
the Winter Garden happening jam and use my writing network home mom mmm adept as ron is starting his
deployment behind around battle mages for his two Myrmidon funny
either sign do is write another unit battle nations far-right a storm fall archer’s home 0 for my back deployment my man hunter deployed had my mat where
%um home from my opponents women he placed Iran animation undersold
evenly across the board but Irish minimum kato returned one in the control phase black allocate one point of focus to the Devastator
Jack he keeps the rest from South the Devastator activates and uses his
point of focus to run a full eight inches next the winner got activate an issue
bopping reporter they advance they’re for movement six inches Coptic Jones up to join them giving the speech courage in the
forefathers giving them tough and fearless next the men were shot
troopers issue ran order allowing them to move
eight-inches’ the mechanics activate and by actions now flat activate and spends three focus
to cast wind while on himself dispensed to focus
to cast ballots charge jack or not and then it’s up behind the
mechanics his word out moved up to join them next jagger not charges powered I chose the Griffin ramadan is my charge
target because I can’t just church nothing and without charge on him he has pathfinder so he doesn’t lose any
speed going to rebel finally activate my manager moving her back just a few inches pressure bution turn one in the control
today is adept Astron allocates 1.0 focus to the
Phoenix and keep the rest for himself this
artist activates and its debt using power booster to get the graphic
one point focus next this storm fall archer’s sure an order 12 inches up he had one of
the buildings on won at the Battle maze unit activates
advance their normal movement six inches next iris moves up in to cover shishu to
disrupt herbal at the Devastator for Jack its 12 inch
range barely reaches the target but the road 7
doubled hits it has a parent 10 so it can scratch the
jacks armor 25 but it does cause disruption next the Griffin activates and uses a
point of focus to run 12 inches on then one in the Magister sellers
activate and inspired six-inches’ next adeptness Ron activates and spend 2.2 focus to cast
polarity shield Phoenix the Phoenix can no longer be
charged in his friend arc then run moves up his full five inches and hold on to the rest focus next other unit battle mages issue run
order and move up losing speed is the move
through the rubble on the next Magister solar activate
ended Sep 6 inches then the Phoenix moves up his normal
movement at six inches but one of the major hunter assassins
moves that just a few inches it other major huntress fasten runs a full 14 inches up forward on caterer turn to for the control phase plaid decides to
hold onto oliver’s focus the mechanics activity and ensure an
order they have 10 inches have movement which is more than they need to gather
up behind to Jax next but activates event is six inches he spends four focus to cast signs and
portents and the other 2.2 focus to cast
boundless charge on the Devastator then he uses his feet forced march around jacks in his battle group to
charge without spending focused and doubling their base speed the word
dawg activates and runs up next to its master next the Devastator is going to activate
and charge iris the Devastator does have balance charge
on it so it’s like feet it can charge 13 inches he moves into base to base
contact with the nation to activate brain death this AutoCAD tires for 18
damage with your armor 12 the blast kills her
outright next the Jag activate and advances tricky object to
the head at him his movement is double piston but since he’s starting in
rough terrain he doesn’t quite make it the Winterguard
activate and they do you have movement make it to
the objective so runners issued if you can make it to the
marker father arrested then fan out next comic
Joe advances around the rubble and continues to bolster everybody’s
confidence with more speeches encourage our forefathers the men were
shocked shippers activity and ensure an order they advance they’re eight inches onto
the objective marker blocking it from Cyrus troops next the Manhunter climbs up onto the train
weights again we are playing this scenario killing field for this scenario you can
start scoring points until turned to now that ended my second turn on to
protected markers as for two points toward a scenario
victory pressure bution turned to in the control phase adeptness run spend quite a focused
upkeep polarity shield on the BX he decides to camp the rest to this
focus to cast spells with later on one other Magister solos activate
advances a few inches casting with snap at the Devastator
where Jack it has a six inch range which falls short next to the dentist Ryan who took three
engines and activates his be arcane online this at to you in just
two spells cast in his control area and both attack and damage rolls are
boosted it’s a really good feat for an army so
magic users adeptness right cast telecommuters that
the Devastator where Jack his attack and damage rolls are boosted
so he need anything that snake eyes to hit he hits it no problem can now place the
heavy Jack anywhere within two inches at its
current location now the Devastator is planned up the
work aster hit em with the force hammer spell again not make us to hit with 56 wrote six-inches’ Devastator
slam back into the jack or not knocking down both were Jack and causing
collateral damage to the Winter Garden path the first day show is the force
hammer damage against the Devastator at DICE -13 there’s no damage to it armor 25 against the Winterguard the
collateral damage hits their armor 13 with the power 12 so they will only be making tough
roles so the first one is tough and stays not down second one is tough as well third record
however is not so lucky as crushed under the weight is door and Jack on now for the collateral damage roll
against the gender again this is part well versus the juggernauts armor 20 he is rolling dice minus 8 because 3.2
damaged home for next the Magister seller activate and
extensions be capped with snap at the nearest
winner guardsmen lying on the ground think it’s not down his defenses by and
the Master will hit on anything that’s me guys he hit and the
parent well hit the guardsmen can only make it tough problem which he fails on now the arc investments up six inches
and uses power booster to put up with focus on Griffen then the Griffin activate and uses that focused around 12 inches a
contest where the objective markers next is you need a battle mages
activates and advances six-inches’ on the first battle may shoot a four
spot at the Winter Guard officer he needs a 6-2 hit also credit it
knocked her down and back two inches he rolls dice -3 for damage she needs to
make a tough from she shows the ballot measure tough darn
officers are was a rollin 6 the next battle may should forceful that
the closest Winter Garden to the garden is not down need anything but once to hit days -3 successfully winds the Winter Gardens
not make it tougher on the next battle major force both the
next closest Winterguard he needs a sixer better to hit and does
so with no problems heroes dice -3 for damage enforces the
guardsmen to make a tough role he does not make it the next bad image fires a forceful
ad-aware guard and hit them with no problem he exceeds the gardens armor and the
record soldier mail system the last battle nation range fires a forceful critically hits the
next record a forceful texted his armor guardsmen fills his afro on next 15 X activate and its extensions
then the other unit a battle mages activate issues you’re an order they
move up twelve inches claim an objective marker next the storm for archers activity and
ensure an order as well they find online behind about measures on then the nation trespassing news back
few inches on NP other major intersection around
the whole 14 inches into my back field start
putting pressure on my caster now rikki ended his turn and I’m holding first objective we’re both contesting
second objected he is holding the third objective so
each score one point caterer turned re for the control phase flat allocates 1.0
focus to the Juggernaut and uses 2.2 focus to drive both for Jax
to their feet but hangs on to the other four the United mechanics activate and now
it’s up to repair the check and since to them on base to base contacted
Jack failing to run eight but unless I’m 286 they fail to repair and will likely be
reprimanded should they survive this battle next flat activates and moves up behind
the mechanics then he spent his fork focus to cast
signs and portents and His Word doc tracks up to join them
now the Devastator activates and walks into base to base contact with the
griffin might permit done he performs his star attack rain at death hitting the Griffin with
the power 18 blast I wrote even dice against his armor
causing 6 damage to come six and datacom 6 however it just takes out
his field generator next jagger not walks in the base to base
contact with the Griffin and makes his initial attacks starting with ice axe -6 ahead and
wonder signs portends I pick the highest to add three
days I had him without any trouble and roll dice plus one for damage the ice actors 12
damage to come forward then he swings his fist at the light
Myrmidon and hits again I roll dice -3 and 27 damaged column for I use a pointer focus to buy another
attack with the juggernaut ice axe again I need a 6-2 hit and I
succeed and with a pair in nineteen weapon I
take out the last damage backs without having to roll next the man
where unit activates and gives a shield wall border shifting around to better protect the
objective another shock shippers attempt to shoot at the Magister so it is just out of range then the
Manhunter moves up behind Shock Troopers and hide behind their ta McCann accosted next comic Joe activates and shouts for the motherland
and then it’s back behind the rubble for cover so while his presence may not inspire
them his words have given them boosted attack
rolls then the Winter Garden activity and advanced where the enemy the first cartoon buyers great shot three in the battle
mages with signs and portents up I have no trouble hitting them and with
a parrot 10 weapon against their armor 12 I kill on anything Snake Eyes I role for the next battle
nations again meeting in 10 are better ahead and kill him as well the third
major however I feel to hit the next winter guard shoots at another
bad image hitting him with the road 13 I roll for damaging taken out of the
game so this tearing and take in the battle
machine it down to have strength my opponent has to take man check and
passes it without any trouble this concludes k to return 3 puts me in control until jected but
the retribution siren and controlled only one
retribution turn 3 in the control phase adeptness Ron Alaska where to shield
ball of Phoenix and load them up with three focus
instead he keeps the other five for himself the first Magister solo activate moving
up a few inches and casting forceful at the Devastator
he’s a three-year better to hit I guess it depends 10 and %uh so that any trouble on he’s
not able to do any damage against para 25 but his spell does push the heavy Jack back
three-inches’ the second Magister still activates he was up a few inches in cash with net
but the Devastator he hits it and again cannot do any
damage but says the Phoenix’s within three
inches at him can advance three-inches’ next the diminished unit a battle mages
activate and that the Myrmidon way they also cast forceful at the
Devastator where Jack the first one hit and again no damage
but he pushes the Devastator back two engines no the next battle may scat forceful at
the checkout for Jack and road ahead at De Smet 10 he does not
do it damage but he does all the jack three
inches toward him then run it up five-inches’ cash telekinesis subject since the war
jack is within the range one at the battle mages it increases his defense by for but in
his defense at fourteen someone spends 2.2 focus to cast the
spell and 1.2 boosted you need to fix your
better to have and heads with no problem so he moves like jagger not added me on
the range in his battle nations and spins around 180 degrees putting XP
nixon my for Jack’s back arc then run capped
telecommuters and Devastator barely hitting it with the
room 3 he spent the war Jack around 180 degrees as well next the artist activate six-inches’ 2015 he puts concentrated power on the heavy
Myrmidon plus to YouTube melee damage now the Phoenix activates and spend
point of focus to charge the Jager not attacking the back at the Juggernaut
lowers its effect 8 so the Phoenix will hit on anything
that one’s on it had to that any problem and
concentrated power the thermal plate hit for power string19
heroes days -1 for damage and even tho is
damaged rose boosted from the charge his dice failing miserably doing 3
damage to come for on he swings with his open fist again
hitting on anything that snake eyes this time he rolls dice -4 doing for damage to call one the Phoenix
penned the point of focus to him again but this time a blade this time during six damaged home for on he spends one more point of focus for
another swing hitting him and doing too damaged to calm forms on next his full unit a battle
mages activate moving up extensions wanted
them sheets forceful at the back arc but
unsuspecting Winterguard meeting at four better the bad image hit exceeds his armor by seven points
killing the car’s outright the second battle masters for spoke at the next Winter Guard
hitting him in his back arc at DICE -3 he kills this guardsmen as
well on the third battle may shoot a forceful
at the next Winter Guard this time from this from are despite
this cars in its defense being at 12 the bad image still managed to hit him and exceed his armor 13 killing him as
well the for Spanish ships at the next Winter
Park catching him in his backpack with a well-placed forceful at DICE -3 he manages to kill this
guardsmen as well the fifth battle major girls a
four spot at the Winter Guard standard bear was just barely within 10 trains despite the giant banner being a giant
target the bad image managed just messed after having lost most of her unit
lantern the Winter Guard officer makes you can
check she fails but after looking at the Majestic doing
better lucky guardsmen carrying she takes it
deep breath Rosa better command check carries on with the fight next the
scramble archer’s activate and advanced to the objective marker on when the archer’s attempt night shot at
the Winter Guard officer she’s just in range in the archer who
are meeting 11 or better to hit her defense 16 due to cover the Arab barely misses in
the blast scatters and open field right can do no
harm and finally a major hunters fast back behind my
plank runs and toward my forces this sense the
retribution if Cyrus turning around three week each have controller one objected
and the objective in centers anti this earns s1 when each so we’re at kato return for but there
isn’t really any more game to play he has a strong Paul archer’s on one
objective the middle objective is still open and my unit at Man O War Shock Troopers
are holding the third so even if I did nothing Western as soon
as the tennis over we each score another point putting me at seven point and him at four this point I have
completed the victory conditions for this scenario so having gone forecaster kill this
battle probably would have lasted a few months brown but as it stands this battle does end
with a caterer victory basin area well I hope you enjoyed this bad or poor I thank you for your patience while I
work to get these out they do take quite a bit of time please
leave your questions your comments below and see you next time day and for those who have you wanting to
know when a door and poor dog look like kar are the %uh

Tony wyaad



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  2. William Paulo Posted on December 13, 2012 at 5:46 pm

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  16. Daniel Freitas Posted on February 4, 2013 at 3:58 am

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    Used four instead of three dice on the juggernauts second initial attack damage roll with its open fist, although the charge attack has already been resolved.

    And on and on and on.

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  78. IKR Posted on January 19, 2014 at 5:56 am

    Marcus should brush up on his rules.  The Juggernaut was teleported out of melee by Rahn, so no free strikes.  And she was rolling three dice for damage because of Signs & Portents, with an additional dice denoting the column hit; nothing wrong with that.

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    But of course no harm done. Um, pun unintended.

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