April 8, 2020
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– (narrator) Three pro gamers.
Three React gamers. Thanks to Ghost Recon Breakpoint, they’ll be supporting the troops
in a different way. The rules of this challenge
are simple. The two teams of gamers
have to carry these military professionals
to victory in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. This is Keep The Soldier Alive. Ghost Recon Breakpoint is available
for up to 67% off until January 6th. Check out the link in the description
for details. – (FBE) So you guys are all
professional gamers, you are well-versed in shooting games. Do you think your skills and training
are gonna help you succeed in Ghost Recon Breakpoint today? – No doubt about it. – I can’t stand playing with people
that don’t know how to play. (laughs) I’m a rager, if I lose,
I will get very mad. – (FBE) So you are all gamers
who love the Ghost Recon series, can you tell us a little bit
about your experience with Tom Clancy games? – I mean, how many Tom Clancy games? ‘Cause we have Division 1, Division 2, we have all the previous
Ghost Recons, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Ghost Recon Breakpoint.
I’m rather well-versed in Tom Clancy. – We all play like
first person shooters a lot. – Yeah!
– So I feel like we’re gonna be pretty well-versed.
– We should be alright. – (FBE) As you know in Ghost Recon,
you can play through the campaign mode with up to four players,
but today we’ll be trying out the PVP Ghost War mode, which means you’ll need
one more thing to play, your fourth team member, Sergeant Berry, come on out. – Oh my God!
– Hey how are you guys doing? – Hello! – (FBE) Sergeant Do, come on out.
– Okay! – Alright, so now we got
some legitimate tactics! – Literally! (laughs) – (FBE) Can you tell us
a little bit about what you do in the military? – Yes, I’m a satellite communications
systems operator maintainer. My job is to provide communications
to the warfighter themselves. – That’s perfect, that’s what we need
is to work on our communication, so you’re a perfect fit
to the team! – Myself and other infantry men,
we are the front of the line. Every other job supports us. – Wow.
– Oh my gosh, this is like a lot
to live up to now. – Yeah! – (FBE) You’ll be playing against
the React gamers in a best of three match.
Are you gonna win? – Yes.
– Easy. – Definitely. – (FBE) Are you excited
to get into today? – Yes.
– Oh yeah. – (narrator) In Ghost War mode,
the gamers will compete in a 4v4 Death Match, where their goal
is to eliminate the other team. Not only are they trying to survive,
they’re also trying to keep their soliders alive. Before the competition,
both teams trained with Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s
multiplayer mode. The teams will get one point
for winning the round, and one point for keeping
their soldier alive the longest. Who will win? – (FBE) How are you feeling
about keeping Sergeant Berry alive? – Confident! – I feel like we should try to stay
like almost as a group, with you kind of in the back. – Alright squad, this is it! – Right!
– (solider) Every last one. – Alright, this should be interesting. – It’s like… – Taking the roughest terrain
I can find. – You wanna come more towards us. – I got a drone.
– Test out your sensor drone range. – Oh, I only get one, I just
totally only get one. – See how far it actually goes,
’cause it’s probably not gonna be very far.
Right off the bat. – Let me just do it right now. – Alright, whoever’s got
that drone out, nice. See what you can find. – Aw [bleep].
– Oh, they got the drone. – [Bleep] Someone’s got it.
– Watch out drone, something hit us. – I got a drone, I got a drone.
Can you guys cover me? – Shooting it, they’re gonna mark me.
– I got it, I got the drone. – Shooting me to the left,
oh, they brought it down, but right side, like,
kinda straight from where you guys are going,
there’s people. – They marked?
– No, somebody… – Nice Emmy!
– Keep going. – Nice shot. – Oh, okay, shot at this,
sure friends, goodbye friends! Goodbye friends! – Alright, he’s hurting…
– He’s low! – Come on, you can get back there!
– He’s hurt, he’s hurt! – He’s hiding!
That’s the sergeant, I bet. – Woohoo!
– We did it, we got him. – Got one!
– Nice! – Got him, let’s go! – Aw, I shouldn’t have poked out! Aw, I didn’t think about
a sniper being there. (gunfire echoes) – (soldier) Target down. – Oh, I’m getting shot, help team!
– Oh! – At their water tower again!
– At the water tower! – He’s low!
– I got him! – Nice.
– Good job, he’s dead. – There’s one on top of that…
– (narrator) Soldier eliminated. – One v what, four?
1v3? – I believe it, if Tom,
I swear to God, Tom, if you can snipe all of them.
– Shh. – I’m gonna give you the biggest hug.
– Oh my God, I’ll be so impressed. – You guys better covering fire!
– (soldier) He can’t see me anymore. – 1v1?
– (soldier) Their surveilance system is ready for access.
– Watch out! We don’t wanna get hacked though. – What happens if we’re in there?
– Oh he’s sniping right in the middle! – Where is he?
On the right, over there! – Yeah, throw that bitch, yeah!
– Keep running, keep running! – Yeet!
– Try to wrap around towards the beginning
where we spawned. – I’m just running out in the middle.
Like a chicken! Oh, there he is!
– We see you. – See you, you’re gonna die die!
– Scare ’em, scare ’em! Look at him run, look at him run
like a little ant! – Alright, they’ve got
a mark on you for at least a minute. – Woop!
– Well that sucks. – Yeah, so just keep running. – So it’s a solid minute
of you trying to keep yourself alive. – Well that’s not gonna happen! – Oh that’s OP. – Let’s cheat. – Got him!
– Nice! – Just run for the beach!
– Aw, dude! – G-28 snipe. – Hey, so I did get one kill. – Yeah!
– You did, oh my gosh! – (narrator) In round one,
the pro gamers bested the React gamers and kept their soldier alive,
and are leading 2-0. – You’re doing great,
we’re doing a terrible job of protecting you,
I’m so sorry! – It’s all good. – There’s a, we’re going
against pros here. – (Kendelle) Yeah. – Alright, this is literally
do or die. – We cannot let them.
– Yeah, that’s very OP. – Get the surveillance.
– Okay, let’s go over there. Oh, I see somebody. They’re over there.
– Can you ping it? – Nice!
– Good job. – We’re all impressed
that he pinged it. – Pushing on our right,
deep right! – Oh I see him.
– He’s low. He’s almost at, oh, I got sniped. – Nice.
– Got one. – Got one, got two.
– Let’s go! – Nice. – (solider) Only one hostile
left standing. – (soldier) Enemy fire!
– Sniper! – (narrator) Soldier eliminated. – Water tower, and I’m down. – Oh no!
– Oh no, I’m down, David. It’s all you!
– Oh, got most everyone? Moving right, moving up the hill.
– You gotta get our soldier, David. – Yep, oh they’re all
over here, my friend. – No, they’re right over by me too.
– You see him by the rock? – Yep, on the other side
of the rock from me. – Right side, you should
be able to see the marker, probably from this general area.
They’re within 100 meters. – I think it’s there.
Flag green. – Oh oh oh oh oh!
– Oh I see ’em, I see ’em, I see ’em! Look at my pings guys.
– Okay, got it, follow. – He’s moving, he’s moving.
– He’s going cabin, he’s in cabin. – He’s moving towards Do,
he’s moving towards Do. – The same rock
where you’re fighting. Right next to it.
(Emma laughs) – (solider) Enemy’s down,
good kill. – That dude is still behind that rock.
– Oh [bleep]! – Oh no!
– Is he in the house? – Right there!
– Got him, got him. – Woo!
– Tango down. – Let’s go! – No, I had no bullets left!
– Aw. – We got a round!
We did it! – I told you we could get one though.
– Let’s go! – (narrator) In round two,
the React gamers made a stunning comeback
and have tied the pro gamers 2-2. – We had to give them one at least.
– We had to give them one. That was a pity round.
– We can do it again! – Okay!
– Woohoo! – Woo dude, all I was,
that whole game, everyone was just shooting at me,
I’d run and heal, and you guys would kill ’em. – Alright team, what mistakes
can we fix that round? – We spread out a little too far. – Oh, they’re all in, let’s go! – Let’s go.
– (soldier) Hunt and kill every enemy. Leave no one standing.
– I’m still gonna take my roundabout route though. (Emma laughs)
– The safe route, yeah. – It worked, it worked. (laughs) – We were way more
cautious that round. – We were.
– So, I’d say we can be cautious. – That was also the only round
we went… – Okay, here’s my drone
being deployed. – I’ll cover you. – I’m watching the water tower
side right now. – Oh a drone just came from left.
The drone just came from left. – Okay, then we’ll stay
right side, mostly. – Alright, whether, even though
I didn’t get marked, I know my location got pinged. – They’re on the complete opposite
side of the map. – Oh, they shot my drone.
– I hear gunfire. – I think they’re over there,
in that direction. – So are we,
are we going right side? – Yeah, we may as well.
We know they’re left. – Yeah, we’re already here. – For as far ahead as I am,
I know they’re all left. – Oh, I see one. – You guys think you
can cover me while I hack this? – Uh, he’s lying down.
– Oh, I see one, I see one. – (soldier) HUD system
is ready for access. – He’s dead.
– (soldier) Start hacking. – I’m dead. (gunfire echoes)
– I got him, I got him. – Where?
– (whimpers) It was just like a few meters to the right
of that person I just pinged. – G.
– Alright, I guess. – How are you guys doing?
– I’m chillin’. – Um, Tom, if you’re close enough,
you might be able to get Kendelle up if she’s not in the open. – Do you think you can cover me
while I hack it? – I’ll try.
– Oh, right in the middle. – Ping it, ping it, ping it,
’cause I’m gonna flank if I can. – They definitely know
that we’re here now. – (soldier) I hear gunfire. – Oh get in cover!
– Behind behind! – Enemy’s accessing it.
– (soldier) Bad guy over here. – Ooh, yes, get ’em, get ’em!
– At that tower, jumped on the backside. – Ooh, we’ve got two people on you. – (soldier) Eyes on the hostage. – Alright.
– I’m down, I’m down. – How do you heal yourself? We got one, one more behind me,
behind me! On me on where I was,
around my body. – Tom, you have one on your right. Got one, and I think I died too. – I went down. – (narrator) Soldier eliminated. – I’m down up by this tower. – He’s not dead!
– What the heck? – Behind left, left, left, left!
– You got it, Lynnie. – Holy [bleep], Ethan!
– Oh my God! – How’s your back, dude?
How is your back? Oh my gosh!
– I told you we had this dub. I told you we had this dub.
– And you stayed alive! I love it, I love it! – I told you we had this [bleep] dub!
– Let’s go! – Let’s go. – (narrator) The React gamers
come out on top and defeat the pro gamers while
also keeping their soldier alive. – (FBE) Congratulations
on winning the match, and keeping your soldier alive longer! – Woo!
– Hey! – He was alive til the end
most of the time. – We’re all the same skill level,
so we were like “no, you’re not staying in the back,
you’re up with us.” We need all the help we can get. – To an extent yeah. – I enjoyed it very much.
I might become a gamer, I don’t know. It’s a great game. – Hey!
– Let’s go! – You gotta, it’s good. – It was nerve wracking,
but it was a lot of fun. Definitely was. – I think it was an awesome game.
The map was really cool too, that there’s like all this
different terrain. I love being sneaky,
so I was just like in the grass for a little bit of it. – (FBE) Do you think Sergeant Berry
has what it takes to go pro? – He could.
– Oh yeah, he’s a fast learner. – He has a lot of skills
that he could transfer into the gaming world,
and make it work. – So you’re gonna put me
on your team then. – Uh, maybe.
– Why not? (group laughs) – (narrator) Squad up
with your friends in Ghost Recon Breakpoint
this holiday season and save up to 67%
until January 6th. Link is in the description below. – Thanks for watching us
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