February 20, 2020
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Since its introduction in 9 January 1976,
F 15 has been one of the most successful military platforms for America. The fighter was deployed in Operations Desert
Shield and Desert Storm. During Gulf War, where F-15 accounted for
36 of the 39 air-to-air victories by the U.S. Air Force against Iraqi forces. Though very successful, the F 15 is now a
4 decade old design. A new report has reveled that Boeing is planing
on a new variant of the fighter named F-15X. In this video, Defense Updates analyses WHY
AMERICAN AIR FORCE MAY BUY NEW F 15X FIGHTER? Lets get into the details. U.S Air force would surely like to have a
fleet made up predominantly of stealthy jets, but the cost of having all stealthy air force
is huge. Not only the upfront cost of the jets are
very high, the maintenance cost is also multiple times more than a normal jet. For this reason, the consensus is to have
a mix of stealthy and non-stealthy jets that can carry out missions as a team. So, F-15X is not intended to not replace,
the F-22, F-35, or any future stealth jets but compliment them. The USAF already has plans to upgrade its
F-15C & F-15D fleet so that it could remain viable into the 2030s and possibly well beyond. This would cost millions of dollars per place. This is where F-15X come into the picture. F-15X could take the place of USAF’s entire
F-15C & F15D fleet. There will be no impact on the existing F-15E
Strike Eagle fleet or its planned upgrade. F-15X will be configured to work in tandem
with the stealth jets. It would act as a missile hauler, launching
missiles on as per the direction provided by the stealthy jets. The F 15 airframe is proven and the design
will be reused with little modifications. Most of the airframe modification is expected
to focus of making the fighter more elusive to radars. The internals are where most of the changes
will be done and will see huge upgrades. It will have flatscreen glass cockpit, Joint
Helmet Mounting Cueing System II helmet targeting system, APG-82 active electronically scanned
array radar, the Eagle Passive Active Warning Survivability System (EPAWSS) electronic warfare,
electronic surveillance system, and Legion targeting pod. The F-15X will be able to carry enormous weapons
payload thanks to the Boeing’s new AMBER missile racks. At maximum load it can deploy 22 missiles. In a conflict, it could carry 8 air-to-air
missiles and 28 Small Diameter Bombs, or up to seven 2,000-lb. bombs and 8 air-to-air
missiles. This will enable F-15X to be a weapons carrier
for stealth fighters such as the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Viewers may note that stealth fighter cant
carry so much of payload as they carry weapons internally to maintain the stealthy profile. The F-15X will be much cheaper than the $95
million per unit cost of F-35A. It will also cost about $27,000 per hour to
fly, much below the $45,000 an hour to fly the F-35A. Another very important aspect is F-15X will
have a 20,000 hour service life, that is about 3 times of any fighter currently being produced
around the world. This means these can possibly serve up to
80 years making F-15X a compelling proposition for the U.S Air Force

Tony wyaad