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weren’t at war presents lifeline a story of the united
states merchant marine temperature folks i’ll try to tell you if you are the
facts of the story that’s necessary you know on a kind of
is not so many you people issuer nam so uh… first i’d like to explain a couple
things about where the lifeline stretches once carried over it partnerships are like ali salem convoy again and i label
listen remain a long list of in interested it’s
been tried before they don’t give a darn from uh… will get this straight now this time they will listen this time they’re going to hear the
truth whether they like it on that medium one account i’m gonna tell ’em what happens the
cruise on the merman scrum what happens on the way i’m off and
liverpool and then back here for i’m gonna tell him and they don’t they’re shut me up na maybe they will like to hear the
story as part of that i’m very pretty and pretty at all but i’m gonna tell it makes i’m gonna tell anyway ride words of war the national broadcasting company inc
council of books in wartime presents another in a series of
adaptations of the outstanding books of this war light live by robert car as interpreted or radio via problem the my name is out cause nominate will see
menu as mad and service so let’s get on with a story about my
shipmates i want to use nice sounding words about
there being raven stalwart soldiers of the seat but i’d like to put it the is straight and what they do and what they get for i think that’s better for making equated
with uh… an old friend of mine know him and you know most of his here’s a little square truly when a mob like i had a cauliflower
you’ve been keeping your colgan semen for twenty years gathers slack it’s diving rose must have gotten on the beach but setting a couple years before pearl
harbor that began to be plenty of jobs and is if you didn’t mind getting bombed
and shelled into a theater solely signed on board an ammunition
ship bound for liverpool and that was the start of well time passes after three years on submarine alley louise why did you demand you can see for yourself lets him out working from embarcadero towards the
back gate feedback night his little bug in the day
and we stumbled every once in awhile but not because it starts and uh… that they’re doing take it easy really manifest he’s going to be gay e gonna get it back as you get back moved a long time to time none of them fob picks
up uh… and with again tom lange him that st louis or strictly a traffic ticket duh yours
truly strictly a character to get a funny monica you make as well but the s_l_ cannot so funny is scared and plenty you been dumped place at the end tonight
you’re going out again maybe this time you won’t come back to
give all that the guys on the back before you got dumped you would just
louis your hands conflicting get wet inside this reporter named attacked on
afterwards and yet be their laughter going nuts yvonne laughingly over then bowed out of order midland this over screwy southern uh… nuclear let these kids are more new home that moving really perhaps either we are out suggested i know you’re a good worker even if your finger joins us if an
awkward in against a place where they were used to it take it easy way don said remembering
how they got that way alright mate go-ahead think about it six hours out of liverpool and have
received pangong if she goes you’re lucky really those women came down for canada didn’t
have a chance and i was in there and you’re about the ice and you like a suit of armor in
your hands crack widened bleeding in the blood freezing as implode awesome guys to we could have gone into
the red hang their hours colour american women to my list uh… an anomaly is really people and yourself iraqi oil mammy have chuck yet they gangplank division
three m impeach spitting out areas already victory of lowest and make so you’re off again really standing out
to sea and the old man leaves me alone why’d you do it but he may just sign on again dr cities where you with a draft board
if you want to take that you have been the shipyard ashore yeah yeah i know you’re a sailor seafaring to trade pull yourself together man spiders thinking stuff gets here some idea what bloody well over the side count all the pretty girls you know keep
in mind to do with that no we don’t count them vocal remembering that afternoon in the
bay of bengal unhappy should make your lines doctor when we come alright mate did with him again there was no chance for the cargo ships
that day they were too small none of our guns
could touch those two jet cruisers yesterday comported himself went to sell it’s either guns firing broadside pics of orange green in the sunshine michelle’s bigger growing whining screening striking you’ve got to a boatload of the way they
should begin to go gap shells kept coming over jacks were
getting measurement too ones i was just no when your vote maribeth commemorative stamp give way to
get a after the fed to revise the since wheat looks like an assistant was
interesting author really upset claudius at the rose bad payment and young frankenstein widow watching cover ministering you don’t have a chuckle playing i can’t sleep but none of what you makes you feel better worry that georgia
ran easier watch by thank you after little you got relieved in the
book of ego blow to the masturbate cooked up a bit presbytery what is a vote on whether the land of
the three of them planning throughout your interest in the gallery is that dealing out because really suddenly everything seems warm friendly your eyes begin closed area elite inhibited really go to the about louis usually been there deadly these big men evasive i’d proclinical minutes after the house
really and at that particular voyage but it’s tempting to go on the story as a few things i gotta say about our
merchant seaman instead of just one our knowledge about a hundred thousand
others that’s not too many when you think of
all the millions in the army and navy but those millions of never get the
chance to fight with open again without us you in the lifeline it takes at least ten pounds of
equipment ascended soldier overseas another ten and a half a month the key met so you can reckon we got a lot to carry
these days and if we were getting messed up because
of the there wouldn’t be any invading pacific
islander europe or anyplace at all so what are we like this this poor guys with a king-sized
job so i don’t know how to be me and uh… uh… school year and now inc from that’s what they would want me namrata sound pretty happen independent that’s mostly because we’re not very
sure of ourselves after being pushed around when we come
ashore having the girls cross to the other side of the speakers were not in
uniform getting the fishy i if we show up for
the service club began to feel sort of bitter about with your what were your own people and
canada where did you get to be fifty character as an idea i could set up by telling you about the
language we use i think that word character for instance
derek do they get what you can’t quite make out beneath that making a play for
predicting with the same language origin core some of the same as they used the
navy for instance you call a guy what his job
is like i’m a carpenter said they call me kit like on the radio operators like that
box for money commitments but instead amigo because i’m cool any other unknown and get the special k either give brawny it here they really
you know you take me now unintentionally and these youngsters coming out of the
training school speak up you know what’s the name on the ground now the man loses his sense of self
respect in common decency and in any way at all mooch is on the shipmates rights that guy we call a performer nepal and what’s gonna shortcake’s about
too much weight weekdays yes that there may be a return remote and have then of course it we got our words for trouble like a ten-page which is a torpedo one attempt first max is why we get there’s a lot of other words we used to
getting on a track again when you make in a dictionary we never talk so loud and that’s right rethink i wonder if i can ever make you sure
people understand we think about the sea never out of our minds see their life at times many many times we love the sea maybe when the sons on it the blue waters of the south pacific the tremendous more were approved
leading into the key you reservists off moorestown refugees gimli the girls convinced or it may be a dog thing out of the
purple back with some teams up all goal in life and it was suddenly gone from the
backplate monique wave crested a little wicker brain the young you know times when we hate to see thank you can eat nothing else than ever
is or was there will be we’ve been dumped spent days and weeks and months in the
life of hundred southern sun we’ve seen a on bodies watching shrivel and shrink andrew whales stories walk methodist live their lives on and on
their calling renato or contractually bound to higher van and meetings even real or denies harming our bodies for hours at a time when picked beat me
kennedy circulation not the north cape on the russian run
we’ve seen men become blue chunks of ice after a few minutes in the water we plan on top of the ship side
problematic planes get coming in their hands and feet it be marked on branch
green i remember was a little after a second
romance graham and my friend will be read me the
article will come ashore in an east coast where the only accommodation merchant
seaman cadet was in some dark coping rooming house an eight bucks a day we were sitting there william e one afternoon when minutes now despite a paperback and high enough for doing that right well i think uh… yet while millions of loyal self-sacrifice
american today saving for a pittance patenting what’s that mean that means a little bit he bluntly while many of the royal noted
that the excitement puppet the neon palazzo we’re confronted with a shotgun
spectacle about hundred-thousand might have seen a making money hand over fit pecan anyway if a lot of stuff but it
says not like a lesson the company only had the mighty marine become a
place to get rich but it also provides a safe haven for
thousands of draft-dodging men on one of the face the enemy
themselves ride the seas with compatible safety
under the watchful gone for the navy nor is that all there have been times during
actual military landing operations when mike and perot’s refused the white congo
at the regular alan because of your nyan regulate at that stuff away i wanna hear
anymore that no wonder what a kit that might be at
this time period what difference it’s alive one of the guy right what good is writing lied about
according to me the land he had an on i have to get it mate that we can go
about it earn a well he said that nothing we can do
about replied back well i think there is i think we can put them wide open metal on a minute i’m up on our but some people gil here than ordinary seaman with a
wife and two kids i’m forward now grams a friend of the both of those no shipment as a matter of fact he wanted to do some shooting himself
instead of just getting shot at so he joined the navy visa seaman first class and he’s got a
white man couple could be sure to ordinary seaman merchant service seaman first class u_s_-made lab at the same handout uh… sam what your average yearly pay in the u_s_
navy including your family a lot eighteen hundred maybe six dollars and
forty cents you as an image of a range of nineteen hundred and seventy-five that includes my wages wage bonuses and overtime collector i don’t get your family a lot so joel emergency managers ninety bucks
a year have taken sam has seen them the navy first class uh… sam what do you end up with after federal
income in victory texas changing i don’t have to pamela sam no income our
victory tax what about you joe earliest here they make me personally
but plan to have a decent sama seem impressed class i’ve still got my eighteen eighty six and joe the ordinary merchant seaman magnetic d_-ninety seven seventy four matter words over the period of the year after federal income in victory taxes the ordinary merchant seaman makes
eleven dollars and thirty cents more than the navy seaman first correct okay still comes out ahead but he’s got
a he’s got a paper is on clothing and for medical attention and
hospitalization for his wife and kids sam here gets those things paid by the
navy that’s right in the same hooking up analysis got this uniform that gives me a lot of other privileges
you guys don’t have i don’t get it out you think everybody know all this they
don’t sam but now that you folks listening have
hurted remember please we’re not getting rich in the merchant
service for like the were just getting back now there’s another thing that newspaper
talked about mates and dirty cracks that being in the
merchant service men again i didn’t have guts primary target something about screwing
louima happens to that when he gets to appear vigor guys going to face the chance of
that happening to him if he’s really love it haven for draft dodgers is a writer lesson here so far and that’s why the merchant
marine services lost a higher percentage of men than all the armed services
together i like and i hate and you think that
looks like the gentleman is trying to keep a hold him no guts needed for the merchant service
uh… melamine in generalities now you know me much good people given something they can get their teeth
into wow comeback china can sing naturally richardson they gave him the distinguished service
medal in the kind of what he did one day leadership makes good decorated too they had to give the medal for one of
them to the widow joely richardson was an able-bodied
sailor an attacker south found out the atlantic coast first-year war effect payment extract this when you buy
separates began firing at night fires broke out about the about that the ship kept on trying to run maybe and
and contrivance job u_s_ pakistan and carousel pregnant woman and i exactly my latest at this point all over and
that is at least that’s just fine getting down to abandon ship valuations
that’s going to have a number of wounded knee deep down find and not you know i
did not have been randomly in johnnie we just went home and and mike and i and begin um… warnings
maintenance and and and not behind anyway get back some of my generation
after the amendment atlanta enough mentioned reason so joely richardson leads both these
guys in the ship sidon which is a man of the sea but apparently they are like jack that
made a mistake and that is when a waitress ship so they went and sat down
and he goes on there vincent gigante intact and to give these
guys i mean atlantic people’s one man is back because the
other to hang onto his neck mini-state swimming hang the weight of both of them away
from the ship just to help things the sub let’s go
with a torpedo really was a lot of the water jolly keeps right on swimming when his
past became the main kaise contracted by the trail of blood sharks
command tony richardson gets at his cell is nine
begins the fight stepping away and and and laid back if
you can see he tearing the flesh from his hands a family in spite of all they can build
you fly and hold on and on time the and experts are way down counts to that one passenger in east
texas decrease where’s he’s not gonna lose them may be disarming the ending him but he
keeps on trying swimming in fighting until finally out of nowhere here limited level mister newspaperman that’s a true story if you want to check on it just look at
the presidential citation well i have no trouble finding take a look see before you write that
next article saying merchant seaman haven’t got got that is just one thing more folks it’s about the story of emergency net
flannel canal refused to work cargo after regular hours in the county union
regulations well let me say that the pallets of tell
that story of unproven liars by the united states admiral in command of the
guadalcanal area and by the united states marine corps
officer commanding laid-off now itself at that time now i’d like to tell a story in my own based on some true facts about merchant
seaman pluck them out yep that’s really really i promised i’d tell you how he and the
dead weight you met him on and this is the way it happened narratives agreement amount investing in
the blue c we could go the marines may landing and
now the guys needs transport to going to happen strengthen their position you guys knees cargo shipped about the
supplies they need from on back now you can hear little
distant gunfire absolutely unwilling above me and she has been a share made prior to the postman three twenty customers comfortable and i just returns you’ll bian out they own about that but because the
actions by just detrimental to the devil analyst there
have been done here we don’t know a sense communist i’m not going to the
end of the line unlike you i am and three others decelerate bits kuwait body image well as we see the brightest miss
brosnahan they grow decide together benefited by adjusting to the
moneycontrol reels at this time he just got a budget his own we speak around where the ship taxi over
to a transplant release version of the marines are
already on the summer series and why it summertime because there’s a nervous
begrudge wealthy needs the inside the by a chance to really get the shell of what
in the transports backing trembles some of the help provided by international and the one
hand in hand regarding well big black backpack back together the more more and and rains that across the back gate happened happened but the beach and the devil over by the country’s projects are
supposed to be no movement no sign extended contemptible could go back to you natalie green expressed alignment low-income
depict understanding adelaide hall of fame by professor out again to see release laughing now intact the world
this is fun is getting back at those guys and
stalinist sweep breeds and expect the same he’s very confident he says that the
democrat pat by bordering on a rash an understanding of what a company flap captain handguns and i didn’t think i had an amazon plane
landed on the subplot administration wants but handbag standard paid getting malaysia and
detroit sniping test transplant series on the west dick documents being position we have my heavy-handed but we can internationally and went in and around that might win that connection many things right there practice enters a room in his night
blood blowing me indirectly hang in there that way left into the sand in the realism
politely how you doing that screwy lily usfx deselect in the last thing he says is doing i right so i gotta say i tried to tell you a little bit about
the lifeline about the men of the lifeline hope it gives you something to think
about i guess that uh… the he ad you’ve had a program in the series words
of war tonight an adaptation of lifeline by robert costs a story of the united states merchant
marine prepared for radio by child’s newton alco was portrayed by joseph julian and screwy delayed by larry king others in the casper author elmer tom
boyer article joe lathem daniel oxo ka weber annmarie salads the music was arranged and played by
william needed and the entire production was under the
direction of thank pat mariner and uh… wanted war is brought to you in
cooperation with the council on books in wartime by the national broadcasting company and
independent of the leading station the this is the national broadcasting
company at war suppose that in the middle of the night by your passed this week low-income from him if director and you went downstairs there right grafton businesses big deals with i’m fine jim abrams drive-by houses on fire had taken over the fire department in
some way the other end of time tonight while your host of spreading getting
closer to your house great job would you tell him separate bill and
articles cost me fifty dollars who have to pay me fifteen dollars for
the utilities handlers house burned down a navy yours truly well would you say your finger lakes for
a while helping israeli governor minded to take the
latter course julia equipment in your strength because
you know that that was the only for cincinnati anything for both of you na multiply your neighbor by a hundred
meters not by about a thousand times a
conflagration raging throughout the war competition it started with a small fire
nineteen thirty one that was finally animal consequence to the rest of the
war and julie and david broke up with new curie in nineteen
thirty seven with sudden burst including one nation
after another repeal here the rating on track would you then say so our neighbors but your fires none of
my business when it reaches my house then it’ll be
time to play that meanwhile if you want my garden hose you
lead the paper and for all you didn’t pay me for the
garden hose i gave you the last time you had a plan or would you say sure you can have my host without the fires the faster you pointed
out the march at seven six miles the the american people to fill out a course and they called it lend-lease the denied words of war presents a thrilling
in dramatic story of the story of lend-lease yesterday president roosevelt sent a
message to congress telling what lend-lease has accomplished today explaining its cost and showing how it
is helping us win the war tonight the national broadcasting
company in cooperation with the council on books in wartime brings you that same
report brings it to you and vital dramatic turn the story of lend-lease weapon for
victory by edward r_ spit in his junior later on in this program masters to ten
years who has just recently returned from a series of conferences in london
will speak to us from washington the for the end of may nineteen forty while a cherry blossoms were still in
full bloom around the tidal basin in washington and the capitol dome was
incandescent with electric light time was running out the nazi octopus that spread its
tentacles across the continent of europe crushing one nation after another
pushing westward and on for tomorrow ring everything within its bloody time and dunkirk after ten days of constant
bombardment desperately last remained from now eat got there the miller retention men and if you want them near st louis get right away did not have been used and will
recommend the system mountain triggering events are going to
see the arabian come on man going out there garstin title of the survivors of denver insurable roommate when im they came ashore leipzig walkers exhausted stunned but they made more than sleeping who
really about recorded fight again worked on the road to the american on
the beaches laurel intact that rocked their artillery and most of the lighter equipment as
well learn the in the house of commons one week later
winston churchill flung on his challenge to the enemy we showed up in right in whatever the calls maybe we showed played on the beaches we shall fight on the lending grounds we shall fight in the field and industries we shall fight in net feels reach i will never surrender and even if picture-taking not for a moment to me is silent or a large part of it and even as the prime minister’s home stacked up to strike a balance for the
defenders of britain we’re being moved from america’s arsenals to the retro
sightings arrived in new jersey c side the it six hundred freight cars to help stave
off defeat six other pecans containing five hundred
thousand and the arrival nine hundred seventy five millimeter guns eighty thousand machine-gunned bonded
and thirty million rounds of ammunition for the rivals a million rounds for the
seventy five and the price to end and thirty seven million six hundred in
nineteen thousand five hundred and fifty six dollars and sixty cents paid in accordance with our cash and
carry policy uh… than before the end of the crucial year the
octopus of swallowed another nation the ring of steel was drawn even tighter
around the nazi perimeter in england placed orders for more
ammunition where the arsenal of democracy an order for six thousand airplane
engine and a factory to build ’em the price to english twenty four million nine hundred
thousand dollars paid in accordance with our cash and
carry policy it and all of what do the other things but
it was a letter to build them the price to england eight million dollars fate in accordance with our cash and
carry policy inaudible ships warplanes log on children drew reform and all this to fight a war who depend on island against the enemy
was out on the shores of france across eighteen miles of channel water to resist the nazi challenge and by
resisting hit the fires from spreading across the
atlantic all paid for with cash on the line with
american dollars in accordance with our cash and carry
policy uh… moon not by the end of nineteen forty britain
had no more american dollars to spend no more gold reserve to invest in
ammunition and equipment no more money to buy the weapons of war no money no sale all right rhyme is we were sorry this was the worst non-member things
history lifeline from united states was
britain’s last hope and we were sorry and time was running out and then in this doctor’s devours pilot headlines were screaming disaster
on every corner and fires burned lightly in the rubble littered the streets of
london we the people of the united states began to think britain her next follows on the list well preclusion if britain to collapse because she had
more dollars with which to stop the enemy if we should be attacked because britain had no dollars a solution had to be found before it was
too late and soon that would be too late campaign against giving people a captain
washington d_c_ intimidate the president of united
states on january seventh nineteen forty one in his annual message to congress
and the state of the union president roosevelt proposed the solution dan
three days later it means out of a mock introduced a bill in the senate representative mccormick included in the
house the clerk in the house of
representatives that the bill h_r_ seventeen seventy six that bill was the land at least back and and and then the debate on the land lease
building and in editorials magazine articles on the
radio on street corners are conventions and union meetings in churches around
the store the graceful dorling cake please the contract incurable maple
three people died places like trying to admire the act of
that imagined before about the comments so
it’s not actually we are at least capital that protection act and i’d say the department of labor rate businessmen will end up on opposite
sides labor organizations were sharply divided college presidents differing members of
congress reply to the post cards letters and resolution the man on the street the average
american headers mime pretty much made up you know where he stood and it wasn’t afraid to say it and it’s gonna stop hitler from coming
over here i’m all for it one another they began in congress molds
were barred care and the debate was violent rate the partisan politics on his group really it on washington’s capitol hill of burma
water raid cannon st when person than the people living in the shadow of
a swastika with tents and waiting the at even cars k on exploit the candidate st pearl then greatest mad and marinara anti my was running out and then a debate was over in the voting
began are unfair uh… caller and when the votes were counted the eyes
of one on march eleventh nineteen forty one pdt
date john seventeen seventy-six have become a law and i’m lisa and aides are seventeen
seventy six farther to promote the defense of the
united states and for other purposes reenacted by the senate and house of
representatives of the united states of america and the congress assembled
resign maybe cited as an act of remote the defense of the united states we had
to leave becoming arsenal of democracy my decision was slowly arrived at but
when the decision was made it was proclaimed it not for the voice of one
man over the voice of a hundred and thirty
million the a stream of lend-lease supplies began to
flow from opera dot to line to the vikings front of the world windstream interest almost a trickle within the flow began with some late
friday today to spread in every direction don’t have the government this is an interesting became a river eleven o’clock gun convoys laden with lend-lease supplies
liberty ships carrying precious cargo list crapped out on the night and spend the
oceans lend-lease for britain relied no will to resist and the names were resisting planes defense attack painted student this system does not the
intended standing healing coming out tonight than expected and plans to stop on internet an extended as wasn’t destroyed at least texas
translated called practices solicited and except uh… and yes yes who food for the british people food for sustenance and and i still can’t believe that there have to watch the provide two years of age in months ago
that for this month we haven’t had me milk for them for fashion on time
rendition and it now payoff went in for each child athletes there the left hand and concluded a lend lease for china ad had reducing has not happened doing
sometimes when confronted carter’s one packed ken pan-american not bad grab cut higher land lease for the soviet union anand and convoys breaching a lot of money to
remind to decide the fate of moscow perhaps the future of the world greatest d_-forty fighters not american
b_-twenty five mitchell came to america fussy about the twenty thousand feet how much in court out as you see spell one hundred eighty nine thousand field a
little at last knowledge and have complete
communication with the front ac submachine gun group you’re not and don’t forget every man for me too requirements not to go on your computer harold elections all what they call the
russian leader and temperature drops before tomorrow’s you don’t approach one who’s decrease
just like that as and that’s it general sherman tank emotional must be a great member may be
buried there really great man help for the red army for the russian people putting their
enemy an hour body in with stubborn determination with
an uncomfortable wilbur victory filed for the soviet union to stem the tide of
aggression uh… the the with a belgian squadrons flying over
germany put a check soldiers fighting and the united nations battered by the
fighting thanks for the norwegian air force is a navy padres occupied but i’m
confident but it was not hurt how people fighting aggression planes
and ships wastelands i think there is just the
enemy to fight victory uh… yes we have won the battle of supplies todd was beginning to undergo patella
karen tyranny time was on our side and when december seventh game when a house have been set ablaze we
were not alone we were not isolated we were not surrounded by the enemy we were not invaded at least not on the mainland we had paid or time the price to the american people for
three years of lend-lease twenty four and a quarter billion dollar
and money for her very unbalanced anti-money in anybody’s country as an act and i think i want i want all
the time on a story center on paying for this their question mister american everyone is in front of the most of all
the answers that we got our money’s worth listen heheh absurd and german dept killing killing civilians women and children
included or here member name destroying everything with america but not here in america here in america the people are saying comfortable and protected pa remove mars of war implant leased accomplish nothing else
except to keep those guns from our shores it would’ve been worth it we would have got my money’s worth for the dividends lend-lease is paid on
thomas if we hadn’t had lend-lease if britain
have gone under if hitler and isolated the soviet union
of japan a completed the conquest of china and we in the western hemisphere it
stood alone against the axis dominated world the story would have been different and you might not be here tonight listen to this program but here is something most people don’t
understand not all the expenditures for lend-lease
have been made by the united states by the people of america lend-lease is a
two-way proposition hamas american soldiers moving about in
england banks that were built and paid for by
britain hallett hasn’t done was in the southwest the
civic that include provided when is the london
australia balanced standards has been inside one thousand overcoats five thousand
shirts two thousand has approved your loved ones manufactured in australia for
american forces man that does not have to come come along plan to spend a lot of them are and lying to you instructed by the united nations to
accommodate outlined what missus pad do separate han that is rivers lend-lease to balance the ledger gain from united nations to us from australia new zealand britain the
soviet union china fighting french belgium the netherlands each government biding its opulent
lifestyle resources military and economic to achieve victory the uh… madam much eleventh nineteen forty four was
the third anniversary of lend-lease the conflagration that was raging
throughout the world has been checked we’re beginning to put out the fires now using our garden hose unloading our
neighbors use it pooling our efforts in our resources for
victory and the piece this apollo and now we have privilege to present the
former lend lease administrator or and now undersecretary of the state the honorable edward our student is
doing it missed is the denny’s has just recently
returned from a series of conferences in london and listening to us from washington mister x two ten years when a fire breaks out of town in danger in the lives and property of
everyone neighbors missed cool their equipment and join together a common
effort if they had to save anything for any of them that is how the united nations are
fighting the fires of axis aggression we are joined together in a common
struggle against a common enemy to lend lease and reversed lend lease
and other forms of mutual aid we are using our combined resources where they will strike the hottest blows
for victory it was only three years ago at the axis
aggressors seemed well on their wrote what way toward covering the world now it is we of the united nations who
were on the offensive we are striking at germany from all
directions the island of france’s of your plans are
being broken the fire of a question which we are putting together is no
longer spreading but it is not yet been put out there is still ahead of us along with
hot rolled up every property fighting now more than other is vital to our
defense that the combined armies of the united nations have everything they need in the summer of nineteen forty two i’ve
visited britain as lend lease administrator lend-lease program was then just getting
into phuket would into a school strike reverse lend-lease was only in its
beginning we were still preparing for a
first-grade offenses i have just returned from another visit
to britain ice all their aneta relied pooling of
men supplies and leadership such as the world has never known before soldiers of many nationalities are joined together into a powerful
fighting teen their equipment represents the combine production
resources of many nations during the dog years when the freedom-loving peoples of the
world we’re being pushed back on every front lend-lease pointed the way tour the
united nations spirit of cooperation and mutual confidence which we have stopped and went through this we have stopped
the onward march journey with that same spirit and unity we show price the power of the axis once and for all preserved for ourselves
and future generations about three and a prosperous world for
all men thank you mister tennis we were down you allowed to word that
war and new york as another program of words at war we’ve
brought you lend lease weapon for victory of life every positive news
junior the book was adapted for radio biben
cake enough the n_b_c_ script staff the honorable edward r_ stooping is
junior appeared in person on the program the narrator was ernest travel and the
cast included cathleen cordell madeline peers joseph boland kathleen graduate hill clock stocks coxswain rock sedan
and norman roads the music was arranged in played by
william meter and the entire production was under the direction of and and and
leaders uh… it next week words of war will present an
adaptation artsy g_r_e_ three all seven eleven ten and lawrence thompson wanted was brought to you in cooperation
with the comes along but unlike on by the national broadcasting company and
the independent radio stations associated with the n_b_c_ network this is the national broadcasting
company horrors at war room onwards report tonight we’d really love and actually been which
was based in december of nineteen forty two tonight the story of the incredible
adventures of the coast guard reserve both through the bernard or those let me say babysit all against maybe that’s what it is that local installing intimate calibrated siegfried killing of idaho
ligands may never mind that antihistamine extent kosto brigade
towers and all human yachtsman water sewage like that has been pretty not opened on the east
coast and maybe send sonicwall somalis tries to a charge in up and down
the coast nayyar tse pubs and speak it’s looking for james celebs there are special politicos that course to tickets they call themselves the rest of the state used toward gives
me rowcliffe’s their through a tremendous
easy at thirty seven d cambria one-tenth leader it hooligan union employed make notes in poetry
kichi good simply deal would you come from dan ellison simply geology you know a lot of martin luther my boat
a member of the crew olivine amp you achieve the repatriation she is interaction like is someone visit tonight believing you like it fictional good let me tell you something he thirty seven is probably the news so we do still sitting there for the
group kicked up a printed on the wind g the prettiest slimmest studious stream is a little bit and at
what the water funeral will appoint let louis eve do
like an angel in a lot of reasons like none of the kids matter factually the diet is fine as
francis another gunboat mobile popfly returned to haiti food your so the viewership is good like you say
yes which is the only not doing that but when she out win the war which is being
fixed at work scumbag ever been push all over the
atlantic by hurricanes in blizzards pushed all the atlantic oh when one days yet lost the national broadcast company cooperation with homes along
with awards honoring him on the part of one of the room searches in american
naval base the epic story of the gallup little
coastal clickable written by lieutenant lawrence thompson the navy wants to see geog thirty-seven or roar room and he did was for the unique time really liked it and didn’t they after three weeks of the debate ammerman they we showed off his patrol
adapted thanksgiving it was what it was pretty nasty golden grain panoramic but we sent the thirty seven a a a bit what you all d longitudinally species found here at thirteen hundred o’clock army bombing
three five nine nine eight reported unable to take off for first lady engine trouble another ust fourth provided outgoing
merchant ships at eighteen hundred message received
from cd-r thirty seven d arrival station fifty miles off reported or it thirty seven the and also it was great
inouye back to the water is not a subordinate skipper sweating a
job in jordan and i was watching until shorty which is
a culture as i was told helps many many ways tops i don’t watch within a we couldn’t see so good so was watching
without use candid jumps up with it i said this many so i’d like to see a submarine that you
would like to see what media she is certainly like any other
reno’s what we do appreciate what that’s easy weeds around them uh… here we creep up on an the students will
receive a vote scattered all over this player or a p_c_ no movies making noises creeped up and
she within what ensure them logan quietly selling it creep up to be getting unique come about
real quiet to about two one two sending me when we all take trains button-down
periscope say leaks around and client from left what yes people off what we feel radio which you are you saying that
promising destroys your own adolph what’s another then you know i kid you
know i’m glad i did it is that i’d like to mention itself had seen estrada about smedley aligning is okay but i just but he lied what it off it well uh… case for a stone why like this lee
what you mean don’t you know the difference between a
submarine in a way of it what’s more dot lighting well windshield that pretty much of that way the controllers taking more explicit sailboat on the landing in a way to
being symbol readers stepped its toll that what it means a cabin in the l_a_
but one of pot-bellied stove doesn’t help
much like them nine and one embassy began to build up and started
running pretty high anybody who’s been double on the
sailboat by a_b_c_’s knows what i mean we got to say one-by-one we’ve got good news is that while at the allow patrol really this is
a little most of us get rid of the other radio
wave a magic bonus you know traditionalist particular women height k uh… uh… live show that laura and i know that
will make it a we turn to thirty seven the above the
headed out to see again whether it was taken out now job group needlessly head on then given a limited number of your for
more than thirteen it out there quickly and without the here maybe we should and then think that words and words in
front of the making we’ve been waiting for k k k k ek or did they show up blood or they chat with clint bolick on our bonds into rollers and job like a
ping pong ball and we create we have a better chance if we could see
them hope to instead of reading back the base of women right then we didn’t really go no place
it is one to stay where we was alive men at resolve watch yo once made in a couple
others me george is that too i remember that while at point-blank regional is not
what nose off well-acted and leverage these people and that she
shows all statements meltdowns is while we’re
at the eight jumping around like a holistic elizabeth brought with you
thank you all know what trouble his and by this is an anything littlefield she’s running a little high
and of course we might capsized in the middle falling ill monument let you take it
also at the but just tell me what happens to which if we capsize just
what happens is the best thing that could happen to a sailor’s many in wednesday applying a vehicle with full
military honors all the one the or are we going lightning and was that i had my
candleholders swept all the kevin eubanks mailbox boulevard aerobics every seven people stayed at the joanne
sucking on the head and what can we get stands tall
witnessing broad only watch department store window on top of me overhead we didn’t know what time soon as we could we scrambled eggs really short ave been washed overboard
what he was going into the we’ll delve inhabit and point not delivered there deficit had followed by a lot that i don’t know even took its patil always well that’s
what i need laws it even took its always while we realized that that is certainly
one on the same so donna collected up sales of big palatable was hurt baird amazing
mastered snapped off jacqueline carried away at the head of the storm track so was let go of the sales was regs and
heather’s what happened was we got card in a trough of a couple of
breakage and the coming breaker at salaam does
not have beach swell cracking up but for both that is certainly was hurt by it summer she was still salem we will still go on we’ll be going to go along this you’re going to get a little bit
really failed we all pay in some of the daily what
tools solid hours we bailed and all the time to make it warren has
with his talk about sean’s issues itself ready it’ll be okay n_c_a_a_ initial role is going to be
down here if she has not yet okay okay we kept on their own except for what you
and your watson’s resistance management still
their own aman jordan got a big gash in my head from the senate table meat alleged involvement bonds ship which role and so are the head of
the nation chile there holding the power of his
head you’ve watched it bloods up through the power away coffee
soaks up the lump sugar when we could do about it so bad about not be able to do anything
we’ve tried to cheer him up told them way short of the rescue before dark as one now hotmail pick it up by five
schiller when a good place to be picked up the opportunity books about the whole
way to get to you by three dr family we couldn’t even see the votes
for it that cold out real cold and snow will
grow are not pages like frozen rain get don’t really watch in in job i was
going to be picked up allowed to rescue system of the
pointless levi’s can spot place can become an hour
ten ruseler goodman has made it back we we were saying shit world mister walsh is only an hour long because came over freezing cold and so
commitments created this award outages krone bonds kevin didn’t want to know although a week of remote with soaking
wet blankets and hope nobody’s a primer and with the wrong man long unproven black to the party greg norman well you can at least received last year december third violent storm raging along atlantic
seaboard all shipping in danger distress signals from coast guard
reserve thirty-seven intercepted position approximately twenty miles off
no-man’s land at thirteen hundred o’clock army bomber two one seven six oh
reported cd-r thirty seventy thirty five miles east of former
position at twenty two hundred abt pty for twenty-five reports thirty
seven eight instead only blown out to sea orders given false rapidly on lookout we’re back hondo of a garment almost everyone on this law didn’t come back maybe it came we wouldn’t they’re losing
involvement terrible clip from the sea couldn’t tell exactly where we was good
because or instruments winds manage that figured it was southeast and wouldn’t do it a nothing but bear for the little boat
was running of city fobs and pool that job mcdougal because these things up so you can uh…
things like that mostly though we bailed except for some it he was trying to fix
radio which is plugged up close and in distress signal so much which abandoned labeling visual wimax provisionally network one gets indicted why not she won’t go yet he kept on patron with hours went by can around and let me know that our
yellow album dynamics we talked to today cap-haitien about four miles off we don’t get what you did get nailed
with or with the people that were in a healthy eating it’d destroy line it is truly a it won’t stop we stood there watching it on sat we
couldn’t see them and all of it peninsula one up dissident eloy says stranded in italy
ellison and he says hello take two weeks of school diploma subject was right they destroy us one running close to
those of us how it works at distant runners visitors pumps pump a little
more than that tomato what role and the people who
don’t waste that little analyte and we didn’t like long that boy with water
with everyone coming out in the old like i call this landing but we didn’t really was so happy to be
until we didn’t get what i was going to stick evidence you collect the blood of
simpson’s visit apogee go in scotland and zero precipitated that you’ve got
hit with a kind of all i think that this capital that’s ok guy the stolwijk lamb to the water in the wake
of the land they destroyed heavy called came up so we could not
digital i mean it was going to ask in a sea of spanking kids to violate the
law was cement we didn’t care where we can you guys
really happy until about midnight deadline forget your botswana experts were development it broke passport can we get into this why
italians candidates issued is at the end of the nation we couldn’t
see in the long it was and she didn’t even know she lost this yet he wouldn’t stand in a moment and then the thing that funny thing to
do the job that gotten that he’s doing met this guy remember distinctly dinners what isn’t schindler’s oral war wound so you can at least statement is
candidates in the senate at thirteen hundred british destroyer
caldwell reports say gee i thirty seven d found orders dispatched army navy bases paul
search kissing you all located at nineteen
hundred whether message from the splash caldwell i’d lost thirty seven and searching request date end of message orders given for the issuance of search
for strictly the surface cracks tommy a navy bases contacting i proceeded critics p didn’t want to me you can do if just try your white ones
like you were doing the few words monthly people talking ngo started again
trying to make the radio work while the rest of his mail came kansal most of the
holes in the thirty-seven itself so we didn’t have the bales much anymore after that i may destroy a lost as we
decide we had to do some us sales we figured we could weed out four states
over the main much like a stone trestle except it was prone and full of holes
and we have the so it first so those guys it wasn’t upset on what
center on the cabin selling meanwhile smelly and george figure out a
way to screen the saltwater month gasoline engine generator that way that
we should they couldn’t get the the radio phone working it was uh… december ninth inning it
was six days after we’ve been socked by the
storm and so that it was fooling around with the radio like you always get
testbed talking to me like it was alive um… come on the words up but the words what’s really going to try david country we see more now reached my in its it and come on baby recognition broken hip day you unit seven me who wants me to go on
talk back into it c_g_m_ patiently here go ahead and my killed go ahead uh… it it it eleven will work getting ready for our
radio program enacted we was nervous even the skit got married he said committee should be allowed to
do the talking because he picks the radio asap i walking close we got more and
more people committee kept on going with a radio
international candy joe people working for peace means start
workin monday the you got to do it now it’s not working to get a chance to warm
up when you get a chance school with this morning mhm wants me c g dot thirty seven b_ here exact whereabouts we don’t know but we think we have four hundred miles
offshore led to equal to about atlantic city sees heavy whatever you want a
verbal request date over you which k lesson and i feel physically plays
seventy we’re here about four hundred miles offshore let’s
talk about even with atlantic city requests help what do you it’s medical menu ten mic joke thirty-seven economy and make your
coming please chime in did were mission in my job coming with it continuously instead decision unknown sees when heavy whether
unfavorable request you find it by state and i know its management your view position with wooden one at this time the radio member work began after that
night earn linda and at the end of the evidence in the
evening and at the heart of this get pretty weak rundll who’s in the cameras used up coming days we didn’t give up hope you know and i
think but uh… was out of this one morning we saw you an intrusion up on one bearing down on paneling we were coordinator for the political process
from head the navy news stories from around the
had missed in intended headed to a tow line but they couldn’t so they changed it through through waves
is bigot mountains the chase is on the zigzag course within farrakhan boy the
thirty-seven it’d been a long day and tune in and out on the merchant ship to
destroy like a big old sheepdog number inactive we concede that line in the raiders of
the merchant ship staring down the line but look pretty funny popping in and i
said they didn’t laugh though nobody left kissing you want to book couldn’t help
itself then you would be in which by the way in ever while they destroy stop trying to
kids so we stood there hanging on the radio and we walked to the store and that
convoy go away we stood there and weak drive that we were baby it was an empty or maybe speak with much respect yours yours and
personality still weak and sick man crack on my head with you guys we lost maybe something i think we won’t get
back location but don’t believe it we could come into the south but because
we expected it to be a picnic and it hasn’t been updated data we’ve proved everyone we could go out on
a small crap in all kinds of weather lease from weekly space you simon’s and
ships uses the word and it goes but your cripples not good enough to be
taken into the red army and navy let noah’s we’re in big trouble opaque all i wanna say yes of that often with dollar store one not
our fault shows up in some offer somewhere within the next ten days there’s anyone wanna bet tuesday’s ladies lee was rescued you know we came in on our little piece
of on sale until we landed just off the coast of north carolina world patrol
boat founders and told his arrest the way in when we got to the top we walked issue
or all of us know what it’s like a lot will
walk and that’s about all that was too late maybe that is so fixed up man fixing the
that is chairman alan pretty soon we’ll be back on the death
toll on him that none of us on him it was a second worst unworkable
business well but certainly was tough for that but worst of all we
felt an electric failed somehow although some of us a little bit about
israel day the main thing r_u_c_ their whole family was out there
whenever cited one german submarine thank you guys and we didn’t meet no
trouble no action load peru no the it over forty third program of words of war we’ve brought you a dramatization based
on the book the navy haunts the cd r thirty seven days by lieutenant lawrence thompson the book was adapted for radio by edith
some of the n_b_c_ scripts that heard in the role of narrator was lamont
johnson others in the past for wardrobe on waterbirth jackson-vanik michael brown and michael ever the music was by william e dirt and the
production was under the direction of anson and leaders learning or or next week another in the series of words of war brigid ward is brought to you in
cooperation with the console on books in wartime by the national broadcasting
company and the independent radio dating
associated with the n_b_c_ never this is the national broadcasting

Tony wyaad