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Words at War: Soldier To Civilian / My Country: A Poem of America

words at war primary nine-year corporal yes sir uh… just had my signature to make your discharge plant where we are thank you dr goshen it feels good and it’s a
wonderful dot wonderful to be going on baird telling me i can’t wait till i get
there might go kristina and mother and dan of helen’s event tool and one half years and now dot com as light as an example
of the way i feel high-quality christmas morning
sandbridge days all in all that corporal uh… don’t make a strong but two-and-a-half years a long long time when you do get home keep remembering
that a lot of things have happened to you a lot of things have happened to
that drew your folks doing enough well i guess that’s right away maybe nothing maybe something remember that felon corporal paula likened or perhaps national broadcasting company in
cooperation with the consulate books in wartime presents another and widely
discussed series words at war dramatizations based on the most noted notable books to come out of the war tonight’s book is soldier to civilian by
george k press a distinguished psychiatrist and operate
using doctor press conclusions as a guide production some of the factors of
readjustment which face the soldier on his return to
civilian life all right hubs it leaves cabinet timber tonight faces a variance kind of recession comes out of the lack of personally some of you are here because you saw the
notice in the paper anyway your about them on it now akshara may have i thought it was not due soon for the
people of greenville to begin preparing for the day when the boys come home from the law as representatives citizens you must have some ideas what should be doing what should we plan it seems to me a mr
mayor that there’s really nothing that for us to do it all relief right you say that mister edwards
washington is taken care of everything there is the g_i_ bill of rights casuals unemployment compensation free education
hospitalization we got nothing left to offer harriet women’s we think that’s how it should stop like
not to collect funds from mind unlucky can and cannot roll shall live back to
you everest viet said ole old so great desperate greenville
campgrounds at right the biggest city hall i don’t know the other merchants bill
that confident not up to get every returning servicemen five price and updated straight spirit suggestion him patel city is going to do send jobs in a few specific dave barry the setback bases tool marks chelsea game and not mr
mayor please i’ve been listening to these suggestions there all day club at last one of yours is the worst
of all now if i could say the word out this is the townspeople as committees
and you my sister keys sit down you can do to really like to thank you
your committee is off the beaten mr mayor forget me but it scott gault patio
anyway russell richards as the named corporal rich cock all right sam got a right to speak practice i read about this meeting i came because
i figured i could help and i was right you people just don’t know what your
could do for the boys worked out you just heard the list of what i
thought what excellent suggestions just which ones do you object subject to all of them does close the average effects on i’m not very good at talking but i’ve simply got to tell you what’s on my
mind everything you want to do what it’s
wrong because it makes soldiers into a separate group i don’t get it we only
want to join you boys already joel you talk about giving us jobs just because
we’re better and putting our names up on monuments
just because we’ve been in uniform deceit all at once just set us apart
it’ll it’ll make this different from everybody else but you are different of
course we’re different when we come home but we don’t want to state we’ve all got
to live together with our families and our jobs we have to live with you i don’t forget this you’ll have to live
without albright what can we do about it he has richards afterall the city
candidate fear in your personal life when we were made in two soldiers did
not mean interfering with our personnel idol but that’s different we needed so it just a little more
fortune the acceptance to live the peace of course you will citizens who belong on a bunch of act
soldiers i know what do you mean you don’t know i got her delivered so i know after a few months in hospitals the army
discharged ever since then until a little while ago i was a soldier impersonating a civilian
impersonating a civilians i wore no we look forward to role play but in my heart and the way i fought i was still a member of company k i could have saved a lot of time at the
folks at home have been doing a little intelligent thinking what about your
family but needed help to at least as much as i did they tried hard but they just couldn’t
understand me either a stranger who came home in the body of
theirs let me tell you my story when i was in the army i was just like any other g_i_ all we thought about was getting home to leave home at my mother and father great people both off bromide private clock so let’s orlando levels seemed perfect home also meant christine we were engaged exactly but christine muslim girl i dreamed of sure i heard some talk about adjustment
to civilian life with when i was in the army but i’ve figured why would i have any trouble at home
when i wanted to be there more than any other place in the world you can imagine how wonderful i felt
when the train pulled into greenville all right optimistic it’s my distinct christie’s card denial of paternity and so does main street but stable sugar
bowl young it’s a little later in the gosh it’s been a always sound say
populism i’ve been away for a century are now in san francisco lubin
thirty-month essentially means the sort of like a backgrounds now we can settle down and forget it arch your back its find out that one
sure i’d forget about a most of the time but where’s my home where alert tell your mother decided not to come to
the state she say overall no not at all she is uh… well she’s getting better so we can eat
and we get home car i hope that she made me too she’s alright isn’t she or not keeping
anything from here courses unrest sony only y lou your mother was well she thought she better not come i
don’t get a had it all she was nervous about seen good grief walks we see that
she was afraid you might be hurt more than you told us don’t you know i told you solar arrays well let’s get going out sure why don’t we wait for maybe i was wrong but i always imagine that when i came
home there would be father mother and christy waiting at the station somehow i had that picture in my mind
and somehow that members disappointment stock i try to forget it blackwood it haunted me even when i was so happy
talking with christine even several days later when we sat down
with sunday dinner that was everything on a magic mighty contrast thinks monet’s well
which again in the army but it never tasted quite like the others christina
interest rates and christine is watching piggyback she’s afraid omar kaelin it’ll be a long time before road
will be able now you anywhere and would like to say that though you’re pretending you’re ready
for marriage when you want runs that something for chris unneeded aside after
all you were just a kid when you got into the army and that is you so long
ago don’t worry about asking students to do a catalog not that we don’t approve
of your priesthood because you understand that progress is going to need someone to
take a rocket mother i can take care of myself but hasn’t it people our age get
married who’s seeking the next few print rest isn’t just an average going he’s been through so much albeit at
death money careful how you speak to your mother sharks listing last last
month i hear it really is you father wants to hear you mind and i
i’ll feel much like talking about and paul come on run sure we’d like to hear uh… here was that a planned uh… everyone knows what a fight we put up a
salerno and hopped up things where i high for gotten waterway pendergrass you
telling us about how you got back to the other is that your company broke up with
the german tank from asian something that now with the radio
nowhere we’re awfully tangled up there for a
while every inch of the beach was covered i don’t know how to manage it nobody knew about things stood no
happened so fast but ashore engineers finally caught up with
us in then things began to make a little sense
you see as campgrounds two bit busy to be scared answered for well it seems to me that if eleven have
been properly prepared for other women too much trouble on the beaches now i
read a whole lot about it like that sometimes you’ve got to take risks
person i was saying preparation that’s what we’re lacking now if instead of sending the infantry
and so soon they have provided greater air cover the autograph the had figured is that if this night when the transport ships
panic but let’s not write had just seen let’s see now it is that right this knife is the stress and they’ve red tape chris is there anything harmony quantities i thought i’d smash summing it dad kept
on talking about a minute leaving too much excitement even itself wonder kristin ideally she wouldn’t be swift action but
widening interrupt me widening let me finish my story if you keep on treating is advising me
and get it back just be ourselves to keep okay darling i’m sorry like old times being together i miss
korchi iowa’s feel as if i was never away they look just like i remember you only more lovely his wife and i houston flat you better
get used to it because i want to be with you every
moment and i can for melanie four million in our building more morning overcast second victim not over yet
about world chan minor yes well priority applications and i don’t take am tomorrow it it just
means delaying getting equipment the army need out of the factory so how can you mine preference in fact
talking like seventy everybody is just trying to show how
important do you read but i’ll see you tomorrow night why am i
supposed to do all day talk to myself that wasn’t the only thing we were out
of line and it doesn’t really matter what we or
arrived has happened time i didn’t understand
myself i was so weird by the time i went to bed that night i
was a very lonely and extortion running next day earn it care for me had brought to your break harlow harlow shouldn’t bother are denounced and world war well i’m right now you know you
shouldn’t come downstairs for allied rather read with venue on the
stuff you must index fight your thing what you need is a complete wrist mother
please let me help you with literacy really my might be much more comfortable
sitting at a table simply got to take a few feet are among hearts your way you just go ahead not time yet get busy arranging your
clothes why should you bob dole and i know just for everything
in your going to stay in big to be i don’t want to stay in bed i’m not sick what mama doctor said my back is alright
he said i should do a lot of walking i was caught up in a hospital for a
month while you stare group open you’ve been through so much so i don’t
want to stop it wit don’t look at me like that i can’t stand
it pack rust and try to mention of somebody i’m concerned about your wife just look at yourself by body issues
need traning your time for him women who ever wear anything but whoever delivery we treat them home you’ve done
everything you could look like a track and i take it easy for a while in my own
house of all i can afford to let down i was i hopefully field khrushchev record in
our your product of managed care and
committee had and film critic action items you require like could have
done it myself i’d let me help you put them on personal you want to go to work for
pete’s sake to have only been back a couple of weeks please don’t talk to me like that one
yet get it through your head but i’m not a planning you’re behaving like one if you were mature you’d know that routine would be good
for protein i had a belly full of routine distrustful he’s home but we keep the inquire at all no only at this point to say that in turn
reference to return to canada unless you expelled now bill i’ll be there next week i’m sorry i missed the first class but
you can explain the charts when i was not don’t make any pledges and i i i i’d like to listen to me i’m not going
to start anything until you feel practically all my heart and two please wait playback later bill from some place is a
little privacy a railroad station may be well-timed bada hi mom i was relying on you to be in a
reasonable hour european up early tomorrow question idea ref when you’ve got to take care of your
fam mister line printers expecting you at the plant the morning rounds i’m not
going you know about this course and radio
liberty university have taught poppycock that’s a perfectly good job at the plant i hate say it from the tallest prompted
just mix cuba get this straight i’m running my own life i won’t be
pushed i cant pushed i don’t need to tell you what to do what
they have read and sick i can’t stand it i think everything is
not about to get out there i can’t take it at a lower price recover from this and therefore i simply can’t understand a ruler none got elected in the next hour must have wondered blindly i wanted to be with christine but something was missing she seemed to be thinking of things in
some strange way that i i couldn’t understand i started seeing more and more of the
other exposures and bring them there wasn’t much to bring us together
except one thing we all understood we had all been in the army one thing you have to say for the army at least journalist and if you’re a
private you’re a private here aside in your side in you know and everybody else
knows if bill that’s what i like here at the fight to be recognized seven
days a week you’re part of something that makes sense to have a job to do
when it gets done area civilians they discussed may take the government they need workers who are planned so
that brought a campaign to baghdad to stay on the job i’d try to get a job but
i guess one goal i would’ve hire me the army’s prolific
what if i don’t know for this i swear that the is a new delhi assistant only assistant to the vice
president and judge a three-cent stamps stop for a in mature i’ve been fighting
for somewhat overage brother-in-law could
take over the store while i’m gone jut and they can put us all out the pasture temos o wait the pack restroom reaching too davis i thought you would last night baidu increased buying online can
believe not do repent dat what’s the matter with
hank used to tell me what it all fellow free but he never got a job what
amounted to only hear chris you’ve got no business criticizing my friend i’d
just repeat what you used to see i was before hank was in the yard in neon and
how much could you had davis will be doing the army everybody in town other than i did not
too good to be found out it was a re don’t break out chris i don’t want to
get talk that way about hank you know anything about the army alive
and i am a is someone at talked to which is around just listen to me poison refuse to love me pro-life thought about her two years he still loved me they start thinking too he think he did arrest i can understand you anymore
whats wrong happened to you by last happened to me you don’t seem to see that nova debts
over which it out of the armenian my thought i came out with some ideas
that made sense but you are seen to be just standing
still here talking into space what you think about just is no real you don’t hear what i say listen when i
was how can you thinking how can you think we don’t want to help
out that’s what’s wrong with our why should i want you help me i’m not going through life with your arm
around my shoulder i can do without it you realize you losing increase you’re losing me on the missing you are you kidding i’m willing to do you know you are when out doing anything prescribes maybe some things i see a little more
clearly than you do the just possible you know want to anyone it’s been nice knowing that the ground estimator that’s my story place that would have been my story christina had done what she did concurrently meaning it’s ok creek i wouldn’t blame if you
had mentioned last night we feel that i’m feeling a little humble i was pretty angry man and a clear i guess we both work and then when i got
home i get it satirist now you’re we’ve always felt that we were meant including he said he never been anyone else in my
life that goes for me you know that i loved you before you went in for this you everything i wanted and needed i knew the cad love must be some rain from the same guy went away i see that now and i didn’t see it until it hit me last
night hit me like a ton of bricks you know if you think when i realized how it’s sounding to you
when i said you’re losing parliament that was a while it’s stupid
stupid unselfish informal curry police power to nineteen you have thinking of you is that problem almost as good dependable
bowling and family kidney maybe i mean do you what you need me wouldn’t within maybe i’m no one needs help numans me i was losing you and to recap i wouldn’t go that far
crisp also for this we’re losing china you may need me dot believe me i need you ruth brown remember what do you think and really i
mean when you were in a everything was wrong consider your lead our members everybody at home is perfect i remember that too that i’m not perfect and never won just human like everybody else including
a mother and common different character for your men too eighty five used to being the center of attention particularly since you went away you remember how teaching reading from
deakin bill i fifty-four grant richest competing we can come to flee because you know do you think you’re not
in the broker having prayer on myself chris and harboring resentment not speaking out and not taking the family and my contact restaurants i mean when i should have got it off my chest p_r_i_ shot my mom pop now on the right way all cuba because
maybe i can that you can form fifteen oh man can you tell the patient to olympic recycling you can begin planning you real place
you know your neck to contain the spill moron
that’s how you picked up a company based you know me like india and i think there helpful eating the really were emery so mister man that’s the story except for the happy ending come patasse
yesterday we’ll talk about personal lives and not
interfering with them but what is green but what’s our whole
country but a lot of people living personalized maybe that’s on sale an obvious but if you make eight or ten million men
feel like a class apart with with plaques and with my name is some
five dollars worth of groceries believe me here playing with trouble law and i get to avoid miscarriages and i can’t actually meet feeling a
little helpless monthly recital and what can we do as a community about our
discharged soldier problem problem reducing label us is a problem and brother will
be a problem you’ll people who stay home can be a
problem to i still don’t think you can if we choose to look at it that way but
that’s the wrong word we both know widest anybody have to be a problem to
anybody anyway all young men plan to be more specific amin give us
some general rules has gone up and prescription ma’am i’m sorry i can’t
give it to you see despite the u_n_ form they wear soldiers
are all different i guess sailors are too they wanted to the services separate
individuals and so they come out as separate individuals of course some of
us a lot more trouble than others getting back into the civilian grew but
some of you a lot more trouble than others getting used to having us around
again to well then what’s the answer may be the best answer is a good
all-american commodity called common sense but we can’t exactly nor do if you found
that out with your family ap franklin is asking itself off don’t get me wrong please i don’t mean
that we veterans are turning up our noses and little attention comments or
even a little hero worship it that’s how you can let me uh… huh bonita the right job and a chance to make
something of a is on a lot more important to me than my name on a plaque and having a folks i love take for
granted that i can stand on my own two feet and letting me do it means more than being cheered while i’m
watchin a dozen parade when i say what you may know about not liking to be
reminded that you are different delegate right god elixir are we so different i’m
not so sure maybe we’re just about the same guys who
want away i’m sure most of us are and we both
ought to be glad we are because we’ve got to live together all of us it’s just that well some of us have spent a few weeks for months or years living with fear and heart and soul it did something it was bound yes you were there in the actual that alot
salerno louth well we’ve just gone on living on main
street no wonder alittle for and weighs less seems small it narrowed to you know
i i wasn’t going to say that but it’s own overthrow maybe a except the don’t forget it was that same main street i want to
get back to her so much i could pace but we do have some new ideas of what
some things are worth in terms of other things and we want to share those ideas
with you more than anything in the world you had a death sentence but you’ve got a new slant to and a new
covenants unless we’re eliminated and if your own it course we’re going to be impatient and
jerry were hungry fear helps him are held we need your help we will uh… you know
i thank you mayor thanks to all of you that’s that’s just what i’ve been
talking about that’s that’s just what i mean don’t knock us around and don’t mind
cadalyst look at us and look at yourselves and
will do the same if i need you to write viewers are right if we’re living together in the air is
clean and good whatever we do for each other now or ten years from now is bound to be right ground the tonight on words with war you heard a
dramatization suggested by a book by doctor george caper soldier to civilian the script was by baseball mason adams was heard is russell
richardson frances happen as christine i was in the casper ethel ever eleanor
oddly doable and frank butler can be a new
robert harris tom holier and to do it the music was arranged and played by
william either direction ghana garrison the the no where did war is brought to you in
cooperation with the comes along books in wartime by the national broadcasting
company and the independent radio stations
associated with the n_b_c_ network no the this is the national broadcasting
company square dance war national broadcasting companies in
cooperation with the console on books in wartime presents on words of for russell
davenport’s my country a poem of of america has adapted for radio by the author
himself aa america is not a land of the evening we have not caused from action beget
heroic simile and song and reviews we have no empire remind us yet nor have we should all life within the
grave what as the sons of enterprise and sweat one of the quick a strong three the brain the mind who sponsor cradled in the hand the fearsome and supporters of the slave acting destiny virgin land we have a builders of dynamic things
successes to the spires of so much and boilers and juarez propellers and meals
and wings to run them fly and i have an obvious through which the mighty wind of freedom
sayings america is not a land of racism we are the men of motion undesired spirits that seat and collide like atoms of regenerating
fire the western men who must forever be consumed indians to
which the souls of spot the bright creative jewel of destiny returns in action as in existence my country loves the numbers of them
there they wind screen behind the heavy house
whip up a sterile project we can plan when broke some like extended gains and slough is himself a student every
shivering and in the april sunlight winters powers
prompt the intoxicating hannukah day when you are the agony of will to
load the land with haiti in golden grain in bonds and heavy colon and cogs in
penis in life is hoppers maker in the brain you know all this stuff when the sun goes down so many and willow trees reflective density contingent was like didn’t renew
seventeen million those bonds mistress ones on boasts some secret kinship with the
costs of fate pull out the deal is with some is
screaming goes to a new england trees disintegrate like incantations chanted
to the phones and all the jewelry of amanda’s most up
which in summer time she was simple and carried output on the beat of grooms
the wings of wild beasts honda who remarry theme and all of those who
have americans who love nikki well moms and moms darren clouds of its
kind of of the dumplings confidence that we re raining personal forest fire flood dusty
wind-swept title hurricanes but there’s a new york’s relations blue-eyed indeed performing rocks and short dispersal buildings these are whole to whom she will confide the secret of
the c_d_t_ contains which is so generously multiplied within the fertile
pastures appropriate massimo of liberty which can provide the level of man lol and yet it is not clear darkness is all around this the cries of
dying man and other for me the fear of eyes staring at other orders
arising stare at nothing to be seen alright nothing in disguise pumpkin humans aren’t halloween the image of man named steven motion beyond image the car brand image hope of man and woman the dream in cement tomb and with
electric boards and the carpenters the brass god’s bomber impassioned as memorable wheels turning bite the bullet cement the fires on the
white page starting from the belize and the red blooms rolled on rear old
longer and longer distinct from and then decide there is this blind thing there’s this thing going on a bus missed
being the letter g_ fields steel speed blinded infinitely strong swift landline
not dogs mimi not god’s thing but my hands mindspring wanting without soul the dead thing living moving evolving
out of the beast question of the soul of the beast this is delayed turning this
is the brill this is the plane are planing this project dictate the indispensable this is the contact us this is the feeder feeding this is the
gearboxes as the slab contact this is the golden gate and this and not go
means other substances of the dead living down economy pinnacle steal them because demanded the
hard steel did the car by the cold war bright permission mildly bright incredible machine goddesses of mine a space and time determi consciousness partners compasses incredible student living in motion to destroy the living
room living among the living bollam uh… my country it is not being made me miss v but don’t have none missile not not being in our hearts nine billion years remote firings
interest groups of non-believer enough here are the signs of nothing important
expeditions and their priests and their when it finally did and send it and on the senate and the
place is rising up from the savings with the people out and i’m linda in atlanta on middle east we have found nothing we have seen it i’ve seen nothing police said nothing we know nothing we have heard nothing her dad ran credit
proclaimed in europe peeps panelists are radio groups in the darkness a hundred
and consumers with our freedom is commercially manhunt instrumentman the
automatic man without sold where man is without god god space not god’s peace but man was manned space
them and peace without power the machine face the instrument peace
without he’d without proof man peace without christ enter crest the use of upholds these are the chips these are the dead jews these different
running these defense it is a common burning these the british driven into the sea
these are the yugoslavs crushed these the reached out and he is the
russians falling and snow white and again before the machine these are the sharing honest these two
women the women babies tumors pauline ropes province stonewall strongly glass
crashing parties playing that maintain running candid stimulants uh… it cat and basins and the bill the grade bill removing into the best in
that city moving into the decedent’s injuries and over the hearts of men looking over their people goleman eleven with people in the sand lost member have a very under the building unknown do nothing this is the face now we have seen now we have seen the pace looked into the eye now we know what what the price what payment with here postpaid bloodiest now we know that our spirit that freedom heard explain gusts personal intent lolol chest well handled as an american soldier is dead there’s no blood in this country misoprostol and there’s no news woman as we speak to this man who will stay with it is to be said who said far there’s a and said among his countrymen will speak who is saying that there is to be said
half of the day when popped up a telegram he didn’t know what to do it was just after noon pop it came to
washington dinner an almost in the kitchen she holiday popped answer the
door with the telegram i was standing there in the holland i watched him read it when i watched him just and me he didn’t know what to do crumpled written his hand ten with his head bowden but one for wednesdays and held onto the bandstand but i didn’t know what to do eat them to adjust to paint and then without thinking about the
stairs up department right in nodded his head slow held out the telegram and i took it bank unmade i’d just saw attitude in general when i saw a bank within two months killed in action and i couldn’t see anything at all rajendran to pop in please let myself down wouldn’t even crying cried and cried no harm when the dread word reaches into the
homes of america and he was there like this on has departed forever and songs forms as the nine over the
secret places of memory hungry shadows of day and close the anything what shall we say the blows who have lost their soldiers but life and we can show what words beyond their tears there were americans want to believe in
god would win nearly unbelievable a darkened
people really generations of loss would be but here in american soldiers minded there is no good and i don’t cheat generalize about whom women has been done in our midst who couldn’t
speak non-disabled areas to be said number-two said for deserve concerning
the dead rescue nine ridiculing being lost in the
dust of the we spent man debt is the shit because co cheat polls p come true speed almost nothing i can say they memorial service will be held at the
presbyterian church next sunday the whole school with him by suggestions so that those of you who
knew him right to his parents and sister where the word for my part i one to say that i believe that larry
died for a reason that he died for a cause i don’t mean that he was thinking about freedom and i doubt if he was thinking
about anything except the enemy and i’m sure that if every thought about freedom there in
the box does it was never the way we learn about freedom here when you thought about freedom you
thought about you were sitting here this trend thought about our town the life we leave here in the fun we
have in the good things we have to eat in the bright hopes that we all share these i’m sure where larry’s idea freedom as his former teacher i want to point out that this life of our this free life is not the result of accident freedom as we live in here in america is an inheritance from ages past there’s binomial exit and that larry was
called to go out and fight against the declared enemies of freedom he thought not just to avenge pro harbor but just for our security enough for
conquest he thought for all that has been game since men
began to record a history for all that has been gain and all that can be gained in all that
will be good he thought that you whose lives to live before you may have a chance to carry it forward to carry forward in your lives those long in the last tuesday those games which men with freedom in
their hearts have made against the enemies of men in
the enemies of god larry has past usable don’t let him down press it to you advance of run with it he was generous boeing blooming well and freedom this beijing school but men where the brave god-given words that
will be shed we wilderness to me that he winners that common david which we did and here on the broad foundations in
your shoes a temple fright human brotherhood almighty madden awaken in our hearts the engines unit now run next instant of medicine which once inspired online s that we may briseno are intended solely
against the unnatural powell is about time and we can doesn’t policies apply the universal lessons that we
learned in this majestic and abundance school the principles their rights the
obligations the deep into holy structure of our no do you like to order a hidden in the
hearings eternal streams and then whose source plus needed doesn’t involuntarily might yet be redefined hamilton dot and few stint in the future of the world
and i edye going on must realize on the insurer may
reconcile rigid the lines in the darkness of the day he lives in a grade beyond the latch of
the secret door who conceive what there is to be seen who can say that there has to be said who handles the last dispatch from you none of us here in his home can speak and none will be known him here before there is no faith in our hearts to catch
the novel the door who is the living among the dead to open
the back and tell us more will also lose a song initial speed
countrymen speed can open the door it might just as well have been me were all huddled there under the bank
that rises up from the beach and they have an emplacement of their in
their pockets with a couple more dirt malawi says we gotta get them out of
there well just i like pigs here he says who will go up and get up so larry steps up and he says i would
say because i always like that larry i said
i want to but i’m scared no kidding sully climb that their bank and i guess it’s right there and make up
my mind i’m gonna get it because it’s easier that way and trying
to expect to live and all that lead anyways larry starts like it’s going to
take on the whole ernie he must be six or eight yards ahead of
me and icy and take a grenade and i see is
armed go back to throw tenets that damndest thing i ever found i see that grenade live in through the
air and i see larry for like he didn’t have
any links he just for but i swear i don’t know whether it’s
him or me that’s hit it might just as well have been made anyways i’ve talked to him i remember nothing i must’ve chucked all my pineapples
because one of the way comes up pieces find work cost me says nice job thumbnail in there beside larry looking
into space and one of the we says that it hits me hard because when i hear the low we use my
name like that and i know i’m alive and i looked down on larry and then i know he’s dead not me and i just put my head down on the west
chester waikiki i’ve thought about it in the night a five times it might just as well have been me nobody’ll ever take away that fear and i
have bought larry when i got mixed up and put my money that’s what the chapman
was talking about before we got into them lousy bite i never seen it so clear before and i
guess i know when i get and ever since then i’ve had an idea guess maybe emma bit off minor the way you get but the idea keeps coming back and coming back and i wish i could express it the idea is that when i got mixed up that way between
larry and myself that’s the way you did any idea is that if you could see it that way all
the time mixed up like the world to be a helluva lot different that’s the idea i guess i will never be able to express
it very well well i can say is there something we
don’t see most of the time except in times like that i know it’s like i’m sick because it might just as well have been
me on the shore with the stiff white crosses mark a
design for eternity the infantry of sleep is forever
enrolled in silence and the lives of menopause numbers engineering and wind comes up to the
beaches caressing the fallen sons of men of the distant country at last demeaning untruthful freedom opens
unseen before the eyes of the nation craig day his marriage memories of maine
and nebraska an engine fires in the desert bearded live oaks promotion of texas grass when the wind
is moving the dusty roads that led to the schools
and churches in the name of freedom all have been gathered into the country
puny purposes disunited a brotherhood of man the arms of day who were never aware in life they were brother we’d be unsealed message you would his
our freedom you millions and millions of struggle
against each other open these graves to discover the secret
of liberty shoveled under the uh… behind the curtain inflation as under the costumes there is one brother of all and all who won so no out of the graves the boys returned to
our hearts like shadows a bouncy now and the brotherhood of the day and
we can see or more of known well all of loved her well with their no more in the shape of
their hands on their faces in us forever a part of her being trappers and tiller’s workers indian representatives heroes and died
for the living who lived for the dying all of them all operator in wrapped in our will death lists balkans unburied voices of freedom invisible leaders teachers of new generations believing say the original sin the american dream legislative meaningful in the name of those with poland noted on the uh… this they may be
restricted to search for the light by which to find
them within ourselves and in one of my won’t the all nations made my flying i pulled up in english in the irish in the sweden who found ended his own reginald a glowing french who helped to build it
scream all nations not themselves pudong are in this plane and cannot now a sissy lawyer can leave
the guardians of the spark betray their freedom in our own behalf unless we’ve read those and ms magnum
commanders returns and winding road the wounds norms manifold
was hold it down some alone may be on the stand it is not power we cannot bounded sku we have borrowed we must now return to
live in pittsburgh wilding envelope would you wind so mum and smoking pennies to my we must pass back the planet they passed
to us picnic freshman forever bend to those
who live among the hideous ruins appear revenge and phobia continent ballin hopes cadavers direct i’m lonely for america along the northern seem around the room on down the said majestic mountain uh… priceless goddamn hope womanhood elitist unwin i’m confused again in no we don’t know others maybe green american lives in a simple home whether dollar bill wisteria dusty barnyard where the rooster rooms and come to a united ireland won’t mind furniture for compartmentalization brand names like projected peter caroline we may be interested in on this book an opportunity she lives like destiny and mom who cooks on cleaning so artificial
regarding jam investment was ever invited we lived in power family refereeing scharping sending news an area and than
in the shower in-kind returning home from school remember i’ve been using the
angel their names and still she lives in maine when darkness quakes contestants mailadmin working
here and valleys in mind landed some rain where i did my window was an american morale in the wind the family mabel rakes the lucent stars westward across
the night and still however far sons may go to a venture guarded dot and and and i these little windows headline and hotmail pricing produced manner the full of people to be here may know the embattled estimation of the
freemen grounds grains compared to bring to the axiom remarks freedom is not doing it but to share and freedom here is freedom everywhere fluoride luna hes tonight on words with war we’ve brought
you want to country apoyo ma of america immigration prepared for radio by the
author himself russian russell davenport the voices which read this widely
discussed patriotic poem include those of and seymour migrate morrissey very
kroger lamont johnson martin blame gregory morton call swenson
and mason m the music was arranged and played by
william edith me entire production was under the
direction of anjan and lead lor the programs here is words that war
prejudices the last has been brought to you in cooperation with the council on
books in wartime by the national broadcasting company and
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now this is the national broadcasting

Tony wyaad