March 29, 2020
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Hi, this is TapCat and today we’re going to
talk about bonding between soldiers in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. We finally appear to have details on all of
the benefits of this new mechanism. If you’ll give me the next 7 minutes, I’ll
give you a full breakdown. The potential for bonding is locked in at
the time you recruit each soldier. They’ll be randomly assigned a compatibility
score with every other soldier ranging from low to very high. Sending soldiers on missions together will
give them a chance to develop a relationship. And that applies to both the traditional tactical
combat missions and the new covert actions. At the end of a mission, their relationship
may get to the point that it rises to a level one bond. We’ll see a short scene of the two of them
doing something like having a beer together and Bradford will let us know that the two
can form a bond. It’s worth pointing out that soldiers don’t
HAVE to have high compatibility for this to happen. There are events called “watershed moments”
that can bond 2 soldiers that don’t particularly care for each other. For example, if one is knocked unconscious
and the other carries him to the extraction point that has a way of cutting through old
grudges. The first level bond is easy enough, we’ll
just confirm that we want to do it and then choose whether or not to celebrate with a
lovely commemorative photo. Of course, we can continue pairing the two
friends on missions in hopes of forming a level 2 bond or even shooting for the max
at level 3. Taking it to those higher levels will mean
that they need to spend a little time in the new training center facility, but you’ll get
new abilities that will make it worth your while. Ahhh, what’s that you say? New abilities? That’s right, each level brings their own
perks so let’s go through them. At level one, either bondmate can grant the
other an additional action. So if one has moved and fired, the other can
use “Teamwork” and he can fire again, reload, or anything else his little heart desires. I had thought that using Teamwork itself was
a free action but after watching 2 different streams where it was used, it became clear
that it’s not. The soldier granting the extra action is giving
up one of his own and transferring it to his friend. And this can only be used one time per mission. Not once by each of the two bondmates, once
total. A second level bond grants 3 abilities. First is Stand by Me. End a move adjacent to your bondmate and that
soldier will be automatically cleansed of ANY negative mental effects. This could come in handy in the early game
when Sectoids run rampant with mind control and we know the Chosen will be dazing our
squad every chance they get so that might also be a good use for it. Overall, though, I’m not sure soldiers are
plagued by these effects often enough that I’m all that worried about it and even then
this will only be helpful if the bondmate is near enough to move next to his friend
and then you’re either clustering together which can be a very bad tactical move or using
your next action to move. In which case you’ve burned a soldiers entire turn. I’m not saying this will never be useful,
but don’t fall in love with this until you have a chance to see it in action. Another second level bonding perk is Spotter
and I’m quite a bit more optimistic about this one. Soldiers are given an aim bonus when their
bondmate has attacked or been attacked by the soldier’s target. Okay, let’s just throw out the part about
getting fired upon because we can’t control when or if that will happen anyway. But it’s extremely common that enemies will
only be killed after multiple shots. So being able to use first one bondmate and
then the other to attack and get a bonus for something you would have done already is a
clear plus. And if we can get this early enough, it could
be a big help with the potato aim we all know and *ahem* love about low level soldiers. One final note on Spotter, there’s an additional
aim bonus if the two soldiers are standing adjacent to each other when the shot is fired. Now, I’m not going to pretend I’ve never had
two soldiers standing side by side, but this really is a dangerous tactic if done regularly. You’re giving your enemies a perfect target,
for grenades and poison spits along with any other area of effect grief they may throw
your way. So if there’s a reason you need to huddle
up then by all means group two bondmates side by side, but my advice is don’t overdo it
or the day will come when you’ll be a sad panda. And the third ability is the one that just
might have the biggest impact on our campaigns. Covert Operators will cut the completion time
of a Covert Action by one day when the bondmates are both on the mission. We’ll cover Covert Actions in a future video
but it appears that we’ll be wanting, and needing to run Covert Actions constantly and
the cumulative impact of reducing their length by a full day each time could give us a big
leg up in building influence with the factions, slowing down the Chosen, and more. And finally we come to level 3. Interestingly, we have what amounts to a repeat
of level one as our first ability. Advanced Teamwork is literally a second charge
of Teamwork. One bonded soldier can give up one of his
actions so that his friend can take another. Instead of getting one shared use for the
mission, you’ll now get two. One final note on teamwork. If the plan is to use that extra action after
an attack, then only use teamwork AFTER you do attack. To give two specific examples, if your grenadier
moves, attacks, and then is given a teamwork boost from his bondmate he could attack again
or do whatever else you choose. But if you move him, then give the teamwork
boost, and THEN fire, his turn will end. Having that extra action won’t stop his turn
from ending if you give it to him too early. The other level 3 ability is Dual Strike. Simply put, this is a combined standard shot
attack by the soldier and his bondmate. Either one can invoke the ability, and when
he fires, the other will as well. The key here is that the bondmate won’t have
used an action point to take that shot and can still take their turn as normal. I couldn’t find confirmation of this, but
I strongly suspect that it will one use per mission. Finally, I know some fans want to imagine
the bonds going… well, a bit deeper than simple camaraderie and that’s not going to
be included in the game. But there’s nothing to stop you from filling
in the blanks about what happens off-screen at the base in whatever way you see fit. Like the old saying goes, what happens aboard
the Avenger stays on the Avenger. Or… something. That’s my take on Bonding but feel free to
share your own in the comments. Are you looking forward to keeping bondmates
snuggled together tighter than a newlywed couple sharing a sleeping bag throughout every
mission? Already working on your romantic storylines
between the lonely specialist and the ranger who’s too consumed with the job to notice
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Tony wyaad