February 28, 2020
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Captain Edward V. Rickenbacker was America’s
highest scoring ace during World War I, with 26 victories over the Germans. He was also
well known even before the 1st World War. He was world famous as an indy race car driver. He was so well known that when the war started, and he volunteered, he became General John
Blackjack Pershing’s driver in France when the American troops first went over. But,
Eddie Rickenbacker, who was just a Sergeant, had higher aspirations. He wanted to fly. He took what he had learned in the auto industry and the racing industry and applied that to
modern aviation and modern military warfare. You know, at the beginning of the war, the
United States really didn’t have any combat ready airplanes. We had to buy aircraft from
the British and the French. This was a French built Spad 13.
When he was given a weapon such as the Spad 13 which is right behind me, he knew what
to do with it. There’s two machine guns on this, two Vicker’s .303 caliber machine
guns. Each machine gun has about 400 bullets each. And Capt. Rickenbacker could shoot either
one or both at the same time. Because Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker and other
American aces such as Frank Luke, the “Arizona Balloon Buster” used this airplane, it was
in all the movies and in the 1920’s anyone who was talking about aviation thought of
the Spad 13. Life expectancy for a pilot was very very
short. Because of his age, the experience and his ability to think as a leader is why
he survived the war. Airpower can be dominant, but using aircraft such as this, Eddie Rickenbacker
with his aggressive fighting skills, you could take superiority in the air and you can do
what you wish.

Tony wyaad