November 13, 2019
  • 7:51 pm “How about another joke, Soldier”? – Joker (2019) Animated
  • 10:51 am Jake Schroeder, Avs Anthem Singer, Reveals Motivation – His Father’s Military Service
  • 12:50 am Air Force Report: Dropping Bombs
  • 11:50 pm Coca-Cola Small World Machines – Bringing India & Pakistan Together
  • 1:53 pm The most emotional military homecomings compilation | Militarykind

President Roosevelt said in a statement today that the Japanese have attacked Pearl Harbor, Hawaii from the air. The Navy announces that Wake Island is probably captured by the enemy and now it is disclosed that fewer than 400 Marines held Wake island
for at least 14 days against heavy Japanese attacks Dr Doug Lantry:
“The United States needed a victory” “Needed something to give the mass of the
population some hope that we could strike back.” “He was chosen…First of all, because he
was a good leader that people would follow. Why was he a good leader? Because he actually could do the things that
he set out to do” “These bombers are crowded on to the aircraft
carrier and about 600 miles out a fishing boat, trawler, spots the task force so that
boat had to be destroyed and a decision had to be made, we must launch right now or the
whole thing is lost.” “The bombing itself was more symbolic than
operationally damaging to the Japanese it didn’t cause much physical damage, but it
sure caused the right psychological effect which is one of the reasons that we call this
an early example of joint strategic bombing. It didn’t cause a lot of destruction, but
it sure caused the Japanese to question themselves.” Maj Thomas Griffin
“The Doolittle Raid caused the Japanese to change their plans just a few weeks later
they decided they better stop this sort of thing from ever happening again” Lt Col Richard Cole
“We were a little bit scared because it was the first time any of us had seen combat.” Interviewer
“And to use you’re considered a hero, what do you say when somebody calls you a hero?” Staff Sgt David Thatcher
“ No, I don’t think we are either” Interviewer
“Who do you think then is the real heroes if not you?” Thatcher
“Then ones that didn’t survive.” Cole
“We just stayed the course and were fortunate enough to make it”

Tony wyaad