February 28, 2020
  • 10:50 pm Navy Racks – Boot Camp
  • 9:50 pm 4.5 Marla New House in Military Accounts Housing Society| Lahore Property
  • 8:50 pm How to 300+ Damage Weapons in Skyrim – Daedric Weapons
  • 7:50 pm Amir gets a hold of Alex’s phone | A Soldier’s Heart (With Eng Subs)
  • 4:51 pm Oath taking | HD | eng.sub.

[Subtitles lovingly written by SeventyDicks] [Mariachi music] [Irritating atonal music] [Music intensifies] [And again] [Frantic inexplicable J-Pop] I’m not a baby any more mama, Stop treating me like a baby mama, I’m not a baby mama, Stop treating me like mama, I’m not mama anymore baby, Stop treating me li- SHUT UP! Listen to me-mi-me-mi-mi-me-mi-me etc. Get the flour and get the flour And get back quickly, No flour Hey, hey hey! Ale, Ale, Ale, Ale! Where you going, Ali? No… ALE! Nowhere. Hahah! Nowhere’s right! [Ominous music] Come here. C’mere! C’mere! Come here! COMEEERE!! Com eeh! Come ‘ere! You gotta see this! Uhh… ALE! I have to go to the store before it closes, or my mama’s gonna go to the store before it closes [John Cleese laughs sarcastically because that wasn’t funny] [Inexplicable dance music] Gonna be hard without any money, niña. Come on, give it back! [Retard noise] [Truck horn] [Truck horn plays melody to ‘Take On Me’ for no reason in particular] My money! [What do you mean this meme is old and not funny?] You spin me ri- Oah! Nononononononono please! Please please please please! PLEASE! These! Streets! Aren’t! Streets! You’re! These! These! These! Streets! Any… MOORE!! Predictable! [Screams] [Growls] Get on the truck, let’s go! You don’t get off that easy! You don’t get off that easy! YOU DON’T GET OFF THAT EASY! Eat this! Reinhardt, at your service! Hurr! Hup! You saved me. Why? [Creepy noise] You’re one of those gays, Aren’t you, Luigi? [Irritating bollocks] Shut up! [Mariachi music] [The same, but with a beat over it] Nowadays, everybody wanna talk Like they got something to say, But nothing comes out when they move their- Maybe I don’t need to worry about Alejandra . [Childish fart sound] I need to worry about Alejandra after all. [John Cleese laughs again only to highlight just how piss poor that closing joke was] Overwatch. Coming to PC and Overwatch. Coming to consoles, May 20 consoles Consoles Consoles consoles PC Coming coming CUMMING [Orgasmic groan] Overwatch. Watch watch. Coming to uctions And gay Luigi May mayam Maymaymaymaymay etc. Look at your stupid cunt face.

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